AUG 25 (Syracuse, NY) - Bob Cifers, formerly University of Tennessee grid great and more recently one of the standouts in NFL play, has joined the Green Bay Packers, and it will be interesting to follow his play this season. Cifers had been played on the waiver list by the Pittsburgh Steelers because of breaking training rules, but he was taken off the list and sold to the Packers when Curly Lambeau expressed an interest in him. Don't be surprised if Cifers regains his old form and once more becomes a top-flight star. Lambeau has a way with athletes who lose their touch with other teams. George Strickler was talking about Lambeau, 
EXHIBITION - Green Bay Packers (1-1) 14, New York Giants 7
Wednesday August 24th 1949 (at Syracuse)
(SYRACUSE) - The Green Bay Packers combined two swift offensive thrusts with some alert defensive play to defeat the New York Giants, 14 to 7, in a non-championship football game before 20,000 fans at Archbold stadium here Wednesday. Showing marked improvement after their 35-0 nightmare with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Packers scored their winning touchdown with two minutes and two seconds to go in the game on a 35-yard pass from Jack Jacobs to rookie right end Bill Kelley. The Green Bays got off to a 7-0 lead in the second quarter on a swift ground attack, Ted Fritsch smashing over from the two to cap a 36-yard advance in seven plays. The Giants counted early in the fourth quarter to knot the score on Cletus Fischer’s 36-yard dash off the Giants’ left end.
In posting their first victory since last Oct. 17, when they defeated Los Angeles, 16-0, the Packers recovered three fumbles, intercepted three passes and even blocked a punt to kill off most of the New York threats. The Packers showed signs of tiring – possibly the effects of playing two league opponents in five days. This was particularly noticeable late in the second quarter when the Giants pushed 60 yards before Glenn Lewis stopped the threat with an interception and again in the fourth heat when the Giants rolled 96 yards (including a 28-yard punt return) for their lone touchdown. There was no love lost between the two clubs. Midway in the third quarter, the fur started to fly as the Giants drew a 15-yard penalty for roughness, with Joe Scott being ejected. A moment later the Packers drew 15 yards for roughness. To top it off, the studious and quiet Tex Coulter, Giants’ center, just couldn’t take Ed Neal’s massive thrusts any longer. At the conclusion of the next play, Coulter started swinging and Neal wisely covered his face. Coulter was banished. By this time, the Giants had worked the ball to the Packer 42 and a moment later to the Packer 12 on a pass from Chuck Conerly to Jack Salscheider. Then Mr. Neal went into action. First he tipped Coulter’s replacement, John Cannady, into quarterback Conerly’s lap but the ensuing fumble was recovered for only a six-yard loss. Neal did it again and this time Nolan Luhn was waiting to recover Conerly’s fumble and end the threat.
That was about the extent of the defensive murder in the third frame. A touch of same turned the tide with a few minutes left in the game. The Giants had the ball in play on their own 23 after which Bob Greenhalgh ran 18 yards to the 41. First, Bob Forte bumped Salscheider back 13 yards and Dick Wildung cracked Carmen Falcone to the rear by 10 yards. Falcone hit Ray Poole with a pass on the 41-yard line but Jay Rhodemyre cracked him so hard that the ball popped out of his hands. Comp grabbed it up and ran to the Giants’ 35. Now for the payoff. On first down, Jacobs caught Luhn with a neat strike on the 15 but the ball skidded out of his hands. Kelley replaced Luhn at right end for the next play, faked a couple of opponents out of position and took Jacobs’ perfect pitch on the 12, evaded Gene Roberts with a nice cut and danced over for the score. Ted Fritsch kicked the extra point.
There were several individual standouts for the Packers. Jacobs passed beautifully, completing six out of 10, and averaged 46 yards on eight punts. His protection was excellent compared to last Saturday night when the Eagles gave him a nasty beating. Glenn Lewis, the rookie right half, looked every inch a veteran as did Kelley and tackle Lew Ferry, who came over from the Eastern College All Star camp for the game. And then there was Jay Rhodemyre, who reported to the Packers only last Thursday. Jay made seven clean (all alone) tackles. The Packers had to come off the floor most of the night and their last two-minute touchdown was a tipoff on their bounce-back spirit. They were floored right off the bat. After forcing the Giants to punt after the opening kickoff, Bill Schroeder fumbled on the Bays’ first play from scrimmage, the Giants recovering on the Packer 33. The Giants reached the four on first down in two plays – a 15-yard pass from Conerly to Poole and a 14 yard run by Scott. Then the Packers dug in for a great goal line stand. With Comp, Forte, Neal, Rhodemyre and Paul Lipscomb cracking hard, the New Yorkers were stopped on the one-yard line.
Jacobs got off a nice punt to the 50 and the Giants were again stopped cold. Conerly went back to punt and rookie Dan Orlich, playing in Larry Craig’s spot, blocked it to give Green Bay a chance on the Giant 36. Jacobs passed to Clyde Goodnight for five, to Lewis for 14 and then Lewis, Schroeder and Walt Schlinkman rammed to the three, first down. Now it was the Giants’ turn. In four plays Schlinkman, Schroeder, Lewis and Schroeder again found themselves back on the five. A couple of punt exchanges moved the game into the second quarter when Larry Olsonoski intercepted a Conerly throw after a neat juggling act on the Giants’ 33. On third down, Goodnight nailed a pass from Jacobs on the goal line but dropped it as he was tackled by Dick Nutt. Fritsch then stepped back on the 40 for a field goal but missed. Pushed deep into his own territory by the big Packer line, Conerly punted to Earhart on the NY 41 and Ralph returned to the 35. The Packers had a touchdown in eight plays. Fritsch hit off right tackle for four and Ed Smith banged for 17 to the 14. Fritsch hit for four, Earhart for four and Fritsch for three more for a first down on the four. In three cracks, Ted went over from the two and then kicked the extra point for the Packers’ first touchdown of the season. Just before the half, Lewis put on his life-saving interception.
The Packers were put on the floor again at the start of the second half when Earhart fumbled on the first play from scrimmage and the Giants recovered on the Packer 38. The Giants banged to the 18 and on a Conerly to Poole pass, but Conerly tried once too often. Cook intercepted the throw behind the goal line and raced out to the eight. A moment later Cook came to the rescue again. This time, with the Giants on the Packer 25, Ted grabbed Greenhalgh’s fumble back on the Packer 41. After Jacobs punted again, the fighting set and the Giants controlled the ball for 10 minutes while the boys went back and forth on penalties. The Giants came out of it minus Coulter and Scott. The wary Packers managed their first first down of the second half early in the last frame on a 13-yard run by Smith but the Giants stiffened and Jacobs punted to Emlen Tunnell, who ran from the four to the Giants’ 32. A pass from Conerly to Poole for 17 yards plus two short gains and a damaging offside penalty gave the Giants a first down on the Packer 36.
Carrying the ball for the first time in a pro game, Cletus Fischer wheeled off his own left tackle, hit the sidelines and went the distance for the Giants’ only TD. Conerly kicked the extra point with only three and a half minutes to go. After a mild threat, the Packers got off the floor for that payoff touchdown.
Walt Kiesling, former Packer line coach and now a scout and coach for Pittsburgh, scouted the game for the Steelers with Chuck Cherundolo, veteran Pitt center. The Packers left for Pittsburgh in their chartered Capital airliner this morning to prepare for their struggle with the Steelers at Forbes field next Sunday afternoon…Tony Canadeo and Jug Girard, injured left halfbacks, didn’t suit up for last night’s game. They worked with Coach Curly Lambeau in the press box while Coaches Tom Stidham, Charley Brock and Bob Snyder worked the sidelines…Victory-starved for nearly a year, the Packers were a happy crew last night. Everybody in the lobby of the Hotel Syracuse heard the good news via the shouting from the players. The coaching staff, too, was on the hilarious side. It was the first victory for the new combination – Lambeau, Stidham, Snyder, Brock & company. No workout will be held in Pittsburgh today although a long meeting is on tap for tonight. Frank Williams, new rookie fullback, did all of the Packers’ kicking off. What’s more, he tackled the enemy receiver on two out of his three kicks.

GREEN BAY -   0   7   0   7  -  14
NY GIANTS -   0   0   0   7  -   7
2nd - GB - Fritsch, 1-yard run (Fritsch kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
4th - NY - Cletus Fischer, 36-yard run (Ray Poole kick) TIED 7-7
4th - GB - Kelley pass from Jacobs, 35-yard pass (Fritsch kick) GREEN BAY 14-7
one of Strickler's favorite subjects, by the way, which is just as well since George is publicist for the Packers. "Back in 1929," remarked Strickler, "the National league 'ganged up' on Curly. The other clubs went out of their way to send him every troublemaker, every clubhouse lawyer, every Bolshevist that they could get Curly to take on. Any club that was having trouble with a player promptly made a deal with Lambeau for that player. You'd think it would have been a horrible situation for the Packers, but you'd be surprised. Curly took those players and didn't do a thing but win the championship for the next two years. He didn't quite make it the next year, but his team won 10 straight, even so." Strickler told another interesting sidelight on that same "troublemakers" team. It seemed that a couple of star tackles, who might be called Smith and Jones because their names still are held in high esteem in pro football, developed an intense hatred for each other. Nobody knew how it started, but the two had absolutely no use for each other. Lambeau went to Smith, to talk it over. "What's this about you not getting along with Jones?" Curly asked and then he continued: "Why, Jones tells me that he thinks you're one of the greatest tackles that ever lived. I can't understand your attitude, when he admired your play so much." Thereupon Curly went to Jones, and went through the same routine. There were apologies on both sides, since both realized that there must be a lot of good in a fellow who could recognize outstanding ability. The two became buddies forever after.
AUG 25 (Syracuse) - Donald Wells, end of the Green Bay Packers, in Syracuse to play in last night's benefit football game at Archbold stadium, didn't feel at all charitable yesterday after a hotel sneakthief made off with $100 from his wallet. Wells told police the wallet was left on a dresser in his Hotel Syracuse room and that nothing else was touched. At the same time, J.L. McDowell of Spartanburg, S.C., staying at the same hotel, reported the thief took him for $65.
AUG 26 (Green Bay) - Stan Heath, the rookie quarterback who set the collegiate passing world on fire at Nevada last year, will make his first start as a professional when the Green Bay Packers engage the Pittsburgh Steelers in a non-championship football game at Forbes field here Sunday afternoon. Packer Coach Curly Lambeau said today that Heath will pilot what amounts to an all “new” Packer team. Working in the backfield with Stan will be Bob Cifers, recently obtained from Pittsburgh, at left halfback; Ken Kranz of Milwaukee State Teachers college at right half; and Frank (Bus) Williams of Utah State at fullback. The starting ends will be Bud Canada and Bill Kelley. Jim Goodman and Tiny Croft will be at tackles; Floyd Lewis and Joe Etheridge at guards; and Ralph Olsen at center. Of the 11 starters, Olsen, Etheridge, Canada, Heath and Kranz did not take part in the Packers’ 14 to 7 victory over the New York Giants in Syracuse Wednesday night. Cifers played some on defense; Williams did the kicking off; and Kelley worked briefly on offense. Lambeau is hoping that the other rookies break in as brilliantly as Kelley, who made his first reception as a Packer good for the game-winning touchdown. Kelley caught a perfect 23-yard strike from Jack Jacobs on the 12, evaded a tackler and raced over with only two minutes and two seconds left in the game. Ironically enough, Lambeau revealed his rookie plans shortly before receiving word that Jacobs’ leg injury was more serious than at first reported. Jacobs came out of the game with a sore ankle and an X-ray here Thursday afternoon revealed that several ligaments were pulled. Lambeau was unable to say how long Jacobs would be out of action but he added that Jack definitely will not play Sunday. Jacobs was hurt on the last play of the first half. He tried a quarterback sneak to freeze the ball after Glenn Lewis intercepted a pass deep in Packer territory. As Jacobs explained it, “I forgot to take my leg along on the play.” Other injuries, all minor in comparison, included Ed Neal, knee; Ed Cody, shoulder; Bob Summerhays, wrist; and Larry Olsonoski, stomach. Olsonoski, who made five clean tackles backing up the line, was punched in the stomach by back Joe Scott, a maneuver that prompted the officials to banish Scott from further competition. A moment later center Tex Coulter was ejected for slugging Mr. Neal. The Packers are keeping an eye peeled for Larry Craig, the veteran left defensive end who left camp a couple of weeks ago. Craig may arrive some time before the game Sunday. Trainer Bud Jorgenson brought Craig’s uniform along – just in case. Speaking about left end, rookie Dan Orlich, Heath’s favorite target, did well on defense against the Giants. Orlich showed plenty of speed when he ran around punt protectors to block a kick by Chuck Conerly. Orlich ran into the ball from the side and then recovered for a 15-yard gain. Seeing a lot of duty on defense were the Packers’ two offensive ends – Nolan Luhn and Clyde Goodnight. Luhn recovered a fumble and made two clean tackles, with Goodnight getting one. Offensively, Goodnight caught two for seven yards and Luhn didn’t catch any. The Packers held a meeting at the William Penn hotel Thursday night and a long drill was held at Ammon field in the hill district here this morning. Another practice will be held Saturday morning. Sunday’s game will be the Packers’ first appearance of the season, and the boys are looking forward to it. The lighting systems in Syracuse and Green Bay leave much to be desired. The Packers have one more night game on the books – a league tilt with the New York Bulldogs at the Polo grounds. The Packers were greeted at Municipal airport Thursday morning by three newspaper photographers and a television cameraman. The local press is going all-out in pregame publicity since the Pittsburgh Community fund will benefit from the proceeds. The advance sale, however, had been small and a crowd of around 20,000 is expected. The local sports wizards aren’t too disappointed with the Steelers despite their 34-0 beating at the hands of the Bears last Saturday night. They point with pride at the fact that the Bears were held to a 7-0 lead until early in the fourth quarter when the undermanned Steelers gave in to the Bear numbers. The Steelers have an inside track to the Packers. The game at Syracuse was scouted by Walt Kiesling, former Packer line coach now with the Steelers.
AUG 26 (Green Bay) - The Eagles gave the Packers a good shellacking which really never did a spirited team any harm. If the boys who represent this great north country and their versatile coaches are made of the stuff of which they have given evidence on numerous occasions, they will come through with that question which is the father of victory: What do those guys from Philadelphia got that we haven't got? Last Saturday night the Packers showed flashes, but they did not stay lighted long enough. That eight-man line of the Eagles was a formidable affair. Its motto seemed to be: Don't give Jacobs time to flex his arm. The Packer coaches or Brain Trust have some knotty problems to solve. The victory over the New York Giants may indicate they are on the way. We're glad that this beating came early in the season. It should sour on both the board of strategy and the players themselves.
AUG 26 (Green Bay) - Biggest of the eye-openers of the Packer-Giant fuss up in Syracuse Wednesday night was Oscar Ed Smith, sophomore right halfback from Texas Mines. Smith didn’t carry the mail all night against the Eagles but he got six chances against the Giants and converted them into 64 yards, including dashes of 17, 16 and 13 yards. Ed led the squad in rushing which is a novelty in itself because until this year the right half didn’t get a smell of the ball – much less a chance to pace the rushers. The Packer have a healthy situation at right half. Smith has priority since he’s a veteran but Glenn Lewis, the Texas Tech rookie, has been pushing Smith hard. The result was that Smith ran better than he ever did Wednesday night. Behind Smith and Lewis is Ken Kranz, the rookie from Milwaukee State Teachers, and Bob Forte, who does 99 percent of his work on defense. Kranz has yet to carry the ball from scrimmage but he’s scheduled to start next Sunday. In all, the right halfbacks gained 57 yards (three for Lewis); the left halfbacks 25; and the fullbacks 29. The loss of Tony Canadeo at left half is definitely noticeable. With due respect to Ralph Earhart and Bill Schroeder, neither can run with the power of Canadeo, who is nursing a fractured wrist at the moment. Bob Cifers, the newcomer from Pittsburgh, is expected to be a big help at left half when he absorbs the Packer offensive system. The Packers played the Giants without a veteran left half. Earhart was shifted from right to left half this year and is just breaking in, while Schroeder is a newcomer. Cifers played only on defense. Every Packer game has produced a serious injury or two. The parade started in a Packer scrimmage when Canadeo broke his wrist. The Eagle game left Jug Girard and Red Vogds sidelined for two or three weeks and the Giant game resulted in a damaged leg on the person of Jacobs. All of the injurees will be ready for the Bear game in Green Bay Sept. 25. The Packer objective in the Giant game was to polish their ground game. Only 10 passes were attempted against 36 running plays. The first touchdown was all ground, Ted Fritsch going over from the two after a drive in seven plays from the Giants’ 36. The payoff TD came by air. The Packers might have had another TD. Clyde Goodnight snagged a pass from Jacobs on the goal line but dropped it when tackled by Dick Nutt. For the night, Goodnight caught two for seven yards; Lewis one for 14’ Smith one for five; Earhart one for two; and Kelley one for 35.
AUG 26 (Pittsburgh) - Jack Jacobs was lifted from the Green Bay Packers' lineup for Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and placed on crutches today, following X-rays of his right ankle, injured in the New York Giants victory Wednesday night. He will be lost to the Packers for at least two weeks. Jacons, the Packers' No. 1 passer, punter and signal caller, suffered torn ligaments on the last play of the first half against the Giants at Syracuse when, attempting to run out the clock, he nearly broke away for a long gain on a quarterback sneak from the Packers' eight yard line. Keeping the accident to himself, Jacobs played throughout the last two periods and in the last two minutes threw a 42 yard pass to rookie end Bill Kelley to beat the Giants, 14 to 7. X-ray examinations were ordered today when Jacobs was unable to walk on the ankle. Jacobs' injury forces the Packers into the Steeler game without three of their outstanding backs. Tony Canadeo is benched with a fractured wrist and Jug Girard, on whom Coach Curly Lambeau counted heavily this season, sustained a severely bruised shoulder in the Philadelphia Eagle game a week ago. Stan Heath and Irv Comp will handle the Packers' quarterbacking against the Steelers with Comp probably starting. Heath, who has been groomed for a later unveiling, will be making his professional debut in the Steeler contest. The rangy ex-Nevada star has been showing steady improvement since reporting from the All-Star camp 10 days ago, but it had been hoped that he would have the benefit of more individual instruction from backfield coach Bob Snyder before making his initial start against league opposition.
AUG 26 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) - Bob Cifers, the bad boy of the Pittsburgh Steelers' grid camp this year, was named by Coach Curly Lambeau yesterday to start at left halfback for the Green Bay Packers against his old teammates in the Community Fund grid game at Forbes Field on Sunday. The Wisconsin squad, 42 strong, arrived here by chartered plane shortly before noon yesterday from Syracuse where they whipped the New York Giants by 14-7 in an exhibition game on Wednesday night. They rested yesterday but will drill this morning at Langley High field. Tony Canadeo, veteran left halfback of the Packers is still carrying a broken arm in a cast. His loss during training prompted Lambeau, a strict disciplinarian, to gamble on Cifers. The ex-Tennessee star was exchanged to Pittsburgh for a Packer draft choice to be picked next winter. Leading ground gainer of the Steelers last autumn, Cifers was a holdout when camp opened at Cambridge Springs. He came to terms after three days of disagreements, departures and returns. Then he was fired for hitting the sack at 2:30 a.m. instead of 10 p.m. Holdout trouble, which kept the Steelers in the news recently, has also hit the Packers. They revealed here that Jack Mitchell, rookie quarterback from Oklahoma who starred in the College All-Star game against Philadelphia's Eagles, has refused their bids. Negotiations have been dropped. At Cambridge Springs yesterday scouts Walter Kiesling and Chuck Cherundolo helped Coach Johnny Michelosen set up defenses for the Packers. They watched the Giants' game, and brought back their notes by plane in time for the matinee drill.
AUG 26 (Nashville) - Vanderbilt university has signed a new assistant football coach – Buford (Baby) Ray, for the past 11 years a member of the professional Green Bay Packers. Bill Edwards, Vanderbilt head coach and former assistant coach of the Cleveland Browns, announced he had signed Ray yesterday. He said Ray, a tackle on the 1935-36-37 Vandy teams, will report for the start of fall practice Thursday. Ray, who will be 35 Sept. 30, was one of the biggest men in professional football. For his final season in 1948, the huge tackle’s dimensions were listed at 6-6 and 253 pounds. During his 11-year NFL career, Ray was four times an all-league selection.
AUG 27 (Pittsburgh) - Stan Heath makes the jump from Nevada to the major leagues tomorrow in a charity game at Forbes Field between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The former Shorewood prep star and holder of most collegiate passing records will be pressed into service a couple of weeks ahead of schedule to fill in for the injured Jack Jacobs, who is lost to the Packers for three weeks with a wrenched ankle. Heath will lead a Packer team that seldom has gone into a game so unprepared. Curly Lambeau has had only two days to set a defense and the Packers also will be without the services of Tony Canadeo, Larry Craig, Evan Vogds and Jug Girard. The local speculative gentry, however, have been installed as the favorite over a club that has taken three out of the last four from them and held the Chicago Bears scoreless for 44 minutes less than a week ago. The game will be played for the benefit of the local Community Chest, and, apparently, before one of the smallest crowds in recent years. The Packers will return home by air immediately after the game, winding up a one week's Eastern trip.
the Pitt single wing system, is Vince Ragunas, a nobody from VMI. The Pitt line, however, has such veterans as Val Jasante and Joe Mehelich at ends; tackle Jack Wiley; guard Bill Moore and center Frank Sinkowitz. While the Steelers were never any great shakers as scorers, they are considered generally the best drilled team fundamentally in the pro football - a carryover from the days of the late Jock Sutherland, who believed that football is principally a game of blocking and tackling...COACHING STAFF DISAPPOINTED: Lambeau and his staff were far from encouraged with the practice Friday morning. The aerial attack sputtered despite the fact that there were no enemy players to bother the passers or receivers. Heath and Irv Comp, veteran quarterback who may see plenty of action pending the performance of Stan, did all of the pitching...PACKER PACKINGS: The Packers will leave in their chartered Capital airliner at about 4 o'clock, Green Bay time, Sunday afternoon and arrive at Austin Straubel airfield about 6:30, GB time. Nearly 400 persons, mostly neighborhood youngsters, watched the Packers drill Friday morning. The Packers coaches were reluctant to "show" too much because of the danger of Steeler scouts. With Jacobs out, Cifers will do most of the punting Sunday. He and Bob Forte and Frank Williams did the booting in practice. During the practice, Jacobs was given hot and cold treatments by Trainer Bud Jorgenson back at the hotel. The Packers will wear their solid gold uniforms Sunday which should make the Steelers happy. The Packers lost twice to Pittsburgh in those suits - 18 to 17 at Milwaukee in 1947, and 38-7 here last fall, both league games. A crowd of 20,000 is expected for Sunday's game. Warm weather, in the high 80's, is hurting advance ticket sales. The Packers were still sweating out veteran Larry Craig today. He is expected to report from his home in South Carolina before the game. After Pittsburgh, the Packers will play an exhibition game in Marinette, Sept. 3; invade Davenport, Ia., to meet the New York Bulldogs Sept. 11; and then visit Milwaukee for a test with the Washington Redskins Sept. 18. Bear week starts Sept. 19 and closes at City stadium about 4:30 Sept. 25
AUG 28 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) - Minus two stars due to injuries, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will open the pro grid season here this afternoon in a benefit exhibition game for the Community Fund. The kickoff is schedule at two o'clock and a crowd of 15,000 is expected. Coach Johnny Michelosen will be without a pair of ends, Bob Davis being sidelines with a fractured left leg and Val Jasante with a wrenched back. Coach Curly Lambeau's T formation club must get along without quarterback Jack Jacobs, who had a bad leg, and left halfback Tony Canadeo, who suffered a broken arm in early training. With Jacobs on the sidelines Stan Heath, the great prospect from Nevada U. will make his pro debut here. Last year Stan collected three new college records of 2,005 in total yards gained passing, of 221.3 per game gained rushing and passing and 22 touchdown passes in one season. On the first scrimmage play in the camp of the College All-Stars in Evanston, Heath suffered a concussion and missed the Philadelphia Eagles game. He hasn't appeared in either of two Packer exhibitions thus far. Sharing the limelight with Heath will be such Steeler newcomers as halfbacks Joe Geri, Bobby Gage and Don Samuel, center Bill Walsh and end Bill Long, a promising punter. For two figures on the field, interest in this one will be a bit more intense than usual. Bob Cifers, the Steeler wingback of the past two years, gets a crack at his old mates less than two weeks after he was fired for breaking training rules. On the Steeler side big Walt Kiesling, assistant coach, will be urging the Gold and Black to turn back the invaders. He got his walking papers from the Packers a line tutor following last season for no apparent reason except the club was a loser and needed a scapegoat. Off last season's records and showings to date, this year the rivals seem evenly matched. They split in 1948 in two meetings. The Packers copped an exhibition on their home grid by 14-10 but were humiliated in an NFL fray here by 38-7. Pittsburgh won 4 out of 12 in league play a bit better than the Packers' three won and nine lost. After 43 scoreless minutes the Steelers were whipped by 34-0 in the first exhibition by the Chicago Bears in Cincinnati. Green Bay lost to powerful Philadelphia, 35-0, but nipped New York's Giants, 14-7, last Wednesday.
AUG 27 (Green Bay) - A rookie and a veteran will be on the spot when the Green Bay Packers play their third non-league football game in nine days against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Forbes field Sunday afternoon. The rook is quarterback Stan Heath, the handsome lad from Milwaukee who will make his first start for Green Bay after a tremendous Simon-Pure passing career at the University of Nevada. The vet is Bob Cifers, the rugged Tennessee All-American who was obtained from the Pittsburgh club just last Monday. Bob, the Steelers' leading punter and No. 2 ball carrier for two seasons, was obtained from Pitt for a draft choice next winter after Pitt placed him on waivers and then recalled 'em. Both Heath and Cifers will start Sunday together with nine other "unknowns", according to Coach Curly Lambeau. Sunday's game will start at 12 noon, Green Bay time, and will be broadcast over Press-Gazette stations WJPG and WJPG-FM with Bob Heiss at the microphone. Besides Heath and Cifers, the Packer backfield will have Ken Kranz at right halfback and Frank (Bus) Williams at fullback. Heath and Cifers will be playing in their first Packer game, while quarterback Jack Jacobs will be missing his first game since joining the club at the start of the 1947 season. He damaged his lower right leg on a quarterback sneak on the last play of the first half against the New York Giants in Syracuse Wednesday night. Despite the injury, Jacobs played the entire second half and pitched the winning touchdown pass in the last two minutes. Starting in the line will be Gene Canada and Bill Kelley at the end; Tiny Croft and Jim Goodman at tackles; Joe Etheridge and Floyd Lewis at guards; and Ralph Olsen at center. Canada, Kelley, Goodman, Lewis, Etheridge and Olsen are rookies...REST FOR VETERANS: The veterans who played most of the Eagle and Giant games will be given as much rest as possible, although you can bet a bushel of this Pittsburgh smoke that they'll be slugging away if things really get rough. Of the veterans, three, however, definitely will not play - Tony Canadeo, Jug Girard and Jacobs. Canadeo has a broken wrist and Girard an injured back. The Steelers will have plenty of misery in store for the Packers and probably one of the No. 1 troublemakers, though he won't play, is Steeler Coach and Scout Walt Kiesling, the former Packer line mentor. Kiesling scouted the Pack in Syracuse and, of course, is familiar with the actions of the Packers vets. The Steelers are composed of a lot of guys whose names might as well be Smith or Jones for all the Bays know about 'em. Though the club lost Ray Evans, John Mastrangelo, Johnny Clement and Cifers, Steeler Head Coach John Michelosen is certain that his team is as tough as the 1947 Pitt team, which finished second in the Eastern division...MENTAL LAPSES COSTLY: Michelosen swears that only a few mental lapses let the Bears down Pittsburgh, 34-0. The Bears were held scoreless for three quarters and the Steelers missed three scoring opportunities before the Chicagoans recovered a stack of fumbles to score four quick TDs in the last 10 minutes. In the Pitt starting backfield only the name of Jerry Shipkey, the fullback, strikes a familiar note. At right half is Don Samuel while Joe Geri of Georgia plays left. The quarterback, a blocker in