Green Bay Packers (1-0) 21, Detroit Panthers (0-1) 0
Sunday September 19th 1926 (at Green Bay)

In 1925, Detroit fielded its second NFL franchise, the Detroit Panthers. The team was organized by future Hall of Famer, Jimmy Conzelman. Conzelman was a quarterback who recently played with the Decatur Staleys, Rock Island Independents and the Milwaukee Badgers. Conzelman served as the team's owner, coach, and starting quarterback. He built the team around a strong defense started the season 8–1. However a 6–3 upset loss to Rock Island on Thanksgiving Day knocked the Panthers out of first place and they ended the season in third. The Panthers hoped to build on their 1925 season, however they opened the 1926 season with an 0–3 record. After rallying to a 4–0–2 record in their next six games, they lost their last three. Conzelman gave up the franchise and joined the Providence Steam Roller as player-coach. He would later go on to win NFL Championships with Providence in 1928 and the Chicago Cardinals in 1947.
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ball well in the Bays' territory. However, the Blues found themselves and regained the ball on downs. This was the only time that the Conzelman tribe was dangerous except in the fourth quarter when a dropped punt by Kotal gave them a scoring chance. However, this futile hope faded out quickly. A Detroit fumble about the middle of the first quarter gave the Packers an opening and from then on Detroit was doing more retreating than advancing. Towards the close of the opening period, the Bays got down within scoring distance. Gregory caught a Packer pass on his two yard line as the quarter ended. This was like trying to steal third with the bases full. If the Detroiter had knocked it down instead of catching it, the ball would have gone back to about the 30-yard line.
The second quarter was about half through when Captain Lambeau sailed a pass some 35 yards to Dick O'Donnell. The Packer end grabbed the ball while on the dead run and he skidded over the goal line. This was what the crowd has been praying for and they let out a roar that must have been heard out in "Little Switzerland". Captain Lambeau kicked the goal. There was nothing more doing in the scoring line in this quarter. The Packers threatened several times in the third quarter before the stage was set in for the touchdown play. It seemed as half the spectators knew what was coming. And it call all right. Out of the pack dashed Lewellen, he sidestepped a couple of the enemy and then grabbed a well directed pass from Charlie Mathys for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked another goal.
After the final period had been underway a few minutes and the Packers had twice launched what looked like touchdown drives only to be turned back by the stubborn Detroit defense. Lambeau tossed a pass to Harris and Fighting Jack was dumped only a few yards from the goal line. Then just as if to add insult to injury, the Packer leader pushed another one through the air and tucked it under his wing for a touchdown. Again Lambeau added the extra point. That was all of the scoring. Detroit never gave up trying but the invaders might just as well have been attempting to toss a ring around the moon.
DETROIT   -  0  0  0  0 -  0
GREEN BAY -  0  7  7  7 - 21
2nd - GB - O'Donnell pass from Lambeau (Lambeau kick) GREEN BAY 7-0
3rd - GB - Lewellen pass from Mathys (Lambeau kick) GREEN BAY 14-0
4th - GB - O'Donnell pass from Lambeau (Lambeau kick) GREEN BAY 21-0
HERE: Pid Purdy, the backfield sensation, who was slated to join the Packers next week, will be among those present on the Bay bench. The kicking specialist has been doing some outfielding for the Chicago White Sox during the past month, but obtained permission from Manager Eddie Collins to get away several days earlier. It is not probable that Purdy will get into action but he will be on hand to use his educated toe, if necessary, in an emergency. According to reports, the new backfielder is just as good a field goal bootsmith as either Paddy Driscoll or Little Joe Sternaman. The Packer management is all set to handle the biggest crowd that ever attended a pro game here. Extra police, additional ushers and more gatemen will be on the job so as to handle the army of spectators with the least possible confusion...RECORD TICKET SALE: The demand for tickets has shattered all previous records yet there are a few first-class reservations still available. Tickets not sold at the places about town will be picked up Saturday night by 9 o'clock. Sunday morning, reserved seats will be on sale at the Empire Drug Store and at a City stadium ticket booth. No reservations except those for out of towners will be held after 1:30 p.m. No general admission tickets will be sold  until the gates open at the park Sunday at 12:30. The bleachers will take care of some 1,600 and there is standing room for another 1,500. The American Legion band will be on hand early with a new assortment of tuneful airs and the musicians will stage their "On, Wisconsin" march between halves. President Joe Carr of the National league has assigned three capable officials to handle the game. Halsey Hall, St. Paul, will referee; Ken Harris, Duluth, has the umpiring task while Coach Iverson of Sheboygan will be the head linesman.
who has seen service with the Cleveland, Philadelphia and Canton clubs, are the new additions at the tackles...BUCKLER, RANNES, LEMON: Rannes, an end from Eureka, and Lemon, Centre college star for the past three seasons, are seeing some action at the ends. Buckler, who was rated as the best guard in the south last fall when playing with Alabama, is performing on the line while Senn of Knox, a speed merchant, and Tyler, a member of last year's championship Dartmouth team, are working behind the line. And the Bears have all their old stars back in uniform. Hanney, Mullen and Halas are three good ends. Healey is the best tackle in the pro loop while Murry came fast in 1925. Fleckenstein, Trafton and McMillen made a center trio which is hard to beat. The Bruins' backfield is studded with sensational performers. It is hard to find better backs anywhere than Larry Walquist, Milt Romney, Knopp, Eddie Sternaman and Johnny Mohardt.
SEPT 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Halsey Hall of St. Paul; K.M. Harris of Duluth and A.O. Iverson of Sheboygan have been appointed by President Joe Carr of the NFL to work in the Green Bay Packer-Chicago Bear game, which will be staged at the City stadium Sunday afternoon. All these officials have worked her before. Hall and Iverson served as referee and umpire in the Bear game last year while Harris officiated in the 1925 Dayton game. According to President Carr's assignments, Hall is to referee; Harris, umpire, and Iverson will be head linesman...EXPECT RECORD CROWD: From the way requests for seats have poured in, it would seem as if these officials would be calling 'em before the biggest crowd that has ever attended a Packer game in Green Bay. If Old Sol beams forth bright and early Sunday morning it is a safe prediction that all roads will lead to Green Bay as Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is following the Big Bay Blues this year nearly as close as the folks at home. Monday night, when the tickets were placed on sale, they were gobbled up pretty fast. So fast that two hours afterward, several of the places selling ducats were phoning in for additional blocks of seats. Not only are mail orders being filled for the Bear game but seats on sale at the Postal Telegraph office in Nee-Menasha and at Basing Sport Good Shop in Appleton...SELLOUT LOOMS CERTAIN: Reports of a sellout four days before the game are unfounded although the management confidently expects that when the whistle blows Sunday afternoon every reserved seat in the park will be occupied. However, there are a lot of reservations to be snapped up before this goal is reached. It is well to remember that the two reserved sections have a capacity of some 4,400 and this is a big crowd in itself. Packer officials are trying to handle the rush for seats with the least confusion possible. In order to get away from an "eleventh hour" jam, it is suggested that those having made reservations pick them up before the end of the week so as to give those taking care of the seats additional time to handle new customers. Sunday morning what seats that are left can be purchased either at the Empire Drug store or at the reserved ticket office at the City stadium, which will open promptly at 10 a.m. It is a determined squad of Packers working out this week in preparation for the Windy City Bruins. The fray with Detroit was plenty tough on the backfielders and several of them are on the hospital list although it is expected that they will be in uniform Sunday...FACE TOUGH BATTLE: The Packers know what they are up against this Sunday. It is going to be a battle every minute and Captain Lambeau is not letting the 21-0 win over the Panthers brood any overconfidence in the camp. The Packer helmsman is tuning his players up nicely so they will be "razor edge" when the whistle blows. According to reliable information, the Bears had a scout here last Sunday and quite likely he got an eyeful. The dopesters have it that Hugh Blacklock, who served as advance man for the Bruins last year, was with the Bear squad en route to the game at Milwaukee this past Sunday but that he stayed aboard the train when the Cream City was reached.
SEPT 23 (Chicago) - Every morning some 25 aspirants for berths on the Chicago Bears football club through their practice stunts at the Cubs park. Secret workouts started in today and no spectators will be allowed at the drills on Friday or Saturday. Dutch Sternaman and George Halas, co-owners of the Bears, are not taking any chances on the game at Green Bay Sunday. According to Halas, the Packers have one of the greatest teams in the pro loop and he mentioned the fact that the Badger state champions have scored an even hundred points in their two victories this season...TOUGH BEATING AT HOME: "That Green Bay outfit is tough beating at home," added Sternaman. "We have been up there three times and got bumped twice. They have won about sixteen straight games at home. Any team that snicked Jimmy Conzelman's team 21 to 0 is deserving of a lot of respect. From what we have been told, this year's Packer team is the best Green Bay has ever had." The Bear management makes a business of football and every little detail is followed out to the last extreme. This probably explains why the players spent about three hours Wednesday morning doing nothing but building up a forward pass defense. One squad used a set of formation which are said to be the Packers' stock of trade in the air attack...DEFENSE AGAINST PASSES: The Chicagoans have made out a 4-man block defense against passes and occasionally the giant Trafton is being pulled out of the line to move at will. Mohardt, Romney and Walquist are smart defensive players and this trio will probably carry most of the load behind the line against Green Bay. The Bears make use of the huddle system mostly on the attack. After getting their heads together, they snap into action with but one shift and the plays start with bullet like speed. Last Sunday in the Milwaukee game, this method of offense caused the Badgers lots of trouble as surprise formations are run off as quickly as the regular stuff...200-POUND FORWARD WALL: Dave Healey, rated as the greatest tackle in pro football, is being used at end by the Bears. When Healey, who tips the beam at 196, is playing a wing the Bears can put a forward line on the field averaging over 200 pounds as Hanny, end, goes 196; Lyman, tackle, 225; Trafton, center, 235; McMillen, guard, 215, and Buckler, 220. In case changes are necessary, Fleckenstein, guard, 192, and Evans, tackle, 210, are available for duty. There isn't so much weight in the backfield but speed and class is plentiful. Milt Romney, Sternaman, Walquist and Knop, the veteran backs, are again in togs and looking just as spry as ever. Paddy Driscoll, former ace of the Chicago Cardinals and known wherever pro football is played as a peerless performer, is the star of the newcomers although Tyler, three year varsity man at Dartmouth, and Senn, Knox college wonder, are making determined bids for permanent positions in the battle front. It is a fast aggregation of footballers and the gridiron fans of State st. and vicinity are laying down some of their hard cold cash that the Bears finish one-two-three in the National league race.
SEPT 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago Bear game on Sunday is shattering all records for advance seat sales in the history of professional football in Green Bay. Never before has there been such a demand for tickets and now it is a certainty that with fair weather the City stadium will house a capacity crowd on the coming Sabbath. The brilliant victory of the Packers over Detroit has started the Big Bay Blues' army of followers dreaming about a national postgraduate championship and it seems as if everybody not only in Green Bay but Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan as well wants to see Captain Lambeau's smooth working machine in action against the Windy City Bruins, who are rated as one of the greatest postgraduate elevens in the country....LIKE A MERRY-GO-ROUND: Ever since Monday the chase for tickets has speeded up until right now it is something like a merry-go-round. Places about town have been cleaned out several times only to be replenished again with additional blocks of seats. Every mail brings in a raft of requests from out of town and the Packer management has received on an average fifteen long distance calls daily during the week, asking about seats. It is fortunate that the two big stands have a seating capacity of over 4,000. These structures have never been entirely filled but it looks as though they will be jammed to overflowing on Sunday. Any reserved seat tickets unsold will be picked up Saturday night by 9 o'clock. Sunday, the remaining reserved ducats can be secured either at the Empire Drug Store or any one of the booths at the park...NEE-MENASHA, APPLETON: The demand for tickets is not confined alone to Green Bay as the branch ticket office in the Postal Telegraph office in Nee-Menasha has sold a lot of seats while the Basing Sport Goods store in Appleton has unloaded nearly 250 ducats. And during all the rush of tickets, the holders of season tickets are sitting back and not worrying. They have their same seats for every game no matter how many thousand are in the park. It is well to remember, however, that even if all the reservations are snapped up, this doesn't mean that there won't be any other seats in the park. The bleacher tickets are not sold in advance and there are some 1,800 of these. Of course, it is first come, first served...BLEACHER SEAT SALE: Sale of the bleacher seats starts when the gates open at 12:30 and it is expected that there will be a long line of spectators waiting to take their chances on the non-reserved seats. Aside from the reserved and bleachers seats, there is standing room for, at least, another 1,500. Extra police protection and an increased force of ushers and gatemen will be on the job so as to handle the expected record crowd with as little confusion as possible. The Bears will make their night trip out of Chicago, getting in here early in the morning. They will headquarter at the Beaumont hotel during their stay. There will be about 35 players, coaches, trainers and ticketmen in the Bruins' party. And the Packers are practicing as usual.
SEPT 24 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - With nine games scheduled over the weekend, the NFL's chase for the championship will get well underway. The season officially opened last Sunday when four games were played by the postgraduate teams...The Chicago Bears lifted the lid by taking the Milwaukee Badgers into camp by a 10 to 7 score. Paddy Driscoll celebrated his appearance in the Bruins' battle front by booting one through the uprights for three points...Nevers' Eskimos of Duluth chalked up a victory at the expense of the Kansas City Cowboys, 7 to 0. The largest crowd that ever witnessed a pro game in the Gopher City was on hand. Nevers was the star of the encounter...Francis, former Chicago Maroon fullback, cut a figure in the Chicago Cardinals' 14 to 0 victory over Columbus. Francis intercepted a pass by the Ohioans and galloped for a score. Erickson made the Cards' other marker...The Green Bay Packers took the wind out of the Detroit Panthers' sails to the tune of 21 to 0. Conzelman's all star aggregation fizzled out before a varied air drive launched successfully by the Badger state champions...Living up to their name, the Kansas City Cowboys pulled off quite an advertising stunt in Duluth the day before the game. About a dozen of the Kaws armed with ropes mounted horses and started out to look for Nevers...Burks, Slater and Ashmore, a trio of footballers from the northwester, are looking pretty good for the Milwaukee Badgers. Burks is a
scrappy center; Ashmore is turning in a good job at tackle while Slater performs at full...Three members of Michigan's great 1925 eleven, Gregory, Grubbe and Edwards, made their pro league debut on Sunday with Detroit. Edwards is the tackle that the other loop was claiming had signed with Grange's club...Rapp, one of the Columbus stars in 1925, got off to a flying start in the game against the Cardinals. He was about the whole show for the Ohio club as he was a whale on the defense and also did a lot of ball carrying...The Hartford Blues face some tough sledding in their pro league start as they face a double session over the weekend. Saturday, the Blues cavort in the Quaker City while on Sunday they will be back home facing New York...Aside from Paddy Driscoll, the Chicago Bears have seven new faces in their squad. The additions include Lyman, a pro veteran and the following half dozen ex-collegians, Evans, Tyler, Buckler, Senn, Lemon and Rannes...Boss Kendricks and his revamped Buffalo club aren't going to have any easy picking in their opening in the Bison City on Sunday as Frank Nied and his Akron Pros are capable of giving any spoke in the wheel quite a mix...Brick Mueller heads the Los Angeles Collegians who make their bow in Joe Carr's circuit on Sunday against the Cardinals. Mueller has rounded up a club composed of the best players to be found along the Pacific coast...The ancient rivals, Columbus and Canton, resume their gridiron feud early this season as they are booked to cross elbows on Sunday. Although it is the Bulldogs' first start, the Canton fans are counting on a victory...Brooklyn dips into pro football circles Sunday at Providence where they will clash with the Steam Rollers. Butler, the Brooklyn helmsman, has gone the limit in rounding up what looks like a first class grid machine...Racine hopes to celebrate its return to the National league by having a bumper throng on hand for Sunday's opener with Doc Young's Hammond club. A number of new faces will be seen in the Horlicktown battle front...Determined to, at least, break even with Badger state teams in early season frays. Jimmy Conzelman will take his Detroit outfit to Milwaukee for the Sabbath Day tilt. For two years, Conzelman captained the Cream City team...A battle royal should be on tap at Green Bay when the Chicago Bears and Packers clash. The Sternaman-Halas aggregation looms mighty strong but, at that, the Packers have showed heaps of class in their early contests...Bloodgood, former Nebraska star, turned in a great game for Kansas City against Duluth. This lanky quarter is a first class field general and he is a good man handling the ball on either end of a forward passing attack...The New York Giants have been spending the last two weeks in their training camp at Lake Ariel, Penn. Coach Alexander has been handling the squad and he reports that all his players are ready for the opening whistle...Ned Wilcox, who made a name for himself as a footballer while at Swarthmore College, is one of the most promising recruits in the Yellowjacket camp. Wilcox is a line crashing fullback. He is nearly six foot and weighs 185 pounds.
(GREEN BAY) - Once again the blue and gold of the Green Bay Packers triumphed over a "big town" foe in a pro football game. Jimmy Conzelman and his Panthers from Detroit, boasting a battle front studded with some of the best gridders in the country, invaded the City stadium on Sunday and took a 21 to 0 licking at the hands of the Big Bay Blues in a fiercely contested gridiron encounter which kept a crowd of 4,500-plus on their toes all the time. It was a tough bump for the Detroiters as they figured on getting off to a flying start in the pro league chase. The Panther management had gone to the limit on getting the best players that money could hire in order to bring home the National league gonaflon to the Motor City.
While making a quick change after the game in order to catch the 4:20 Northwestern train, Jimmy Conzelman had time to pay his respects to the Big Bay Blues. "I never saw such forward passing in my life. It really was uncanny. I had expected a tough game but not once did I think that we would go home on the short end of a three touchdown score. You've got a great club and the team that bears the Lambeau outfit will have to cut loose with a super brand of football. If I wore one, I would take my hat off to the Packers." Bobby Cahn, trunk salesman and referee deluxe, told a representative of the Packer management that the Green Bay club looked like one of the best pro elevens he ever saw in action. "I think the Packers are much stronger than last year. Your new backfielders are splendid and there is enough ground gaining punch to vary an attack. You don't have to count entirely on forward passes although you did Sunday. (Of course, Bobby had to have his little joke)."
"Your line is much faster. The tackles are charging and I have seldom seen such savage tackling like O'Donnell and Harris pulled off against the Detroit team. If my opinion counts for anything, I think the Packers will be way up in the pro league race." Threats of rain during the morning probably cut the attendance a good thousand but there was a whooping big crowd on hand and the spectators sure got a run for their money. When the gates were opened at 12:30, a flock of "early bird" bleacherites dashed for their seats and, from then on, until well after starting time there was a continuous stream of humanity pouring through the gates.
The Vulcan, Mich. band, 25 strong, and the Green Bay American Legion band paraded between halves around
the playing field and when "On, Wisconsin" came forth, it brought nearly all the spectators to their feet. The musicians got a roar of applause for their efforts. Music
certainly puts a lot of pep in the crowd. Getting back to
the old game, the Packers passed Detroit to death. Captain Lambeau was hurling the tosses with a deadly
aim and the receivers were grabbing the cowhide out of
the air with some circus catches. Dick O'Donnell snagged the ball twice for a pair of markers while the Bays' ever-reliable touchdown play paved the way for Lewellen to make the other.
The visitors' air attack was ragged. Right at the start of the game, Detroit completed one 30-yard toss that put the ball well within the Packer territory, but, after that, their pass drive flivvered out. The Panthers only made three first downs during the game. Edwards, the All American tackle, the mighty Sonnenberg, the plunging Dinger Doane and the highly touted Lunch were in the going all the time but they more than met their march because they were rubbing elbows with an aggregation, barring injuries, is going to have a lot to say about first place in Joe Carr's postgraduate football circuit. The Packers performed in machine like style and every player fitted in like a perfect cog. The man with the ball was given plenty of help. The line opened holes well and the backs cut through nicely. The Bays were blocking superbly. One of the best examples of the Packer defense play was the fact that Dinger Doane, as good a line smasher as there is in the league, could only get a yard or two at a time. Lambeau's gridders were on their toes from first to last whistle and fighting for every inch of ground. That's the kind of football that wins games. Detroit started off in a way that looked as if the Packers were headed for trouble. A well directed forward pass, one of the few completed by the invaders during the game, put the 
SEPT 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Seats for the Chicago Bear game will be placed on sale at the usual places about town tonight. The management advises all those want tickets to get them early as the biggest crowd that ever saw a pro game in Green Bay is sure to be on hand Sunday. This morning's mail brought over 200 requests for tickets from out-of-towners.
SEPT 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago Bears make their annual invasion of Green Bay on Sunday to rub noses with the Packers and, unless all signs fail, the largest crowd that ever witnessed a pro game in Wisconsin will be on hand to see the struggle. This will be the 4th time that the Bears have displayed their football class here. Back in 1923, they beat the Packers, 3 to 0. In 1924, Lambeau & Company rolled them for a 5 to 0 loss and last year the Packers came out on the long end of a 14 to 10 score after a thrilling combat...DRISCOLL WITH BEARS: The Halas-Sternaman combination are better than ever this season. True enough, the Chicagoans have lost "Little Joe" Sternaman but in his place, they have Paddy Driscoll, who for many years has been a thorn in the side of the Packers while playing with the Cardinals. Paddy is a wonderful field goal kicker, a good passer and what's more he is blessed with more than the usual amount of football brains. However, Driscoll isn't the only new face in the Bears' lineup as the Windy City crew has picked up seven other players who should add a lot off strength to the battle front. Evans, a former Harvard and Marquette star, and Lyman, a pro veteran,
SEPT 25 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Chicago Bears, known as the sport world over as one of the greatest pro football aggregations that ever stepped on a gridiron, will meet the Green Bay Packers here Sunday afternoon in a National league game at the City stadium. The teams start mixing promptly at 2 o'clock. Regulation periods of 15 minutes will be played. This will be the fourth appearance of the Windy City Bruins in Packertown. Back in 1923, they upset the Bays, 3 to 0. In 1924, the Halas-Sternaman combination went home on the short end of a 5 to 0 score and last season they bit the dust at the hands of Captain Lambeau's team, 14-10, in a sensational combat...ARE SEEKING REVENGE: This time the Bears are seeking revenge. Halas, the Bruins' driving helmsman, has threatened a housecleaning unless his players come across with a victory. The Chicagoans figure that, if they bump off Green Bay, their only other obstacle to a national championship will be the Philadelphia Yellowjackets. The Bears have got a great machine. They can put a  line on the field from end to end, averaging over 200 pounds, and including such stars as Ed. Healey, Brute Trafton, Fleckenstein and Hanny. There is class galore behind the line in the Bruin machine. Such stars as Ed. Sternaman, Walquist, Romney, Knop, Senn and, last but not least, Paddy Driscoll, ace of the Chicago Cards for years, are not to be found on any other club in the circuit...LOTS OF FIGHT: These Chicagoans play smart football and fight is their middle name. They are always battling for every inch of ground from first to last whistle. Two familiar faces in the Bear lineup will be missing as "Little Joe" Sternaman and Johnny Mohardt are doing their stuff with the Chicago Bulls in the "other" league. Sternaman is running the Bulls while Mohardt jumped to the pasture on Thursday. It has been a strenuous week of practice for the Packers. Never before has Captain Lambeau put his club through such a stiff drill. Every formation has been polished up to the furtherest extreme and plenty of time has been spent perfecting an ironclad defense against forward passes and line smashes. With but one or two exceptions, the Big Bay Blues squad is in good shape for what can be termed the crucial game on the schedule...PURDY TO BE