(BOSTON) - The stock of the Green Bay Packers soared sharply upward here Saturday night as they shrugged off a discouraging start to defeat the world champion New York Giants, 13-10. A 30-yard field goal by Fred Cone at 3:26 of the final period climaxed the uphill battle by the Packers which thrilled the 23,000 fans who turned out for the second annual Harry Agganis Memorial exhibition contest. The Giants, held in check by the Packers’ defensive unit after a 10-point first period, made their final bid for a deadlock with 90 seconds left to play. But Don Chandler’s placement attempt from 38 yards out was wide. That miss finished the champs as the Packers ran out the clock for their fourth straight victory. Not until Bart Starr entered the game in the waning moments of the first half did the Packers make even a threat in the direction of the New York goal line. And young Starr won praise from Coach Lisle Blackbourn for his play. Blackbourn praised not only Starr, but the whole team Sunday. “If I had to single out one man, though, I guess it would have to be Starr,” Blackbourn said. “I thought he did a fine job sparking the team.” The coach said, “Once Starr got us moving, we were all right.” “I was proud of the whole group,” Blackbourn said, “the way they fought back when the Giants controlled the ball for a quarter and a half. The defensive unit did a fine job holding the Giants. The receivers all looked good and the new line did very well.” The Packers started preparations today in Greensboro, N.C., for their fifth non-league game against the Washington Redskins in Winston-Salem, N.C., Saturday night. They flew from Boston to Greensboro Sunday. When Starr was sent in to replace Paul Hornung, who was getting his first real trial at quarterback, the Packers were trailing, 10-0. What’s more, they had managed to gain on 23 yards in 22 running and passing plays. With a little more than two minutes left to the end of the half, it has been all Giants and a rout seemed possible. Starr changed all that. He took over the running of the club on his own 10-yard stripe and directed an attack that clicked for 90 yards in eight plays. Seven of these plays were passes and six of them were completed as Starr’s pinpoint tosses were snared by four glue-fingered receivers. Starr first connected with an eight-yard heave to Bill Howton. Then he followed this with another to Ron Kramer, good for 19 yards. A third straight completion, this time to Howton, covered another 18 yards and Howton just missed going the full route as the Giants Ed Hughes made the stop. Next came a 14-yard completion to Kramer who made a fine catch before being belted out of bounds. Starr’s next try was deflected out of danger and his sixth in a row was good for only one yards to Cone, who was dropped far out on the right flank. For the first time, Starr called a running play and newcomer Don McIlhenny, perhaps the outstanding back on the field Saturday night, blasted over right tackle for 15 yards to put the ball on the Giants’ 15. Starr picked Gary Knafelc as the target for his payoff pitch, got good protection and lined the ball chest high to Knafelc as soon as he got a step ahead of defender Henry Moore. Cone’s accurate conversion cut New York’s lead to 10-7 at the half. The Packers returned to action with a vengeance and took the kickoff all the way from their own six to the Giants’ 29 before John Bookman intercepted a Starr toss to halt the drive. The Green Bay defensive unit forced the Giants to kick on fourth down and the Packers took over on their own 42 where Bill Kinard was downed after a fine 12-yard punt return. Starr left the game for good after only two plays. One was a completed pass which resulted in a one-yard loss and the other was a nine-yard completion that was cancelled out by a more valuable 15-yard penalty against the Giants. Babe Parilli took over the helm at the juncture and steered the Packers to within eight yards of another touchdown on two short runs by McIlhenny, a favorable five-yard penalty and two passes. The last of these was a toss to Joe Johnson, who gathered in the ball at the 16 and eluded both Bookman and Dick Nolan before being brought down on the eight. Here a pass intended for Howton was thrown beyond the end zone, Parilli lost two and another pass aimed at Howton was deflected to the ground by Bill Svoboda. Thus, the obvious strategy was field goal try and Cone booted the ball through the uprights from 17 yards out to tie the score. New York’s next bid was halted after only three plays as John Martinkovic deflected a pass by Giants’ quarterback Don Heinrich into the eager hands of Nate Borden. This interception gave the Packers possession on their own 45 and they ground out a first down as Paul Hornung came in to plunge for the final yard on fourth down and immediately departed in favor of Parilli. The Kentucky veteran, now in his fourth year with Green Bay, faded to pass, found himself trapped, but broke loose for 10 yards. Here the Packers’ attack was stopped dead for three plays, but Cone’s clutch boot more than compensated for this. The Giants took the opening kickoff and drove 54 yards in seven plays plus a 15-yard penalty. A 41-yard kickoff return by Dennis (The Menace) Mendyck launched the attack and Alex Webster and Mel Triplett alternated in the ball carrying department. Only 4:11 had elapsed when Heintich sneaked across from the one and Chandler converted. With Green Bay unable to move the ball as Hornung was badly rushed on every play, the Giants soon got possession again. Gene Filipski took Dick Deschaine’s punt on the New York 23 and carried to back 11 yards. Then Frank Gifford, Webster and Triplett ground out the yardage in short bursts, with a few passes interspersed to move the ball to the Packers’ nine. Here, two passes went awry and a third lost a yard as Henry Gremminger ignored a brilliant Heinrich fake to drop the pass-catching Webster for a one-yard loss. Still it was an easy shot for Chandler, who made good on the field goal from 16 yards out. Less than 10 minutes of action had passed and the Giants had a 10-0 lead, but though no one in the crowd would have suspected it, they were through for the night. The Packers’ defensive line stiffened and the offensive line gave the quarterbacks more time to toss the ball. This, plus Cone’s educated toe, made the difference.
NEW YORK  -  10   0   0   0  -  10
GREEN BAY -   0   7   3   3  -  13
                       NEW YORK     GREEN BAY
First Downs                  16            16
Rushing-Yards-TD       31-130-1      32-124-0
Att-Comp-Yd-TD-Int 31-9-0-2-112 25-14-1-1-135
Total Yards                 242           259
Fumbles-lost                  0             0
Turnovers                     2             1
Yards penalized              75            35
1st - NY - Don Heinrich, 1-yard run (Don Chandler kick) NEW YORK 7-0
1st - NY - Chandler, 16-yard field goal NEW YORK 10-0
2nd - GB - Gary Knafelc, 10-yard pass from Bart Starr (Fred Cone kick) NEW YORK 10-7
3rd - GB - Cone, 17-yard field goal TIED 10-10
3rd - GB - Cone, 30-yard field goal GREEN BAY 13-10
GREEN BAY - Paul Hornung 8-40, Don McIlhenny 9-37, Howie Ferguson 8-18, Babe Parilli 3-16, Bart Starr 1-8, Fred Cone 2-3, Credell Green 1-(-1)
NEW YORK - Frank Gifford 11-49, Mel Triplett 9-33, Alex Webster 6-32, Gene Filipski 3-9, Bobby Epps 1-4, Don Heinrich 1-1 1 TD
GREEN BAY - Paul Hornung 6-2-8, Bart Starr 12-9-94 1 TD 1 INT, Babe Parilli 7-3-33
NEW YORK - Don Heinrich 12-4-46 1 INT, Charley Conerly 18-5-66 1 INT, Gene Filipski 1-0-0
GREEN BAY - Ron Kramer 4-52, Billy Howton 3-37, Gary Knafelc 2-25 1 TD, Joe Johnson 2-23, Fred Cone 1-1, Howie Ferguson 1-(-2), Don McIlhenny 1-(-1)
NEW YORK - Alex Webster 3-32, Kyle Rote 2-36, Ken McAfee 2-21, Bob Topp 1-13, Mel Triplett 1-10
SEPT 9 (Green Bay) - Can you name the greatest 11 Green Bay Packers players of all time? With the opening of the new City Stadium and the retiring of the old from active professional use, reams of nostalgia and memories will be surfaced by the fans who remember “the good old days.” Part of this remembering process will be focused around the men who made the Packers great. Since 1919, when the Packers were founded, hundreds of bright names have been associated with the team’s fortunes. Some, it seems, stand out even more brightly than the others. But, can these outstanding players be narrowed to a squad of 11 all-time players and, if so, who should have the honor of picking such an all-time team? It is the opinion of the Press-Gazette sports department that there is no single group of persons more deserving of such a judgment than the fans. Consequently, starting tonight in the Press-Gazette, fans of northeastern Wisconsin will be given the chance to vote for those players they believe are worthy of the title “All-Time Green Bay Packer.” Below is a ballot is provided with space for the names of 11 former Packers. It will appear every day on the sports page for 10 days, giving every fan an ample opportunity to discuss and register his choices. All entries will be accepted until Sunday, Sept. 22. Announcement of “The All Time Green Bay Packer Team,” as selected by fans of the Press-Gazette circulation are, will be made in the special Packer Souvenir Edition on Friday, Sept. 27.
Green Bay Packers (3-0) 13, New York Giants 10
EXHIBITION - Saturday September 7th 1957 (at Boston)
SEPT 10 (Greensboro, NC-Green Bay Press-Gazette) – The Green Bay Packers counted three new injuries and a severe case of tonsillitis as they launched practice today for their fifth non-league game against Washington’s Redskins at nearby Winston-Salem Saturday night. The injuries developed during the Packers’ 13 to 10 victory over the New York Giants in Boston last Saturday night. Linebacker Tom Bettis, who was bothered by the flu last week, hurt his shoulder; Al Carmichael injured his knee in the first quarter, and George Belotti received a pelvis injury. Belotti was removed to a Boston hospital for fear of a fracture but X-rays showed no breaks. The tonsillitis case is Carlton Massey, the defensive end obtained in the Cleveland Brown trade, who reported to the Packers in Boston Friday night. Massey is bedded down at the Oaks Motel where the Packers are headquartering this week. He’ll probably be out of action until the end of the week. Packer Coach Liz Blackbourn said he planned to keep the injured players out of action Saturday night, and that list also includes Dave Hanner, who suffered a knee injury a week ago. Hanner probably could play but Liz is taking no chances. As a matter of fact, Blackbourn said he plans to give the entire bench a good chance against the Redskins. “We’ll use Credell Green and Ron Quillian a lot. They didn’t get much chance against New York.” Green is a left halfback and Quillian has been playing fullback. Paul Hornung will be given some halfback plays this week and will be given a chance to run from that spot Saturday. Max McGee reported to the team in Greensboro and Blackbourn said “we may give him a shot at running punts back just to get the feel of things. It’ll take about three weeks to get him ready.” A star Packer end in ’54, McGee is just now returning from duty in the Air Force. Liz, looking over the string of four straight exhibition wins, was pleased with the victories but reminded that “we’re definitely not trying to win the grapefruit league. We’re just going along trying to get ready for the tough league season.”
SEPT 10 (Green Bay) – The grapevine around the NFL says that the Detroit Lions are hurting for offensive linemen. The Lions gained 26 yards rushing in beating Washington 31 to 14 and didn’t do much better in losing to Pittsburgh and former coach Buddy Parker 20-14. Three of the four players shipped to Green Bay for Tobin Rote and Val Joe Walker were offensive linemen, tackles Norm Masters and Ollie Spencer and guard Jim Salsbury, and it’s been suggested that the Lions, as a result, are thin up front. Line Coach Aldo Forte says “we’ll be better when we get our players sorted out.” That was over a week ago. Latest word from Lionland is that large Leon Hart, the end-tackle, is being groomed as an offensive tackle, adding to rumors that there’s trouble in the front wall…Speaking about Detroit, Rote said the other day that he doesn’t miss Billy Howton, his pet receiver as a Packer, as much as he thought he would. “Dave Middleton is close to Howton now,” Rote said, “and will get better after he leaves medical school.” Middleton has been playing with the Lions on weekends while attending Tennessee med school during the week…Charley Toogood, the former Los Angeles Rams all-pro defensive tackle, reportedly has been placed on the trading block by the New York Giants. The Giants gave their second draft choice for Toogood last spring to fill the hole left by the departure of Rosey Grier for service. Since then, however, big Jim Katcavage came back unexpectedly from a short stay in service. Toogood is one of the lighter defensive tackles in the league – at 235. The Giants are willing to swap Toogood for a draft choice and the offer has several teams, including the Packers, thinking. Toogood, 30, was in seven games for the Rams last year…Buddy Parker isn’t sitting still at Pittsburgh. The former Lion mentor made nearly 20 personnel changes in the two weeks he’s been there and something must have worked since one of his victims was Detroit. Ken Vakey, the slot back Green Bay traded to Pitt for a draft choice, last just two days in Parker’s railroad station…Tom Miller, Packer publicity chief just back from Boston for a few days before taking off for N.C., discovered that the Packers became the “people’s choices” unexpectedly during the three far-away exhibitions. Miami, Fla., rumored as the next home of the Cardinals, and Austin, Tex., which is Cardinal TV territory, cheered madly for the Bays when they rallied to win both games. Boston is New York Giants TV land and, of course, close to home but the Beantowners were pulling for the Pack when “we started to move in the second half,” Miller said.
SEPT 10 (Green Bay) - Conversation about the Press-Gazette’s search for an “All Time Green Bay Packer” team began the rounds of area coffee houses this morning, and with some interesting results. “Picking an all-time quarterback will be kind of rough,” was one Packerbackers’ belief. “Lots of these young people don’t remember fellas like Red Dunn,” the same fellow decided. “And there are lots of other good ones, like Arnie Herber, Cecil Isbell and Tobe Rote.” The mention of Rote brought up the question concerning the eligibility of current Green Bay Packers. Under the announced rules, members of the 1957 squad was not eligible for the “All Time” team. Current Green Bay Packers were not included in keeping with the tradition of excluding “active” players from “all time” lists. However, players who once wore Packer colors but now are playing with other squads are eligible nomination. The search for the All Time Green Bay Packer team was brought about to coincide with the team’s move from old City Stadium to its new site this season. Fans throughout northeastern Wisconsin are being given the opportunity to vote for the 11 candidates they feel deserve the “all time” title. Only one player will be named for each of the 11 positions. The rules for entering the contest are simple and are printed on the ballot, which appears above. The ballot 
SEPT 11 (Greensboro, NC-Green Bay Press-Gazette) – The Packers fought rain again today but managed a good practice session at nearby Guilford College in preparation for their fifth exhibition game against the Washington Redskins in Winston-Salem Saturday night. It rained all day Tuesday. The Bays’ two latest reportees, Carleton Massey and Max McGee, were at “opposite” ends, with Massey working at defensive end and McGee at offensive end. Coach Liz Blackbourn plans to give Massey a trial at his normal position (that’s where he played as a Cleveland Brown) before trying him as a slot back. The 220-pounder is a good pass catcher. McGee is working at left end with Gary Knafelc, who understudied Mac during the 1954 season. Knafelc held down the spot the last two years. Two major switches have been made – both involving left halfback. Veteran Joe Johnson and rookie Paul Hornung are now working at left half, Johnson moving from end and slot back and Hornung coming from quarterback. Hornung is still keeping his finger in at QB but it is Blackbourn’s plan to give the all-around star a trial at all backfield spots except slot back. Johnson is the team’s No. 1 handyman and workhorse and Liz wants both Joe and Paul ready for the Redskins. Left half is quite crowded in view of Al Carmichael and Don McIlhenny who presently hold down the spot. Carmichael, however, won’t play Saturday due to a leg injury. Other hurt players who won’t play are Dave Hanner and Tom Bettis, with leg and shoulder hurts, respectively. George Belotti, who suffered a pelvis injury in the 13-10 victory over New York last Saturday, will play some. So will Massey who has tonsillitis. The Packers are also busy here helping promote the game with frequent radio and television appearances and banquet talks. The team will fly back to Green Bay Sunday, arriving here about 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon.
SEPT 9 (Atlantic City, NJ) - What is Marilyn Elaine Van Derbur, the new Miss America, like? The 20-year old blonde, green-eyed beauty from Denver, Colo., told newsmen at a breakfast press conference on the beach that: Her main interest at present is competing her college education in music, and she plans to use the $5,000 scholarship that goes with the title toward that goal. She’d like to work in music or on the stage for a year or two after college and hopes to get married when she’s 24. After marriage, she wants to continue her work in music. She likes to swim, train and ride horses, ski and adores tailored clothes. Her favorite colors are green and blue…SLATED FOR STADIUM: Miss Van Derbur, in her capacity as Miss America, will visit Green Bay Sept. 28-29 for Stadium Dedication Weekend. It will be her first appearance outside of New York. James Arness, perhaps better known as television’s Matt Dillon on the “Gunsmoke” series, will also be on the program. Miss Van Derbur has no steady boyfriend, thinks Perry Como is tops, admires singer Jane Froman and likes steaks medium-rare. She admits to having been a “brat” as a child and said she used to spy in her sister’s parties. She thinks the father should be the head of the family. As might be expected, Miss Van Derbur thinks the Miss America pageant offers “wonderful opportunities” to a girl. She said the pageant is not just a beauty contest, but is based on character, personality and talent. The 10 judges who chose the coed as Miss America 1958 Saturday night, apparently felt Miss Van Derbur was well endowed with all of these attributes. The dimpled beauty queen, who stands 5 feet 8 ¼, weighs 130 pounds and measures 35-25-36, was crowned the outgoing Miss America, Mariann Ann McKnight of Manning, S.C., before a nationwide television audience and a crowd of 20,000 in convention hall. She was then whisked to the coronation ball which lasted until early morning. Although she got only an hour’s sleep after the ball, the
new beauty queen looked fresh and radiant as she greeted newsmen and photographers the following morning. “I feel wonderful,” she said. Immediately after the press conference, Miss Van Derbur was whisked off to New York City to start her reign. The new beauty queen, a University of Colorado junior who had her debut last year, has three sisters. Her father, Francis S. Van Derbur, owns a group of mortuaries and runs an insurance business in Denver…PRAISES OTHER BEAUTIES: The new Miss America paid high tribute to the other contestants in the pageant, calling them “wonderful, sweet, wholesome and natural.” In all, 51 contestants from 45 states, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., Chicago and New York took part in the competition. First runner-up in the contest was Miss Georgia, Jody Elizabeth Shattuck. The 20-year old blonde from Atlanta won a $3,000 scholarship. Miss Shattuck was followed by Miss Oklahoma, Mary Nancy Denner, 21, of Alva, who won a $2,500 scholarship, and Miss California, Lorna M. Anderson, 18, of Sacramento, and Miss Florida, Dorothy Maria Steiner, 20, of Boca Raton, both of whom won $2,000 scholarship. In addition to her $5,000 scholarship, Miss America’s other prizes include $5,000 in cash, an estimated $50,000 to $75,000 from personal appearances during the year of her reign and the chance to travel about 150,000 miles, including three trips to Europe.
a few minutes before intermission when Starr came in. Starr's first play selection was a pass to Billy Howton in the right flat. It connected for eight yards. His next play? A pass to Michigan All-American Ron Kramer in the right flat. This connected for 19 yards and a first down on the Green Bay 37. Now it was Howton's turn. Starr passed 18 yards to him to the New York 44 - first time the Packers were across the midfield in the game. Starr had the Packers moving up in the air and the Giants were up in the air about how to stymie him. So again he passed, a 14-yard job to Kramer. A fifth straight pass missed connections, but Starr had hit for four straight, good for 59 yards and the Packers suddenly had lost their inferiority complex. Starr climaxed the 90-yard touchdown exodus with, naturally, another pass. This was a slick, brisket-high spiral to Gary Knafelc in the end zone. Knafelc felt like General Custer when he caught it. He was surrounded by Giants: Crawford, Huff and Bookman. The TD pass came with only 25 seconds left in the second quarter. Blackbourn's praise, you can see, was merited. "I was proud of the whole group, the way they fought back when the Giants controlled the ball for a quarter and a half. Once Starr got us moving, we were all right," Blackbourn concluded. The Packers will train at Greensboro, N.C., for next Saturday's exhibition with the Redskins at Winston-Salem, N.C. Then it's on to Minneapolis for a date with the Pittsburgh Steelers before the Green Bay premiere against the Chicago Bears on the 29th...Don McIlhenny displayed some fine running, including a 15-yard jaunt, and he was the top Packer rusher with 37 yards in nine carries...Starr completed nine of 12 passes for 94 yards. Parilli had three out of seven for 33 and Hornung two out of six for a measly eight yards...The Boston exhibition drew 23,000 despite threatening weather.
SEPT 7 (Milwaukee Sentinel) - There are those who believe Babe Parilli is a forgotten man among the 1957 Packers...that at best he will be no more than a Bart Starr understudy this fall. The feeling stems from the fact the Kentucky Babe lost confidence in Cleveland last year when Paul Brown declared the search for Otto Graham's successor was still on. Then, too, Liz Blackbourn showed he wasn't completely sold on Parilli when he acquired him and promptly put him on the trading block. Blackbourn found no takers and had to give up Tobin Rote. In all fairness to Parilli, it should be pointed out that the pressure was most unbearable at Cleveland. During Graham's last few seasons, Automatic Otto had the unique prerogative of calling his own plays. When Parilli took over, Master Brown reverted to his set old ways of calling every play from the bench. And when Parilli didn't execute the attack in the Graham manner, he was in Brown's doghouse. It's no secret Parilli soon became disgusted with Brown and Brown became disgusted with Parilli. An arm injury sustained in a November game against the Colts sidelined the Babe - and Brown no doubt was scheming plans to pawn off his "failure"...ZATKOFF TRADED: The Packers, who made Parilli their top draft choice in 1952, whisked him back along with five other Brownies in a trade which makes pro football followers still wonder how Brown could have fallen for it. Cleveland sent Parilli, defensive halfbacks John Petitbon and Billy Kinard, tackle John Macerelli, linebacker Sam Palumbo and defensive end Carlton Massey in exchange for quarterback Bobby Garrett and linebacker Roger Zatkoff. Garrett decided the other day he had enough of football - the Paul Brown way - and Zatkoff was traded to Detroit. Petitbon, Kinard and Palumbo have strengthened the Packers tremendously on defense. Massey was expected to join the club in Boston Saturday. Blackbourn never had Parilli in camp, although the Kentucky All-American split passing duties with Rote in 1952 and finished his freshman year as the third best passer in the league...CLOSE COMPARISON: Could he do it again? That, Blackbourn would relish, now that there's no Tobin rovin' in Packerland. That, Parilli will have to prove. The comparative record of Parilli and Starr during 1956 is surprisingly close. Parilli completed 24 out of 49 passes for 409 yards and three touchdowns. Starr completed 24 of 44 for 325 yards and two TDs. Parilli had three intercepted and Starr five. Blackbourn likes Starr at the moment because he throws a better pass and calls a better game. Bonus choice Paul Hornung doesn't figure in the quarterback plans because he's considered a too valuable threat to sit on the bench. Hornung will soon take over a halfback post. This observer believes Parilli, with renewed confidence, could become a good pro quarterback again. Parilli has the experience on his side, but he'll have to make up his mind it will take a tremendous effort to unseat Starr, the unheralded little flipper from Alabama who is as cool as they come under pressure.
SEPT 8 (Boston) - Bart Starr, sophomore quarterback from Alabama, won kudos from Coach Liz Blackbourn after the Packers dumped the World Champion Giants for their fourth straight exhibition victory Saturday night. Starr's rejuvenation of the Packers, after they were 10-0 in the bucket, prompted Blackbourn Sunday to single him out as the standout in the 13-10 Green Bay victory. "It's hard to single out one man," Blackbourn said cautiously before the squad left Boston for Greensboro, N.C. to train for exhibition No. 5. "The defensive unit did a fine job holding the Giants. The receivers all looked good and the new line did very well. If I had to single out one man, though, I guess it would have to be Starr. I thought he did a fine job sparking the team. I think we have three fine quarterbacks with Starr, (Babe) Parilli and (Paul) Hornung." Hornung, highly-touted rookie whiz from Notre Dame, couldn't seem to untrack with Packer when he was the throttle the first two quarters. Green Bay was back on its own 10 with only 
is to run in the Press-Gazette for the next ten days, with all nominations being accepted until Sunday, Sept. 22. The names of the 11 All Time Packers, as selected by the fans of northeastern Wisconsin, will appear in the special Packer Souvenir Edition on Friday, Sept. 27. The first ballot received in the day-old poll was submitted by Isadore Mednikow, 644 S. Monroe Ave. It was postmarked 6 p.m. Monday.
SEPT 10 (Green Bay) - All Green Bay veterans groups and their auxiliaries will be on the streets Friday and Saturday to sell Packer Stadium Dedication Buttons. The large yellow buttons, which cost $1, will admit the owner to a program to be held in the old City Stadium at 2 p.m., Sept. 28, to celebrate the opening of the new stadium. At least 50 members of the veterans group are expected to be out selling the buttons, according to Dan Daniels, who is chairman of the special committee set up for the sale of the buttons by the veterans…LAMBEAU ON PROGRAM: The Sept. 28 program will include an appearance by the new Miss America, Jim Arness (U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon of “Gunsmoke”), former Packer players introduced by former Packer coach Curly Lambeau, and the complete dedication parade. All Packer alumni are being invited to the program. Among those who have already accepted are Don Hutson, Arnie Herber and Jug Earp. The entire program will be paid for out of proceeds from the button sale. Any profits made will be turned over to the Packers for purchase of a tarpaulin to cover the playing field when not in use…25 BANDS ENTERED: Included in the parade already are 25 bands and 35 floats. “Packerland” fans are paying for the entire celebration, it was pointed out. In addition to Green Bay, residents of such cities as Appleton, Menominee, Mich., and Manitowoc are buying buttons.
SEPT 10 (MIlwaukee Journal) - "Say," the office boy said, "just how good are the Packers anyhow? They've won four straight and their coach said they'd get their real test against the Giants. Well, they beat them. How about it?" Certainly, the Green Bay Packers have done everything asked of them so far in the exhibition season, especially in handling the NFL champion New York Giants in Boston last Saturday night, 13-10. Green Bay's defense has been startingly good. The offense hasn't torn anyone apart, but it did move well enough with Bart Starr and Babe Parilli at quarterback to overcome a 10-0 deficit against New York. Walter Cruice of Milwaukee, the Packers' chief scout, sounded two warnings Tuesday, lest anyone think that things will continue that easy when the games start to count in the standings. "The Giants," Cruice said, "had some injuries. At least three of their linemen - Yelvington, Huth and Stroud - got banged up when they beat the Bears. They probably had a letdown, too, and the Packers really went all out. The other thing is the talent of the other Western Division teams, especially the Bears. The Packers look improved, all ​right, but the Bears..." Cruice saw the Chicagoans, Western Division champions last season, whip the Philadelphia Eagles in Kansas City Sunday. He also watched them against the Giants the week before. He will see them again when they play the Steelers in Pittsburgh Saturday night. The Packers will open their league season against the Bears in Green Bay's new stadium September 29. "You think Jeter is fast," Cruice said, "well, you should see this Willie Galimore (rookie halfback from Florida A&M with the Bears). He can really take off. He was running away from Harris and Brookster and Norton and they are pretty fast. Galimore is 6-1 and 190. You can defend yourself when you're that big." Cruice said that the Bears did a lot of experimenting against the Eagles, playing several rookies for long stretches. "I'd say Ed Brown is still their No. 1 quarterback," he said. "He can throw that long ball. Bratkowski had a couple intercepted when he didn't throw far enough. He's supposed to be able to throw them a mile. Maybe he's got a sore arm." The Bears are still seeking additional 
strength in their defensive backfield, Cruice reported. Two rookies played extensively - Vic Zucco of Michigan State and Bud Breed of Western Michigan. "They still have a problem there," Cruice said. The scout said that Perry Jeter and Bob Watkins, halfbacks who were injured last season, were running well again. The Bears asked waivers on Harland Carl, former Wisconsin halfback. No one took him and he is still with the Chicago team but is not likely to make the 35 man roster.
SEPT 10 (Ligonier, PA) - The Pittsburgh Steelers Tuesday purhased Jug Girard, 30-year old halfback, from the Baltimore Colts for an undisclosed price. Parkers also announced the signing of Boris DiManchoff as his seventh assistant coach. Girard, now in his 10th NFL season, was the Green Bay Packers' No. 1 draft choice in 1948. He was traded to the Detroit Lions in 1952 and sold to the Colts last winter.
SEPT 11 (Green Bay) - A quick check of early ballots in the search for the All-Time Green Bay Packer team provided some interesting results. Off to a quick lead for the end nominations have been Don Hutson and Lavern Dilweg, with Cub Buck and Cal Hubbard about even in tackle nominations. An interesting contest has developed for the nomination of an All-Time Packer center, with three former stars leading early balloting. They were Jug Earp, George Svendsen and Charlie Brock. Two all-time favorites of Green Bay Packer fans moved into an early lead for guard nominations with Tuesday morning returns. Mike Michalske and Buckets Goldenberg have assumed a slight lead over several other rivals. The suggestions for an all-time backfield give indications for strong races among seven or eight possible choices thus far. Early ballots point to quarterbacks Arnie Herber, Red Dunn and Tobin Rote. The halfback choices, thus far, have been confined to Tony Canadeo, Johnny Blood and Verne Lewellen, while the single choice in ballots received Tuesday for fullback was Clarke Hinkle. Football fans of Northeastern Wisconsin were reminded Tuesday that the choice of the All-Time Packer team was strictly up to them. All that is needed for voting is the ballot found above. Fans are encouraged to discuss their choices with friends and fellow Packer-Backers. Entries will be accepted at the Press-Gazette until Sunday, Sept. 22. The final lineup of the All-Time Green Bay Packer team is to be announced in the Press-Gazette’s Packer Souvenir edition on Friday, Sept. 27.
SEPT 11 (Green Bay) - Attention parents and youngsters: The Packers announced today that no child will be permitted in the new stadium with a ticket. At the old stadium, youngsters were allowed to sit on the laps of their parents. It was reminded that the stadium had a special kids’ section, with seats selling there for 75 cents. No spectators will be allowed on the field and there will no “standing room” in the stands. Also, children will need Packer Backer Stadium Buttons to gain admittance to the old stadium Saturday afternoon, Sept. 28 to see the dedication program featuring Matt (Gunsmoke) Dillon. If you still haven’t purchased a Packer Backer button yet, you can send $1.00 and a self-addressed envelope to the Press-Gazette and you will receive one in the mail the next day.
SEPT 12 (Milwaukee Journal) - The Packers-Browns pro football trade of last spring has taken an odd bounce. Green Bay has kept all six of the players it obtained; Cleveland has only a halfback in the United States Army in Germany. Lisle Blackbourn decidedly strengthened his team, especially on defense, with Sam Palumbo, John Petitbon, Billy Kinard, Carlton Massey, Vito Parilli and John Macerelli. Paul Brown got nothing out of Bob Garrett, who retired, and finally traded Roger Zatkoff to Detroit after two false starts. Brown now is left with nothing to show on his roster but a future draft choice of Detroit's and halfback Lew Carpenter, a former Lion. The Browns ever agreed as part of the deal to pay Carpenter's plane transportation home when he gets out...In the early going, the Packers may have also the edge in their six player swap with Detroit. Back Don McIlhenny and linemen Oliver Spencer, Jim Salsbury and Norm Masters look like regulars with Green Bay. Val Joe Walker, defensive back, is having difficulties making Detroit's team and quarterback Tobin Rote has done little except inspire Bobby Layne to some fine performances.
SEPT 12 (Greensboro, NC-Green Bay Press-Gazette) – Packer Coach Liz Blackbourn’s plans to give quarterback Paul Hornung a thorough tryout at left halfback were given a jolt yesterday when Hornung injured his foot in practice. The foot was puffed up this morning and X-rays were to be taken today. Hornung was injured when a lineman stepped on his foot while the versatile back was carrying the ball through the line. Blackbourn said he’s hopeful that Hornung will be “okay but we’re taking X-rays just to be sure.” If he can go, Hornung will get his first good shot at left halfback when the Packers go after their fifth straight non-league victory against the Washington Redskins at Winston-Salem, N.C., Saturday night. Also due for a thorough trial at left half but also injured is Credell Green, the Washington star who has played little in the last three games. Green has a bruised leg, but is expected to be at top speed. Blackbourn said he’ll start Ron Quillian, a rookie who has played off and on, at fullback. Hornung or Green will be at left half, Ron Kramer at slot back and Bart Starr at quarterback. One of the big test jobs in the line will be Dalton Truax, the high draft pick, who will start at left guard. Truax, one of the All Star players who reported late, has played little. An All Star teammate, left offensive tackle Carl Vereen, played the entire game against the New York Giants last Saturday. Blackbourn announced that four players will miss the Washington game because of injuries – Tom Bettis, Al Carmichael, Dave Hanner and George Belotti. Hornung’s status will depend on the X-rays. With Bettis out, Blackbourn plans to use four defensive ends in the game at the same time – John Martinkovic, Nate Borden, Carlton Massey and John Nisby, who will be in and out of a six-man line in front of Bill Forester and Sam Palumbo. Saturday night’s game will be the last test for a number of Packers. Blackbourn must cut the squad to 38 players – not counting service players, by Sunday, Sept. 15. The Bays will fly out of Greensboro Sunday morning and arrive in Green Bay Sunday afternoon. They’ll conduct their first drills at the new practice fields near the new stadium Monday, preparing for the final non-league game against Pittsburgh in Minneapolis Saturday night, Sept. 21.
SEPT 12 (Green Bay) - Parking fees of 50 cents for cars and $2 for chartered buses were set for the 6,800-car parking lot at the new stadium by the Stadium Commission Wednesday night. The action came during a session devoted to final project details and parking and traffic planning. The commission met with Lt. Harry Bultman, head of the city police traffic division, Laurence Koeppen, county traffic patrol director, and City Engineer F.J. Euclide to study a map of the parking lot and traffic entrances. Euclide said his department planned to print a map of highways and streets leading to the stadium along with a chart of the parking lot for wide distribution before the first Packer game Sept. 29. The chart will show lettered areas of the lot and best routes to reach them…WILL STUDY PROBLEM: Bultman and Koeppen plan a series of meetings to tackle the problem of moving game traffic. The parking fees established will cover the entire lot except for 75 spaces reserved for official parking and the working press and 55 spaces reserved for Packer players. The commission dropped a proposition for reserving season spaces for $4 fee. The parking lot will have three entrances from the east on a 60-wide extension of S. Oneida Street, an entrance on the west off Ridge Road, and an entrance from the south off Valley View Road, which runs east from Ridge Road. City and chartered buses will use the latter entrance and leave on a Ridge Road exit, used as an entrance to the area for official parking. The commission presently is recruiting men to work on the parking lot. Applications may be obtained at the mayor’s office. The men will be paid $1.50 hourly with additional pay for those employed as supervisors or cashiers…TWO JOBS BEHIND: The commission received but took no action on a request for extension of completion dates on two stadium contracts from Sept. 15 to Oct. 1. The change was requested by George M. Hougard, general contractor, and Harry G. Anderson, plumbing contractor, because of time lost during carpenters and plumbers strikes. Change orders of $1,835 and $718 for paving and concession enclosures were approved, and the commission made plans to obtain restroom supplies, trash containers and fire extinguishers.
SEPT 12 (Green Bay) – Have you entered your 11 choices for the All Time Green Bay Packer citation? Answers to the ballot form run each day in the Press-Gazette picked up in tempo with Wednesday’s mailing but the number of votes received thus far would make ultimate choices anything but conclusive. From conversations and discussions at coffee houses around the greater Green Bay area, a considerable interest has been aroused by the quest for an “all time” Packer team. However, it appears that the fans who saw and remember the “great ones” of another decade or two have been content to discuss who they think was the greatest at a given position but haven’t filled out their ballots yet. To date, more than 25 different players have been nominated for the All Time title, with a dominant number of total votes cast for end Don Hutson and fullback Clarke Hinkle. Leading the field in choices for the all-time linemen are tackles Cub Buck and Cal Hubbard, guards Mike Michalske and Buckets Goldenberg, with the center assignment a tossup among Jug Earp, George Svendsen and Charlie Brock. Leading the nominees in the backfield are Hinkle at fullback; Blood, Verne Lewellen, Tony Canadeo, Joe Laws and Cecil Isbell at halfback, and Red Dunn with a slight edge over Arnie Herber at quarterback. Leading the end nominees are Hutson, Laverne Dilweg and Milt Gantenbein. The case of Isbell has been an interesting one, with almost half of the ballots indicating his name in a quarterback role. These votes have been counted for him at halfback, the position he played with the Packers from the 1938 through the 1942 seasons. Fans are urged to cast their ballots for the 11 men they consider worthy of the all-time selection as soon as possible. All nominations will be accepted at the Press-Gazette until Sunday, Sept. 22.
SEPT 12 (Green Bay) – Charges that the Sept. 29 dedication of new City Stadium was to be a Republican “political rally” and a denial of any political motives were exchanged today by a spokesman for Brown County Democrats and a co-chairman of the dedication program. The accusation came from John Reynolds, Jr., Green Bay, to a Democratic state executive committee member, who voiced criticism of the program heard in Green Bay party circles during the past week. Reynolds charged the dedication committee, acting under the direction of a Republican-controlled Association of Commerce, had refused to invite Wisconsin’s two senators while inviting Gov. Vernon Thomson and Rep. John Byrnes, both Republicans, to take part in the opening day program. Democratic concern, of course, was over the lack of an invitation to recently-elected Sen. William Proxmire. Sen. Alexander Wiley is in Europe. Dominic Olejniczak, who with L.H. Joannes, is heading the dedication program, replied by accusing Reynolds of being the only one who has introduced politics into the dedication. The decision to limit invitations to two office-holders was made because of limited time on the program and was made well before the July senatorial primary, Olejniczak said. Reynolds took note of the possibility that Vice President Richard Nixon will be in Green Bay for the dedication in making his political rally charge. Oleniczak replied that his committee was informed some months ago that Nixon might be accepting speaking engagements this fall and that such an appearance “would help to center national attention on Green Bay that weekend.” “The failure to invite the two leading citizens of Wisconsin is the result of the determination of the Republican-controlled Association of Commerce to turn the dedication ceremony into a political rally to promote the political ambitions of John W. Byrnes. They have chosen to snub Mr. Wiley and Mr. Proxmire because their views do not coincide with theirs and those of the Republican Party of Brown County. The3 dedication committee is taking unfair advantage of their position of trust,” Reynolds said. Olejniczak maintained that Thomson was invited as governor “because the Packers are considered a Wisconsin as well as a Green Bay team.” Byrnes was invited on the direct suggestion of Bert Bell, NFL Commissioner, because of the congressman’s role in the sports anti-trust hearings in the recent congressional session, he said. “Mr. Reynolds doesn’t have to attack the Association of Commerce or anyone else. He can address his remarks to me and Mr. Joannes, who have made these decisions,” Olejniczak said. “The only person who has initiated the idea of making the stadium dedication into a political rally is Mr. Reynolds himself, whose interest in this matter became apparent only after Mr. Proxmire was elected senator. The committee regrets that Mr. Reynolds has the wrong impression. Politics has not and will not be injected into the stadium dedication program.” Not inviting the senators, Reynolds said, could be bad for Green Bay and its efforts for a new post office, harbor developments and legislation favorable to professional football. The dedication program was designed to advertise civic backing of the Packers in building a new stadium and it was an insult to football fans “for the Republican organization and the Association of Commerce to use this dedication for political purposes,” he said. Democratic criticism over the lack of an invitation for Proxmire has been smoldering the past week, and it was learned that efforts will be made to get Mayor Otto Rachals or the City Council to intervene. Rachals, who returned to his office today after attending a mayors conference in New York, said he had not yet been contacted. “There is no time on the stadium dedication program for political speeches,” Rachals said.
SEPT 13 (Green Bay) - The Packer news was all good today – from Greensboro, N.C., and Green Bay, Wis. Coach Liz Blackbourn chirped the cheery word out of his room in the Oaks Motel in Greensboro this morning, as follows: “The X-rays showed up negative and he’s all right. As soon as he heard there wasn’t a break, he went out and ran on it.” Blackbourn was referring to Paul Hornung, the Packers’ bright bonus boy who had his foot stepped on during some camp action at Guilford College Wednesday afternoon. The foot was puffed up but good Thursday morning so Trainer Bud Jorgenson had it X-rayed. The good word from Green Bay came from Earl Falck, director of Packer ticket sales, who revealed the sale of approximately 24,000 season tickets for the three games in New City Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 32,250. That season ticket figure is a fantastic new record for our town. It doubles the number of seasons sold here a year ago and exceeds by 6,000 the previous season ticket mark. That’s only part of the story. The ticket office had so many paid ticket requests for the Packer-Bear Dedication Game that orders for 4,500 tickets have to be refunded, Falck said. The painful task of returning paid orders is now being carried on. The following letter signed by Falck will accompany each order: “We regret to inform you that we are unable to fill your order for the Packer-Bear game. Our season ticket sale of approximately 24,000 seats resulted in individual orders for the Bear game exceeding our stadium capacity by nearly 4,500. Orders for this game were filled on the basis of date received. We do have Detroit and New York tickets available at $4.75. All other priced tickets are sold out for both the Detroit and New York games. If you desire to attend either the Detroit or New York game, we urge you to place your order immediately. It is with regret that we enclose your refund for your Bear ticket order.” Back to the Pack? Hornung will be given a good chance to run some plays at left halfback against the Washington Redskins in Winston-Salem, N.C., barring any complications. Also due for a thorough test at left half will be Credell Green, the Washington rookie. Three or four Packers won’t see action because of injuries – Tom Bettis, Dave Hanner, Al Carmichael and George Belotti. Blackbourn wants them ready for some work in the Pittsburgh game in Minneapolis Sept. 21. Max McGee, a star at left end as a rookie in 1954, impressed Blackbourn with his running and pass catching in yesterday’s drill.
SEPT 13 (Green Bay) - There will be no unanimous choice for any position on the All Time Green Bay Packer team, as selected by fans of northeastern Wisconsin. That fact was established this morning with the receipt of a ballot which placed Tom Nash and Lavvie Dilweg at the end positions. It marked the first ballot without Don Hutson. Other voting surges of interest included a growing number of ballots which placed E.L. (Curly) Lambeau in the All Time backfield, along with other luminaries as Teddy Fritsch, Herdis McCrary, Jim Coffeen, Eddie Kotal, Hank Bruder, Eddie Jankowski, Larry Craig and Bob Monnett. Some new interest was being stirred in line choices in the first week voting for the All Time team. New names gaining votes included Nate Barrager, Ernie Smith, Russ Letlow, Moose Gardner, Baby Ray, Lon Evans, Dick Wildung, Red Slate, Tiny Engebretson, Bill Kern, Whitey Woodin, Dick Stahlman and Clayton Tonnemaker. Latest tabulations show end favorites to be Hutson, Dilweg and Gantenbein, tackles Hubbard and Buck, guards Goldenberg, Michalske and Evans and centers Earp, Brock and Svendsen. The current favorite backfield shows fullbacks Hinkle and Fritsch; halfbacks Blood, Lewellen, Canadeo and Isbell, with the quarterback contest a race among Herber, Dunn and Rote. Balloting for the All Time team will continued through next week, but fans are urged to send in their player choices as soon as possible.
SEPT 13 (Green Bay) – Sales of yellow football-shaped buttons for the stadium dedication program were reported to be going well today in downtown Green Bay where veterans groups were selling them. About 50 members of veterans organizations have volunteered to take part in the street sale today and Saturday.
Those who buy the “Packer Backer” buttons will be entitled to attend the Sept. 28 program at the old stadium. The program will include the complete parade, appearances by many former Packer greats, Miss America, and Jim Arness (Matt Dillon) of “Gunsmoke.” Gas stations today began selling pairs of football-shaped bumper stickers for 50 cents a set. Profits from them, as in the case of the buttons, will be used to defray the costs of the stadium program.
SEPT 13 (Green Bay) – The Green Bay Federated Trades Council today joined Democratic criticism of the Sept. 29 stadium dedication program because invitations were not sent to Sen. Alexander Wiley and Sen. William Proxmire. The FTC today sent a letter to the dedication committee, saying it was concerned that the planned program “will become a political rally to further the interests of one political party” because Gov. Vernon Thomson and Rep. John Byrnes have been invited and because of the possibility that Vice President Richard Nixon will attend. The FTC letter said its action was based on a unanimous resolution adopted Tuesday night. The dedication became something of a political football Thursday with a Democratic charge that members of “the hierarchy of the right wing of the Republican party” had been invited to “turn the dedication ceremony into a political rally to promote the political ambitions of Byrnes.”…RACHALS EXPLAINS: Mayor Otto Rachals, who returned from a New York convention Thursday, today backed statements in explaining the invitation list. The committee said party politics had nothing to do with the invitations to Thomson, Byrnes and Nixon and that the decisions were made before the special senatorial election. The committee said Thomson was invited as governor because the Packers are a team with statewide backing, that Byrnes was invited because of his work during sports anti-trust hearings, and that Nixon’s appearance would “help to center national attention on Green Bay.” Democrats had said earlier in the week they would contact the mayor and aldermen in an attempt to get invitations for Proxmire and Wiley. The latter now is in England…CITE ANTI-TRUST ACTION: The FTC letter said the purpose of the program is to demonstrate civic backing of professional football in a time when the sport is threatened with anti-trust action. “In view of the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that professional football must be regulated under the Anti-Trust Act, we feel that the two senators as well as other congressmen from Wisconsin should also be invited to see how professional football be handled in order to survive. We realize that there is not sufficient time for all these gentlemen to speak because of the lengthy program. However, we need these gentlemen as our friends and not as our enemies,” the letter said.
SEPT 13 (Greensboro, NC) - Vowing that he is not interested in winning the "grapefruit championship", Coach Liz Blackbourn tapered off drills Thursday as the Packers eyed their fifth straight exhibition victory against the Redskins at Winston-Salem Saturday night. Blackbourn's club has adopted a winning attitude in the play-for-nothing season. But then, too, Western Division clubs have had the upper hand over Eastern Division foes. The Packers must cut down to 38 players after Saturday's game. They now have 43 including the late arrivals, defensive end Carlton Massey (from Cleveland) and end Max McGee. Blackbourn plans to give Massey a trial at his normal position before trying him as a slotback. The 230-pounder is a good receiver. McGee is working out at left end with Gary Knafelc, who understudies Max during the 1954 season. Incidentally, Massey has been hampered by tonsilitis. Defensive tackle Dave Hanner, halfback Al Carmichael and tackle George Belotti will see little if any action against the Redskins because of injuries.
SEPT 14 (Winston-Salem, NC) - The Green Bay Packers haven't lost a football game during the current pre-season period, winning four straight, and they have no intentions of falling into bad habits Saturday night against the Washington Redskins. The Packers have beaten the Chicago Cardinals twice, the Philadelphia Eagles and the World Champion New York Giants. Two of their rookies have been quick successes. They are Paul Hornung, Notre Dame quarterback, and Ron Kramer, Michigan's all-around star a year ago now. The Packers have Billy Howton, one of the best pass receivers in the game. Quarterback Bart Starr will throw not only to Howton, but also to Kramer and Gary Knafelc in a three-pronged attack. The Redskins will rely on little Eddie LeBaron to perhaps bewilder the Wisconsin wonders. Rudy Bukich, acquired from the Rams a few days ago, also will play some at quarterback, but he has been with the club only long enough to learn a few plays. However, his strong throwing arm will be used. The Redskins may open with LeBaron, Dick Hames and Jim Podoley at the halfbacks and Leo Elter at fullback and soon substitute Ed Sutton at a half and Don Bosseler at full. Red Stephens, regular guard, is out with a pulled leg muscle. Ed Khayat will have the starting assignment at J.D. Kimmels' old tackle berth on defense. Kimmel is out for the year with a broken leg. Another change will see Gilmer Springs, a Texas boy in his first start as a wingback, in the place of Art DeCarlo.
SEPT 14 (Green Bay) - Filling out ballots for the All Time Green Bay Packer team, as they have appeared in the Press-Gazette, has become a "family proposition" in many area homes. Numerous envelopes delivered to the Press-Gazette each day have two ballots in them, one filled out by a wife and another by a husband. At least one envelope held three ballots, with a son getting into the voting act. It hasn't been a cast of "rubber stamping" the choices of the male member of the house either. In every case, where two ballots were received, the wife has differed with the husband on at least one choice; a real showing of independence of thought. As the ballot total continues to mount, races are becoming tighter for several positions on the mythical all-time team. This has been noted especially at the tackle position and for quarterback and center. Closing in on leaders Cub Buck and Cal Hubbard is Ernie Smith, with Charlie Brock gaining a slight edge for the center slot. At quarterback, Arnie Herber has passed the immortal Red Dunn in voting. With only seven days left to cast ballots, northeastern Wisconsin Packer fans are again urged to mail their selections as soon as possible. Ballots will be accepted at the Press-Gazette until Sunday, Sept. 22, when final tabulations are to be made.
SEPT 14 (Winston-Salem, NC-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Five or six Green Bay Packers will be getting their last major test when the Wisconsinites battle the Washington Redskins in a non-league football game here tonight. Close to 20,000 customers are expected in the Packers' fourth annual clash with the Redskins in this tobacco city, which is Redskin television territory. The Packers have 43 players, not counting three who are exempt from cutting now due to military service, and this figure must be reduced to 38 by Sept. 15 - which is Sunday. Packer Coach Liz Blackbourn admitted earlier in the week that it will be difficult to reduce the roster. A good showing by some of the boys who might be on the fence will complicated Blackbourn's problems even more. Three question marks in particular will get to see plenty of action - halfback Credell Green, fullback Ron Quillian and 
guard Dalton Truax, and Green and Truax are scheduled to start. So will guards Norm Amundsen, defensive end John Nisby and guard Pat Hinton. Blackbourn also wants a look at his bonus beauty, quarterback Paul Hornung, as a halfback and be opening on the left side. Hornung had his foot stepped on during practice this week, but is anxious to play - since an X-ray showed nothing serious. The Packers won their first four non-league games, which means that a victory tonight would give them five straight. But, as Blackbourn put it earlier, "we're not interested in winning the grapefruit league; we're just getting ready for the league season." Green Bay isn't in the best of physical condition and four players may see no action, including veterans Dave Hanner, Tom Bettis and Al Carmichael. Rookie George Belotti may have to be held out, too. The Redskins, one of the darkhorses in the Eastern sector, lost its first three games but then snapped back and looked good in beating up Baltimore last Sunday before a national television audience. Eddie LeBaron, the little one, is expected to start at quarterback for the Redskins and his opposite number will be Bart Starr, the Packers' ace. The Packers will fly out here Sunday morning and arrive at Austin Straubel Field in two chartered North Central planes around 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon. It will be their first appearance of the 1957 season at home. After Washington, the Packers take on Pittsburgh in Minneapolis a week from tonight. Then the big dedication explosion against the Chicago Bears in the new stadium Sept. 29.