Green Bay Packers 75, Cedar Rapids Crush 0
EXHIBITION - Monday September 5th 1938 (at Ironwood, MI)
Cedar Rapid actually made more first downs than the Packers, 5 to 4, due to the fact that the Bays were  going for touchdowns on most of their plays. Lack of a good punts penalized the Iowans severely, as on a number of occasions they muffed chances to drive the Packers backward temporarily because their kicking went sour. Hinkle's bruising run on the first play hauled the freight to the Crusher 23-yard line, and the Packers settled down to work. Beauregard was checked in a thrust at left tackle but Herber tossed a forward pass over center to Scherer, who picked off the ball for a 13-yard gain and a first down on the 10-yard stripe. Beauregard drove into left tackle for three yards, and then Hinkle swept off right tackle, elbowed past the secondary and crossed the goal line standing up. Herber held the ball as Hinkle placekicked the extra point, giving Green Bay a 7 to 0 lead.
A Cedar Rapids fumble deep in that team's territory a few plays later gave the Packers their second touchdown. Scherer batted the ball into free country, Frank Butler fell on it and lateraled to Champ Seibold who ran across from the 20-yard line. Herber held the ball as Hinkle again placekicked the point, sending the Packers ahead by 14 to 0. The next Cedar Rapids punt was blocked, and Hinkle recovered the ball, running to the 2-yard line before he was brought down. On the following play he rammed center for his second touchdown. Herber held the ball as Tiny Engebretsen booted the point, and the Packers were out in front by 21 to 0. A forward pass, which Dick Anderson intercepted and returned three yards to the Crusher 25, set the stage for the next Green Bay score. After Beauregard failed to receive adequate blocking on a wide sweep of left end, Cedar Rapids drew a 5-yard penalty, and then Dick Weisgerber shot off right tackle on a criss-cross from Laws, traveling 15 yards to the goal.
Laws held the ball as Weisgerber booted the point, setting the score at 28 to 0. Early in the second period Bob Monnett hooked off a forward pass by Kriz and got loose on a spectacular 78-yard touchdown jaunt down the left side of the field. Monnett held the ball for the extra point, but Joe Laws' attempt was blocked, and the score was 34 to 0. The Packers soon were blasting away again at the Cedar Rapids goal. After Weisgerber's 40-yard run off tackle was called back, Laws got loose around left end for 34 yards and a first down on the Crusher 23. Laws picked up two more yards at left end, and then the Bays executed a flawless end-around play, with Scherer pounding around the right wing for 21 yards and a touchdown, weaving through a broken Cedar Rapids secondary.
Laws held the ball as Jankowski kicked the extra point which made the score 41 to 0. There it remained at the half. On the first play after a Cedar Rapids punt in the third period Herber passed to Laws, who lateraled to Ookie Miller, moving the ball across midfield, and on the next play Laws passed over center to Becker, who grabbed the ball and continued to the goal line to complete a gain of 50 yards. Laws held the ball, but Herber missed the extra point, and the score mounted to 47 to 0. Green Bay kicked off, and Swede Johnston intercepted a pass, returning 10 yards to the Cedar Rapids 32. Herber flipped to Becker for another touchdown, but the play was called back and the Packers given the ball on the opposing 29.
A Herber to Laws aerial gained eight yards, and Weisgerber, on a reverse to the left, picked up 14 yards for a first down under the Rapids' goal posts. Johnston smashed off right tackle for the touchdown, and with Herber holding the ball Laws kicked the extra point. It was 54 to 0. The next Packer score was the most spectacular of the day. With the ball on the Crusher 47-yard stripe, Herber dropped back past midfield and turned loose a might forward pass, which whistled in a wide arc 61 yards through the air and was speared by Moose Mulleneaux of the Packers near the Cedar Rapids goal line.
Two members of the defending team were on Mulleneaux's back, almost touching him, but he reached out to pick off the ball and then broke away from his pals to amble over the last stripe. Herber held the ball for Jankowski to kick the extra point, and the count was 61 to 0, as the third period ended. A fourth down Cedar Rapids' pass with four yards to go gave the Packers the ball on the Crushers 23 and in two plays they had another touchdown. On the first Laws passed to Scherer over center for 12 yards, and on the second Jankowski pounded over right tackle for the score. Laws held the ball, Mulleneaux booted the extra point, and the score was 68 to 0.
Green Bay kicked off to Hogendorn, who lateraled to Kriz, and the latter punted out of the dead run. The ball dropped into Laws' hands in Packer territory, and the shifty halfback roared down the sidelines 67 yards for another touchdown. Laws held the ball for Johnston to kick the extra point. The score was 75 to 0, and the Packers toyed with their opposition for the remainder of the game.
CEDAR RAPIDS -  0   0   0   0 -  0
GREEN BAY    - 28  13  20  14 - 75
1st - GB - Clarke Hinkle, 7-yard run (Hinkle kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
1st - GB - Champ Seibold, 20-yard lateral from Frank Butler fumble recovery (Hinkle kick) GR BAY 14-0
1st - GB - Hinkle, 2-yard run (Tiny Engebretsen kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
1st - GB - Dick Weisgerber, 15-yard run (Weisgerber kick) GREEN BAY 28-0
2nd - GB - Bob Monnett, 78-yard interception return (Joe Laws kick blocked) GREEN BAY 34-0
2nd - GB - Bernard Scherer, 21-yard run (Eddie Jankowski kick) GREEN BAY 41-0
3rd - GB - Wayland Becker, 50-yard pass from Laws (Arnie Herber kick blocked) GREEN BAY 47-0
3rd - GB - Swede Johnston, 7-yard run (Laws kick) GREEN BAY 54-0
3rd - GB - Moose Mulleneaux, 47-yard pass from Herber (Jankowski kick) GREEN BAY 61-0
4th - GB - Jankowski, 11-yard run (Mullenueaux kick) GREEN BAY 68-0
4th - GB - Laws, 67-yard punt return (Johnston kick) GREEN BAY 75-0
SEPT 6 (Green Bay) - With Cecil Isbell of Purdue and Andy Uram of Minnesota here and ready to play, and Nebraska's Johnny Howell in town to talk terms with Coach E.L. Lambeau, the Packers settled back into practice routine today, their game at Ironwood out of the way, and their National league opener against the Cleveland Rams scheduled for next Sunday. The league contest will be played at the revamped City stadium, and will start at 2 o'clock. Lambeau is speaking with considerable feeling in pointing out to his players that the Rams, shaken up thoroughly following a disappointing season in 1937, are braced for the upset of the season against Green Bay next Sunday afternoon...GET SLOW STARTS: It has been a long time since the Packers really displayed much class in their home opener, and the coach is driving his men to break that unhappy jinx this season. He planned a workout for this afternoon, rain or shine, and tonight he will go into a lengthy skull drill at the Hotel Northland, when all plays will be checked thoroughly, and new ones handed out. A glance at the names on the Cleveland roster is enough to scare anyone not thoroughly grounded in pro football lore - Vic Markov, Lou Tsoutsouvas, Corby Davis, Al Hoptowit, Joe Routt, Johnny Drake, Bob Snyder, Ed Goddard, Julie Alfonse, Stan Pincura - and that's just a good start...LINE IS HEAVY: The Cleveland line packs weight, and the backs lug power, two factors which Coach Hugo Bezdek hopes to combine for a victory over Green Bay. The Packers apparently are in good shape. Dr. W.W. Kelly, team physician, hasn't yet announced the casualty list, if any, but it is probable that most of the players will be available for action against the rugged Rams. Howell, a quarterback with the flair for tossing passes, planned to confer with Lambeau late today and he may sign a Green Bay contract. Isbell and Uram both pulled in over the weekend in time to participate with the men who didn't travel to Ironwood.
SEPT 6 (Ironwood, MI) - It was no contest. The Cedar Rapids Crushers were crushed. The Packers' 75 to 0 victory only half tells the story. It could have been 150 to 0. Not once were the Packers forced to punt. The Green Bay team made only four first downs in the entire contest because practically every time it had the ball another touchdown resulted. Still it helped enable Coach Curly Lambeau to decide about cuts in the squad, some of which must be made immediately...After the intra-squad practice game at Green Bay last week, the center problem appeared to be solved with Ookie Miller and Bunny Schoemann as standouts. Now the northern Michigan mine country has provided at least a partially effective background for determining end strength. The Packers look better than ever since the days of Tom Nash and Lavvie Dilweg in the wing department. Carl Mulleneaux, rookie from Utah, shows great promise. Fred Borak, from Creighton, appears to fit into the scheme well, and Wayland Becker, working harder than he has in a long time, may take his place among the league's top ends this season if he continues the present trend. Don Hutson made the trip north, but was the only one of the 27 players who didn't play. He would have been the straw that crushed the Cedar Rapids team's back...Chester Wiley, former Green Bay East high school coach and present mentor at Ironwood high was more than a casually interested spectator. Before the game in the dressing room he renewed acquaintances with Coach Lambeau whom he succeeded at East in 1923. He also reminisced with Wayland Becker, Champ Seibold and Arnold Herber. Wiley started Becker at halfback, but switched him to end early in his grid career. There he remained right through three years at Marquette university, although Coach Frank Murray once entertained the idea of placing him in the backfield. Seibold at Oshkosh high and Herber at West both were thorns in the side of Wiley aggregations...Humor has turned many sad occasions into pleasure. While the boys from Iowa were making their futile struggle against the Packers, Tony, the man on the public address system, switched from giving an account of the game to entertaining the crowd with comment about the game, players, officials and notables in the crowd. Much of his stuff was really funny as when the score rolled past 60 and he said, "What do we care...we have plenty of numbers." And when Cedar Rapids called time out one of the disgruntled spectators yelled, "What for? You ain't done no work." Tony answered: "You wouldn't understand; this is a project."...To say that one of the Crushers' trick plays defeated its purpose would be putting it mildly. On a Packer kickoff in the second half Hogendorn, mite halfback who captured the fancy of the crowd, received the ball and lateraled to Groth, the fullback. Groth immediately punted down the field in an effort to set the Packers as far back as possible. The scheme resulted in another Packer touchdown when Joe Laws caught the ball and hustled down the sidelines through the entire team to score. Practically all 11 Packer tallied were made by men standing up as they went over the line...Disappointing as the exhibition was in the way of a contest, it was successful as a promotion by the Holy Trinity Athletic club. Joe Cvengros, who managed the affair for the club, hopes to bring the Packers back against stronger opposition next Labor day. The proceeds go into the club's treasury and is used to further sporting aims in Ironwood. Boxing and basketball will be sponsored this winter, and in another year the organization, a Catholic group, hopes to have an Ironwood football team....Pete Tinsley, freshman from Georgia, proved that he was adept in guard play but he probably be most remembered by the Ironwood crowd for his exit from the game. In the fourth period he limped over to the sidelines and said to Lambeau, "Can I be excused, coach? These new shoes are hurting my feet." He left the stadium barefooted, walking along a cinder path as if it were the smoothest turf. The shoes had a lot of EE, but they were narrow for Pete...At the railroad station before leaving, the Packers had an unusual experience. They literally were "dwarfed". Chain Seymour, former tackle at Niagara university, looked over the heads of even Frank Butler and Baby Ray. He is 6 feet 10 inches tall, and Joe Laws and Buckets Goldenberg kept the train-waiting crowd entertained by comparing heights with him...Afterthoughts: The Ironwood Sons of the American Legion Drum and Bugle corps did a smooth job of drilling between halves, and the Bessemer high school band also played and marched. When the refreshment stand ran out of hamburger, the loud speaker humorist suggested that the Cedar Rapids players could provide a supply. Bud Jorgenson, assistant trainer and property man, turned in a busy day. Dave Woodward, chief trainer, remained in Green Bay to treat injuries here, and Bud handled two men's work. He was assisted during the afternoon by Howard Levitas, but had to take his lunch on the fly between issuing jerseys and putting on tape. The train coming home was entirely first class. Only Pullmans, parlor cars and diners. "Where are the coaches?" Jorgenson asked when he decided to explore the train."The only coach on this train is Lambeau," quipped Levitas.
SEPT 6 (Green Bay) - Three plays stuck in your mind yesterday evening, as you wound your way home through the Northern Wisconsin lakes country after witnessing the 75 to 0 punishment which the Green Bay Packers tagged onto the Cedar Rapids Crushers at Ironwood, Mich. The greatest, perhaps, was the only one which seemed to have a portentiousness hidden in its execution. It may have held the answer to the query of fans who want someone else like Johnny Blood in the Packer lineup. Maybe Carl Mulleneaux isn't Johnny Blood, but Johnny never did better on that forward pass in the third period, which Arnie Herber sent sailing 61 yards through the air. Mulleneaux, parked in Blood's old spot a few yards this side of the goal line, waited calmly with two Cedar Rapids backs sitting on his neck, reached out to gather in the mighty toss, and then trotted over the goal line as the crowd gasped. "Sixty-one yards," muttered the announcer. "Sixty-one yards! My! My!" The next cutest play occurred in the fourth period, and gave the Packers their eleventh and final touchdown. It was the result of some Cedar Rapids strategy which boomeranged with definiteness and finality. The Packers had just scored, and the Crushers elected to receive. As quarterback Hogendown gathered in the ball, he lateraled quickly to fullback Kriz, who immediately punted, the idea being to catch the Packers by surprise and drive them back into their own country, a section of which they had been seeing little. Joe Laws, cool as an icebox in January, accepted the kick 67 yards from the Cedar Rapids goal, moved to the sidelines and proceeded without noticeable interruption for another touchdown. The very first play of the game after the opening kickoff was a beautiful thing to watch. The Packers weren't certain of the stamina and durability of their opponents. The Crushers looked big, in places, and the Green Bay Packers were taking no chances. So they shoot the works on the first attempt. Every Packer dug in his feet and turned loose a mighty charge that recoiled upon the Crushers, sent them spinning backwards, and shook Clarke Hinkle off right tackle for 37 yards and a first down deep in enemy territory. After that, the team relaxed. The game was won.
the necessity of parting with the half dozen Packers, particularly Beauregard, who the coach believes has real promise as a pro football player...CONFORM WITH RULE: "We liked Beauregard very much," he said, "but it is necessary that we conform with the league rule, and avoid the risk of getting into trouble with the organization. We have sent out waivers on all of these players, and some of them may catch on with other professional teams." Lambeau was in Chicago today, attending an important meeting of NFL coaches and officials at the Palmer House. In his absence the team was handled by Assistant Coach Richard (Red) Smith. A glance at the Cleveland roster today was enough to make the Packers redouble their practice efforts. Cecil Isbell and Andy Uram, the latest additions to the squad, definitely will play against the Rams, Lambeau said...BRING GREAT PLAYERS: Some of the best known names in college football will be seen at City stadium, when the Cleveland team lines up against the Packers. Included on the Ram roster are Johnny Drake, famed Purdue halfback; Bob Snyder of Ohio university, who distressed the Packers on two occasions last fall; Pincura of Ohio State, a great quarterback; Dick Zoll of Indiana, a Green Bay West high graduate; Cherundolo of Penn State, center; Tom Hupke, Alabama guard late of the Detroit Lions; Ed Goddard, speedy Washington State quarterback; Spacadini of Minnesota, a quarterback who recently appeared with the All-Americans against the Washington Redskins; Julie Alfonse, Minnesota all-American; Vic Markov, recently with the All Stars at tackle; and Phil Ragazzo, Western Reserve tackle received from Green Bay in the trade involving Ookie Miller. Coach Hugo Bezdek has sent his starting lineup on ahead. Cleveland will line up with Hamilton, Arkansas, and Giannini, St. Mary's, at ends; Zoll, Indiana, and Markov, Washington State, at tackles; Burmeister, Purdue, and Lewis, Ohio university, at guards; Cherundolo, Penn State, at center; Pincura, Ohio State, at quarterback; Bob Davis, Kentucky, and Drake, Purdue, at halfbacks; and Corby Davis, Indiana, at full.
SEPT 8 (Green Bay) - Handicapped by unfavorable weather, but aiming to make their best first game showing in several seasons, the Green Bay Packers will entertain the Cleveland Rams, a Western division rival, in the first NFL game of the season at City stadium Sunday afternoon. Officials for the league combat were announced today. Bobby Cahn, Chicago, will referee. The umpire will be M.J. Meyer, Toledo; the headlinesman will be Wilfred Smith, Chicago; and the field judge will be J.J. Ritter, Detroit. There will be plenty of seats for every Packer fans, including those who drive in from far places for a glimpse of the famous football team, now starting its 20th season on the professional grid, and its 18th in the National league. Well known names, including two members of the recent All-American starting lineup, will appear for Cleveland when the Rams line up at the 2 o'clock kickoff. The All Star recruits, making their first starts in top grade professional competition, will be Vic Markoc, giant Washington State tackle, at right tackle, and Corby Davis, Indiana, at fullback. The other Cleveland starters will be Ray Hamilton, Arkansas, left end; Jack Giannini, St. Mary's, right end; Dick Zoll, Indianan, left tackle; Forrest Burmeister, Purdue, left guard; Art Lewis, Ohio university, right guard; Chuck Cherundolo, Penn State, center; Stan Pincura, Ohio State, quarterback; Bob Davis, Kentucky, left halfback; and John Drake, Purdue, right half...HOLD SIGNAL DRILL: The Packers were sent through a long signal drill yesterday, but today's practice session was uncertain, due to the unpleasant weather conditions. Coach E.L. Lambeau still is hoping for a bit of dry weather between now and Sunday, so that the Packers can perfect their plays and timing, but he also figures that if the team runs into bad conditions against the Rams, they may as well practice in handling the slippery ovals. The Cleveland-Green Bay tussles will be the first league engagement for both teams. One other National league engagement is scheduled before the regular opening date, that being a clash between Pittsburgh and Detroit at the latter city Friday night...SEE ALL STARS: Green Bay fans will have their first glimpse of the two additions from the All Star squad - Cecil Isbell and Andy Uram - Sunday afternoon. The pair remained home from Ironwood Monday, and got into a couple of extra practice sessions, enabling them to learn Green Bay plays and generally to prepare themselves for regular work with the Packer squad. Isbell and Uram were a pair of show stealers against the Washington Redskins, and both will serve as added magnets to attract fans to City stadium this fall. They are being used at the halfback position. Coach Lambeau has given no indication yet as to his starting lineup, an announcement concerning which is anticipated later in the week.
SEPT 8 (Chicago) - Things are looking up for the NFL clubs. Tune-up flights preparatory to the championship take-off brought six triumphs against College All-Star elevens. Aerial maneuvers played major roles in virtually all of them. Chicago's Bears won a pair and New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Chicago's Cardinals one apiece. Indications that the 1938 race would be decided in the air were seen in the rival elevens' rush to streamline their offensive with plenty of passing power after the 1937 success of Sammy Baugh and the Redskins...ATTENDANCE TO SOAR: The wholesale turn to aerial combat was expected to send the attendance soaring. Last year around a million and a half paid to watch the money players. Pittsburgh was one of the first to grease the turnstiles for 1938 by acquiring a star passer. The Pirates signed Colorado's Whizzer White, using $15,000 worth of persuasion to turn him from a Rhodes scholarship temporarily. Whizzer will make his pro debut tomorrow night at Detroit against another favorite son of Colorado - Dutch Clark, the Lions' playing coach...SEASON OPENS FRIDAY: The game will officially open the pro season. With the exception of Brooklyn, the rest of the clubs will begin play in Sunday's four-game program. Chicago's two entries, the Bears and Cardinals, will square away under the lights at Soldier field. Cleveland will be at Green Bay, New York at Pittsburgh, and Washington at Philadelphia. Green Bay's Packers, out to regain the passing prestige lost to Baugh and Washington have to obtained Cecil Isbell, Purdue ace, whose mighty throws humbled the Redskins in the Chicago All-Star game. Chicago's Cardinals have added Jack Robbins of Arkansas, considered Baugh's equal in the Southwest, and Dwight Sloan, Robbins' backfield teammate of last year. To the deadly passing of Bernie Masterson and Buzz Buivid, Chicago's Bears have coupled that of Joe Gray of Oregon State.
squad to Green Bay. This season the Cleveland Ram management had a tough time cutting the squad to the limit of 30. Bezdek has no guards to speak of. Zoll, a tackle, and Ookie Miller, a center, were doing most of the work flanking center. This year, Zoll is back at tackle and Miller will be on the opposite side as a pivot man for the Packers...Packer fans will get their initial view of some boys who may be seen around here for long time. The first new ends in a couple of seasons will take their bow. They are Carl Mulleneaux of Utah Aggies and Fred Borak of Creighton. They add spirit to the wings, as does a new spirit on the part of Wayland Becker. Don Hutson and Milt Gantenbein, reliable pair, also will be on hand, but Bernard Scherer of Nebraska, a member of the squad for the past two seasons, probably will not be used...Only nine members of last year's Cleveland squad will be back. They are Bucklew, end; Zoll, Livingston, and Ralph Miller, tackles; Burmeister, guard; Cherundolo, center, and Pincura, Snyder and Drake, backs. After his last game here Bezdek named the latter three as his only backs. At least Pincura and Drake should be in the starting lineup, but Drake will be playing halfback this time. His fullback post has been taken over by Corbett Davis of Indiana. He weighs 210 pounds, 5 feet 11, 23 years old, and, according to no less authority than Coach E.L. Lambeau of Green Bay, plays ball like Clarke Hinkle, which is something...Four of the Rams' most sought draft selections are not with them. Missing are Franco of Fordham, Mayberry of Florida, Routt of Texas Aggies and Hoptowit of Washington State. Franco and Mayberry have coaching jobs. Routt and Hoptowit, both guards, were expected to sign contracts after the All Star game in Chicago, but they didn't. One of Coach Bezdek's principal complaints last season was that it was too difficult for a club to gather strength. This year the club had things pretty much its own way in the draft, and was able to pick the boys with the fancy college records. Now the officials undoubtedly have learned that picking them and getting them are two entirely different and equally difficult operations. At that the Rams have chalked up a league record in signing eight of their 12 chosen players, but even then they don't always come through. Frank Barnhart, guard from Greeley State, was one of Coach Lambeau's early draft selections, and he already is on his way back to Colorado...It is a long time since any of the nation's most publicized college backs have joined the Packers. The coach has prided himself on being able to pick the good one where few others suspect. The results are the proud of his judgment, yet tomorrow three of the collegians who were most smeared with ink a season ago will be wearing Green and Gold. Cecil Isbell of Purdue, Andy Uram of Minnesota and Johnny Howell of Nebraska will be the boys most of the fans will start looking for, but in the rookie crop of backs they are apt to wind up casting just as many glances in the direction of Dick Weisgerber, fullback from Williamette university. This boy also is a triple threat artist, and he weighs 205 pounds...Gone from the Packer scene of last year are tackles Ernie Smith and Lou Gordon, guards Lon Evans and Zud Schammel, and center George and Bud Svendsen, which is a sizeable chunk out of any line. Still, there appears to be no reason for alarm. The replacements are coming through fine, especially at center, where Ookie Miller and Bunny Schoemann are doing all right. Pete Tinsley will be playing a lot of guard this year, and don't overlook Frank Butler at tackle. 20 pounds lighter than he was at center two years ago, he really has settled down to business, and it may turn out to be some business..."We weren't at full strength for the All Stars, but now we have something," Coach Bezdek told newspapermen in speaking of his team this week. The All Stars he was speaking of were a group of Ohio collegians which the Rams turned back by 10 to 7. The "something" referred to is the squad which will take the field against the Packers. Wonder what he'll have to say Sunday after the game?
SEPT 10 (Detroit) - Despite the fact his debut as a paid football player was for a losing cause, everyone connected with the Pittsburgh Pirates was confident today that a brilliant future awaits Byron (Whizzer) White in the NFL. White, most publicized college player of 1937, made his bow last night as the Detroit Lions conquered the Pirates, 16 to 7, in the first game of the professional season...WHITE GOES OVER: The former Colorado university athlete scored his team's only touchdown in a plunge from the two-yard line after pacing an 80-yard march in the final round. Detroit took the lead five minutes after the game opened on Bill Shepherd's field goal from placement from the 28-yard line. Later in the period Detroit got the ball on the Pirates' five as a result of a bad pass from center on fourth down that went over Stuart Smith's head. Ernie Caddel then raced around right end to score. Shepherd's try for the extra point was blocked...SCORES AROUND END: The other Detroit touchdown was scored midway of the second period as a result of a sustained aerial attack that carried to the Pittsburgh five. Lloyd Cardwell then raced around right end for a score and Monk Moscrip booted the extra point. A penalty for forward pass interference that netted them a 33-yard gain placed the Pirates in scoring position in the last quarter. White, who had accomplished little in the way of ground gaining up to that point, plunged for eight yards to the Lion 10. Detroit was penalized five yards. John Karcis gained three and White then crashed over for the score. A crowd of 17,000 witnessed the contest.
SEPT 10 (Green Bay) - Packing several tons of explosives on each side of the field, the Cleveland Rams and Green Bay Packers will engage in NFL combat at City stadium tomorrow afternoon, starting at 2 o'clock. Unless the weather tends toward the sloppy side, the contest without much question will be decided in the air, and here the Packers expect to reveal a decisive edge. Notwithstanding Cleveland claims to a highly effective overhead attack, the Green Bay bombers, including Bob Monnett, Arnold Herber, Cecil Isbell and Johnny Howell, are prepared to shower the invaders with a dozen or two forward passes the moment the Rams make their appearance upon the stadium turf. Coach E.L. Lambeau today decided against naming a probable starting lineup. His eleven starters will depend, he said, upon the weather, and the condition of the players at game time. Carl Mulleneaux, 210-pound end from Utah State, has been sick in bed and his utility is open to question, while Captain Milt Gantenbein is limping from an ankle injury received in the intra-squad game. This may sound as though the Packer wing brigade will be a bit on the short side, but Lambeau is hoping that his squad will be at full strength for the test against the Rams. Indications are that the Packers will have to play close to midseason form to keep the Rams in their places, as the visitors are packing about the same classy backfield they had last year, plus a number of replacements in what was a weak 1937 line...FRESHMEN WITH TEAM: The new faces certain to attract attention of Packer fans include Benton and Hamilton, two brilliant ends from Arkansas; Vic Markov, the Washington State tackle who was in the All Stars' starting lineup; Phil Ragazzo, Western Reserve guard, traded to the Rams by the Packers for Ookie Miller; Tsoutsouvas, a Stanford center with an elaborate reputation; Spadaccini, Minnesota quarterback; and Corby Davis of Indiana, a reputation from the All Stars./ There'll be a few Packer freshmen, too, who'll draw more than a passing glance from the throng, and among these will be the three most recent additions to the squad - Minnesota's Andy Uram, Purdue's Cecil Isbell and Nebraska's Johnny Howell. Isbell and Howell may be called upon to do some passing, while Uram's ball lugging ability will be paraded for the first time before his home crowd. All three definitely will play, Lambeau said...EXPECT FAIR WEATHER: The prospect is for fair weather on Sunday, but the miserable breaks of the past week have left the Packer timing considerably short of the desired
(IRONWOOD, MI) - Getting a valuable workout but not much in serious competition, the Green Bay Packers opened their season against outside opposition at Luther Wright football stadium here yesterday afternoon, devitalizing the Cedar Rapids Crushers in a 75 to 0 affair before 5,000 Wisconsin and Upper Michigan fans. After the first play of the game, on which fullback Clarke Hinkle broke loose for a 37-yard gallop, the Packers were in complete charge. They outpassed, outkicked, outran and general outmaneuvered their opponents, and, if they had wanted to score 225 points, it would have been merely a matter of routine. The Packers scored 11 touchdowns and kicked nine extra points. Anyone attempted the extra goals after the first few touchdowns. The only member of the opposing team who showed great inclination to fight back was a 145-pound back named Hogendorn, who squirmed and wriggled through the Packers for a few yards here and there. Except for Mr. Hogendorn, the Packers simply smeared it on. They scored four touchdowns in the first period, and then decided to ease up, getting only two in the second period, three in the third and two more in the fourth...GETS 14 POINTS: Clarke Hinkle topped off the scoring with 14 points on two touchdowns and a couple of extra point kicks. The rest of the touchdowns were distributed well around the lineup, one each going to Champ Seibold, Bob Monnett, Dick Weisgerber, Bernie Scherer, Wayland Becker, Swede Johnston, Carl Mulleneaux, Eddie Jankowski and Joe Laws. Jankowski also booted a pair of extra points, single kicks going to Tiny Engebretsen, Laws, Weisgberber, Mulleneaux and Johnston. Coach E.L. Lambeau had some two dozen of his players along, and he used them freely. The Crushers were tight on their substitutions, several of the men doing iron man acts by lasing the duration against the huskier Packers.
SEPT 7 (Green Bay) - Six men were sliced from the Green Bay Packers' roster today as the team drove at top speed in preparation for the star-studded Cleveland Rams, who will invade City stadium next Sunday afternoon. As the ax fell for the first time this season, and Coach E.L. Lambeau started reducing his squad to the required total of 30, the following were given their releases - Dick Beauregard, Gonzaga halfback; Zeke Hunt, Bradley Tech center; Richard Anderson, Iowa center; Les Chapman, Tulsa tackle; Eddie Brett, Washington State end; and Frank Barnhard, Greeley State guard. According to NFL regulations, there must be only 30 Packers on the squad Sunday, when the Bays and Rams launch their 1938 schedules. The Packers were in conference last night, participating in an hour-long skull session at Hotel Northland, the meeting being designed for a recheck of all assignments, and a thorough discussion of Cleveland strategy and methods. Lambeau expressed regret at 
SEPT 9 (Green Bay) - The announcement that Johnny Howell, Nebraska quarterback, has agreed to terms. and a muttered discussion of the weather, were Coach E.L. Lambeau's contributions today to the pre-game buildup of the Cleveland-Green Bay NFL tussle at City stadium Sunday afternoon. The attendance at this spectacular home opener, Sales Director Spachmann believes, is going to top the paid gate of 7,200 which witnessed the 1937 opener between the Packers and Chicago Cardinals. No one need stay away for lack of
accommodations. All the seats in the world are available, and no Packer or Cleveland fan will find himself without a seat. The ticket office at the stadium will be opened at 9 o'clock Sunday morning, the stadium gates will open at 12:15; and the kickoff is set for 2 o'clock. The season ticket sale, Spachmann added, is running ahead of last year's record total by no less than 40 percent, and despite the week's miserable weather the general seat has picked up remarkably. Howell is working out at right halfback, is calling signals
and is throwing passes. He will appear with the team in next Sunday's game, and will be available thereafter. Both Cecil Isbell and Andy Uram, halfbacks, the recent importation from the All Stars, have gobbled up the Packer plays and are ready to see as extensive service as they are called upon to give. It is probable that all of the Packers will be ready to play Sunday, as the injury list, resulting from scrimmages, the intrasquad game and the tilt with Cedar Rapids at Ironwood, in not that extensive...WIDE-OPEN GAME: Lambeau expects a wide-open game, with a far greater percentage of forward passes than usual filling the air. With Arnold Herber and Isbell prepared for an aerial barrage, and all varieties of capable receivers on hand, the outlook for a great Packer air attack seems bright. Dick Zoll, big Indiana tackle who has won a regular position with the Rams, will make a homecoming visit Sunday, and has been named in the starting Cleveland lineup by Coach Hugo Bezdek. Zoll once starred in the West high line here, and has a host of friends locally. The Rams will arrive on the Chicago and North Western train at 8:30 Saturday morning, and will be headquartered at the Hotel Northland. They will return to Chicago on the same line Monday morning...CUTS DOWN SQUAD: Coach Bezdek has been filing down his squad to regulation size, and he expects to send the following backs against the Packers - quarterbacks Pincura of Ohio State, Le Bay of West Virginia Wesleyan, Goddard of Washington State, and Spadaccini of Minnesota; halfbacks Bob Davis of Kentucky, Snyder of Ohio university, Johnson of Denver, Drake of Purdue, Alfonse of Minnesota, Brazell of Baylor, and Peterson of West Virginia; and fullbacks Corby Davis of Indiana and Littlefield of Washington State. These backs will perform behind a line which will be considerably improved over the wall which the Packers punctured frequently last season. Among the newcomers to the Cleveland team is Phil Ragazzo, giant Western Reserve tackle who was signed by the Packers but traded to Cleveland in the deal which brought center Ookie Miller to Green Bay...WORK OUT INSIDE: The Packers worked several hours yesterday, and then were chased out into the rain for a half an hour's lively signal drill. As skies still were streaming today, Coach Lambeau decided upon a similar program, giving the men plenty of opportunity to handle the slippery football. The squad held a lengthy skull session and discussion of new rules at the Northland last night.
SEPT 9 (Detroit) - Byron (Whizzer) White, the most publicized college star of the 1937 football season, makes his debut as a professional tonight in the NFL's curtain raiser between the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Pirates. White, sensational halfback of Colorado university, is the biggest question mark confronting the pro magnates today. He delayed taking advantage of a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford to accept the Pirates' $15,000 offer to play one season...MAY PAY FREIGHT: This is the biggest salary ever reported in the "play-for-pay" loop and the other club owners who are paying the majority of their players from $150 to $200 a game are waiting to see if White can pay his freight in increased attendance to the Pirates' games. Against him, White will find that other great Rocky Mountain star, Earl (Dutch) Clark, regarded as the best quarterback the National league ever saw. There was some talk that Clark might devote his time to coaching the club this season, but he will be in uniform tonight. He may not be at his best, however, because of an injured ankle. The Lions are the most improved team in the league, according to George Halas, president and coach of the Chicago Bears. Pittsburgh, with the exception of Paul McDonough of Utah at right end, has the same veteran line of last year, and White is the only newcomer in the backfield, although the Pirates will be depending largely on recruits for reserve strength...BEST SEASON AHEAD: This prelude to the league's 55-game schedule finds professional football on the verge of its best year. The more hopeful of the forecasters predict 2,000,000 persons will watch the circuit's 10 teams in action, surpassing by 500,000 the record attendance of last year. By methodically culling the college stars year after year, the professionals have developed the sport into a faster, harder and more thrilling spectacle than is played by the boys who give their all for Ol' Siwash. They have opened the game up with passes and put a premium on kicking by placing the goal posts on the  goal line. Majority of the big league players have come from the smaller colleges and universities because the pro scouts prefer talent to publicity. The world champion Washington Redskins picked up a pair of running backs - Jim Abbott of Elon and Dick Tuckey of Manhattan -  who seldom got more mention than having their names in the lineups. With prosperity, however, the pros are picking up more "name" players as evidenced by the Pirates' acquisition of White. Other headliners to crash the big league this year include Fordham's center with the unpronounceable name, Alexander Wojciechowicz, with Detroit; California's end, Perry Schwartz, with Brooklyn; Purdue's Cecil Isbell with Green Bay; Santa Clara's Nello Falaschi with New York; Gonzaga's George Karamatic with Washington and North  Carolina's Andy Bershak with Detroit.
SEPT 10 (Green Bay) - On the eve of battle: Both sides look stronger, especially Cleveland, which promises to threaten the prestige of the established Western division clubs. Last year Coach Hugo Bezdek was a couple short of two full teams when he brought his 
standard. All week the players have been working inside the East High school gymnasium, poking outside briefly for half hour sessions of signal drills, and practice in handling the slippery football. The week's rains have left the City stadium gridiron glassy but not muddy. Tonight the entire squad will meet at Hotel Northland for a final skull session and checkup on plays. The Cleveland team will arrive this evening at 8:30 on the North Western train, and will headquarter at the Northland, leaving for Chicago at 7 o'clock Monday morning. Next Saturday night they play the Chicago Cardinals at Cleveland. Tickets will be on sale at the stadium starting at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, and the gates will open at 12:30. There will be ample seating capacity for everyone in the 23,700 setup.
SEPT 10 (Green Bay) - The Chicago Bears have adopted blue helmets for this season. Last year the club sported headgear of an orange hue. Carl Brumbaugh, for several seasons the ace quarterback of the team and now an assistant to Coach George Halas, wears a uniform to every practice, after declaring his intention of playing again. Carl is in fine condition, and he is expected to take a turn at directing plays in league competition. He always has been poison to the Packers...A letter from Ernie Smith reveals that it was really was business reasons which prompted the big tackle's withdrawal from professional football. He says: "My business (insurance) has been gaining momentum. In spite of all that, it really was hard to make a final decision to cease playing, as I have most certainly enjoyed my three seasons in Green Bay. I feel that Coach Lambeau taught me a great deal about the finer points of the game. Tell the gang I am pulling for another Green Bay championship this year, and to give them 'hell' in the first game, as that game might later spell the difference between a championship team and just another mediocre team".