(GREEN BAY) - The Packers, playing their poorest football of the season, defeated the Beloit Fairies by a score of 7 to 0 Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park before the largest biggest crowd of the season in a bitterly contested gridiron conflict. Maybe the Packer squad was suffering from a bad attack of overconfidence but anyway they had their hands full with the Fairbanks-Morse aggregation, led by Jack Dalton, who played a wonderful game for the invading pigskin chasers.
During the first two quarters, the Packers were playing fairly good football but in the last half, Beloit had the edge on them and only a stone wall defense when inside of the 30 yard line kept the Scale Builders from scoring. During the closing minutes of play, as Captain Lambeau punted frequently, the Packers making little attempt to rush the pigskin. The strength of the visitors was surprising. Stuvengen played a whale of a game at
end and he was in every play. Ziebell and Daniels, the Beloit tackles, smeared often while the backfielders with the Dalton at helm provided good gainers but they lacked the punch when a touchdown hove in sight.
There was a screw loose in the Packer machine somewhere. The old pep wasn't there and aside from the one forward caught by Wheeler which resulted in a touchdown, the Bay squad did not do anything in the aerial attack. Lambeau got away for some good gains. Martell performed well at end while Art Schmael did some classy blocking. Wilson broke up a number of Beloit line plunges. The game was cleanly fought. Both teams were mixing it up hammer and tongs but there was little rough work. There was some squabbling over the decisions but the big crowd which packed every nook and corner of the enclosure seemed to enjoy the game immensely. Beloit won the toss and chose to kick to the Packers, who defended the west goal. Witte kicked to Lambeau who came back 20 yards before he was dropped. Thanks to Tubby Howard, the Packers made a first down with some yards to spare. After working the ball to midfield, the 
PRE-SEASON - Green Bay Packers (4-0) 7, Beloit Fairies 0
Sunday October 16th 1921 (at Green Bay)
OCT 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Whew!!! Too close. To be comfortable. The Fairies sure were there. That end Stuvengen was sure there. Dalton certainly played a great game. He would have given an arm to beat the Packers. But the Green Bay squad was just a little too good for him. Lambeau was playing every minute. There was more than one reason. "Too much Buck." That was the Fairies' alibi after the game was over. When Cub intercepted one forward pass it took about half of the Fairies to down him. Schmael was smearing well for his fellow backfielders. Art makes better interference than he gets...The Packers' offense crumbled somewhat when Howard was forced to quit the fracas owing to a bad ankle..."Hold 'em Packers." Sounds funny, doesn't it. Well, that cry was heard quite often during the close period of play. Wheeler made a dandy catch of the forward pass for a score. Cowboy made a flying grab and landed just inside of the end zone...Beloit beefed on the play, claiming Wheeler was outside when Schallberg, their umpire, ruled differently they all shut up except Dalton...The fans were disappointed. There is no getting away from it. The crowd was pulling for the Fairies to be handed a trimming by a lopsided score...After the first touchdown, some of the rooters began yelling, "How many?" but as the game grew older, Beloit seemed to grow better while the Packers went downhill...When the young cloudburst made its appearance in the fourth quarter, many of the spectators ducked for cover in the grandstand while the less fortunate ones stuck it out and took a drenching. All sorts of "rain sheds" to be seen in the bleachers...Minneapolis Marines next Sunday.
OCT 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay Packers will play their first game in the Professional league Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park when they tackle the Minneapolis Marines, champions of the Northwest for the last six years. This contest is the turning point in the Packers' gridiron career. For four years the Green Bay team has been close on the heels of the "big fellows" but they never before succeeded in booking a game. The Marines are rated as one of the best ten professional football elevens in the country... STARS IN LINEUP: Their lineup includes some of the greatest pigskin chasers in pro football circles. The Marines' line will tip the beam at 200 pounds. Gus Kramer, Washington State guard in 1920, is the "anchor". He tips the beam at 220 pounds. Left tackle Palmer, the lightest man on the scrimmage front weighs 190. The visitors' backfield is headed by "Rube" Ursella, quarterback extraordinary. Ursella is without a peer at his position. He has been playing professional football for about a dozen years, getting his start with famous Nesser brothers when they broke in with the Panhandles. Dvorak and Regnier, the halfback, are former Minnesota university stars while Sampson, the fullback, outpassed Paddy Driscoll of the Chicago Cardinals in the game at the Windy City three weeks ago...TRAVEL IN SPECIAL CAR: The Marines will travel from Minnesota in a special car and they may reach here Saturday in time for a signal drill at the park. Manager Dunn of the Marines in a letter to the Packer management said: "When the Marines step on the field Sunday at Green Bay you will see a real football team. We are looking forward to a hard battle but hope to do what other teams have failed to do in the last four years - beat the Packers on their home gridiron." Tickets for Sunday's game have been placed on sale at the usual places around town. Many requests for reservations are already in the hands of the management. The league contest is kicking up much interest in the neighboring towns and a swarm of  outsiders will be in the stands when the whistle blows. The Packers practice tonight at the park and several extra workouts are scheduled this week in order to have Captain Lambeau's squad right on edge for the tussle with the Minneapolis Marines.
OCT 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football of the "major league" class will be on tap Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park, Green Bay when the Minneapolis Marines and Packers meet on the gridiron. This contest is a stepping stone in the career of the Packer football team. It is their first class against one of the elevens who rank among the leaders in the professional football world.
OCT 19 (Minneapolis-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Minneapolis Marines, claimants of the professional football championship of the northwest, will leave here Friday in a special car for Green Bay, Wis., where on Sunday they will meet the Packers, champions of Wisconsin, in a professional football league game. This year's Marine team is the greatest organization that has ever represented the Minneapolis club. Manager Dunn has gathered together a collection of all stars and molded them with the mainstays of teams in other years... COME BACK STRONG: The Marines dropped their opening game to the Chicago Cardinals but came back strong and won three in a row defeating the best aggregations in St. Paul, Fargo and Lincoln, Neb. Headed by Rube Ursella, the Marines
OCT 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Paul Malone and Jigger Hayes, former Notre Dame stars, and Bill De More, ex-Syracuse footballer, will make their appearance in the Packers lineup Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park when the Green Bay team tackles the Minneapolis Marines in a Professional Football league game. With the addition of these three super-footballers, the Packer stock has taken a big rise and the much-famed Marines are certain to get the battle of their lives when the whistle blows at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon...TWO CRACK ENDS: Hayes and De Moe are considered two of the best ends playing pro football in the middle west while Malone has a reputation of being a smashing backfielder who can smash the line a la Tubby Howard. The Marines, with all their stars, are due to arrive here late tonight. The Packer management received the following wire from Manager Dunn of the Minneapolis eleven: "Team in good shape. All our stars with us. We are confident of victory."...MARINES ARE CONFIDENT: Evidently, these champions of the northwest are coming here with the expectation of taking a fall out of the Packers. With Rube Ursella, Gunderson, Regnier and Sampson going at top form this Gopher aggregation presents a classy lineup but they are going to bump into the greatest football team that has ever stepped on a professional gridiron in Wisconsin. Sunday's struggle points to be a record breaker in every respect. Preliminary interest overtops that of the Beloit fracas last Sunday, and the advance sale of tickets shows that a capacity crowd will be on hands when the teams get up and at it. The gates at the park will be opened at 1 o'clock and the management has made extra arguments to handle the big crowd without any confusion.
OCT 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Sunday the Packers get their crack at the "big game." The Minneapolis Marines will prove a pretty stiff foe. The Gophers have long been famous on the gridiron. This year they present a lineup which will rank favorably
'The Dope Sheet' was the earliest Packer Official Program and Publication, produced from 1921 to 1924. They were printed on thin newspaper-like paper, and are extremely hard to find. Most Dope Sheets in excellent condition from 1921 to 1924 are valued in the $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 RETAIL range. The most valuable Dope Sheet would be for the big game of October 23, 1921 against the Minneapolis Marines at Hagemeister Park in Green Bay. This game is widely considered the Packers first professional football game. This Dope Sheet would be valued in the $ 5,000+ RETAIL range in excellent condition. 'The Dope Sheet', it's official name, included the Dope, meaning information and data, on the Packers and their current game opponent, as well as current information on other teams in the league. Dope Sheets were usually approx. 8 pages, and contained a lineup sheet and a good amount of local Green Bay advertising. 'The Dope Sheet' pictured below was for the game played on October 16, 1921 against the Beloit Fairies, just one week before the historic first game with the Minneapolis Marines on October 23, 1921. Look closely at the scan below and you will see who was listed as the head coach of the Acme-Packers Football Team. Earl (Curley) Lambeau, right? Wrong! Joe Hoeffel is listed as coach, with Curley being listed as Captain. George Whitney Calhoun, the sports editor of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, probably wrote the copy for the early Dope Sheets, proudly wielding his unusual, extra colorful writing style. Calhoun also provided great publicity for the early Packer teams. (Source: Green Bay Antiques)
OCT 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Several new faces may be seen in the Packer lineup on Sunday when the Green Bay eleven steps on the field at Hagemeister park to give battle to the Minneapolis Marines in a Professional Football league game. The management is hot on the trail of four pigskin chasers of national reputation. A representative of the Packer team left for the"south" Wednesday night to confer with these footballers...PLENTY OF BACKS: Coach Hoeffel hopes to have two or three complete sets of backfield men available for the next few games and it is likely that a couple of more end men will be secured. The professional teams are carrying big squads this season so that they can make changes without weakening the lineup...WILL PRACTICE TONIGHT: The Packers practice tonight. There will be another workout Friday evening, a signal drill on Saturday, and a blackboard talk Sunday morning before the game with the Minneapolis Marines. No stones will be left unturned to have the squad "rarin' to go" when the whistle blows on Sunday. No end of interest is being shown over the conflict with the Marines on Sunday. Fans from all over this part of the state are warming up to the contest and requests for seat reservations have been received from Escanaba, Mich., Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Marinette, Sturgeon Bay, Two Rivers, Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac....SEATS IN DEMAND: A brisk demand for seats is reported here. Reservations can be secured at the Beaumont, The Congress, Lynch's, and Nevue and Schweger's drug store on the west side. Unless all signs fail, Sunday's game between the Packers and Minneapolis Marines will draw the biggest crowd in the history of football in this city.
OCT 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - What are the Packers going to do Sunday? That is a question that is puzzling the football fans in this neck of the woods. One thing is sure the Green Bay team is going to be out there fighting every minute against those Minneapolis Marines and we've got a hunch that the far famed Gophers are going to get the surprise of their lives in Sunday's game.
OCT 21 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Billy De Moe, former star at Syracuse university, has been secured by the Packers to play end against the Minneapolis Marines in the game Sunday at Hagemeister park. The new wingman saw action last Sunday with the Rochester, N.Y. team against the Decatur Staleys. Press stories from the Windy City mentioned De More and Norm Berry as the bright spots in the Easterners' lineup. The new addition to the Packer squad is now in the city and will practice this evening with the squad at Hagemeister park. De Moe is rated as a super kicker and specializes in placekicks. The Packer management is still hot on the trail of two other stars. These players have practically accepted terms and it is quite likely that within 24 hours an announcement will be made which will create great surprise among the
​The records of the Beloit Fairies show that the team played only a few more games in 1921, then faded from the football scene. One week after losing to the Packers, they crushed the Rockford Olympics, 77-0, in Beloit, which was the same team that had lost to the Packers, 49-0, earlier in the month. The following week, a rematch with the Olympics was cancelled. Beloit instead traveled to Elgin, Ill., where they lost to the Legions, 19-0, before 1,400 fans. The following week's game with the Wisconsin Ineligibles in Janesville was also cancelled, as was a scheduled rematch with the Chicago Staym-Foresters. That game with Chicago had been postponed as well on October 30th and November 13th. Two final games saw Beloit whitewashed twice. The Fairies traveled to Racine to meet the Legion for a second time (after losing 3-0 on November 9). The Legion turned back Beloit, 7-0, once again. The curtain fell on the Beloit Fairies on December 4 in Janesville, when the Fairies met the Marquette All-Stars, losing 21-0, before 1,000 fans. The final record for the 1921 Beloit Fairies showed a 2-5 record, with their only wins coming over the Woodstock Machines in the season opener (39-0) and the game on October 23rd against Rockford. (SOURCE: The Pro Football Archives)
Packers were held for downs.
Beloit opened the eyes of the natives by shooting a forward pass for a 20 yard gain. The ball was on the Packers' 30 marker. Two offsides gave Beloit another chalk mark. Beloit then was set back twice on offside penalties and with the ball on the 30 yard mark Dalton failed in a field goal. The Packers scrimmaged on the 20 yard line. Lambeau got around end for 15 yards and then the Packers started a rush down the field. Schmael, Howard, Lambeau and Wagner alternated in carrying the ball. Four successive first downs put the oval on Beloit's 25 yard marker. A penalty for offside cost the visitors five and the Packers continued on making another chalkmark.
While the crowd was shrieking for for a touchdown, Beloit held for downs on the 5 yard line. Witte's punt out of danger sailed out of bounds and it was the Packers' ball on the 25 yard mark. After two plays, Lambeau shot the ball to Wheeler for a touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal. The Packers kicked off. Schiebell returned 10 yards before he was dropped. Beloit couldn't advance and the invaders kicked on the fourth down. After making a pair of first downs, Witte intercepted a forward pass on Beloit's 10 yard line as time was called for the quarter. Klaus was injured and Douglas replaced the center. Beloit kicked out of danger and the Packers squeezed a chalkmark in midfield play. The Fairies stiffened a bit and held for downs. Lambeau missed a field goal and the visitors scrimmaged on the 20 yard mark. The Packers lost five for offside. Dalton circled around end for a chalkmark. Beloit was forced to punt and Wagner was downed on his 40 yard mark. Lambeau punted after three plays had been turned back. Beloit returned the oval and the teams scrimmaged on the Packers' forty marker. A penalty for clipping set the Green Bay eleven back fifteen. McLean took Howard's place when the fullback's ankle went bad. Lambeau hooted to midfield and Beloit returned the kick. Beloit recovered the ball by covering the oval after a fumble on a line plunge. They made two first downs and then were set back five for offside. The Packers held for downs on their 15 yard line and Lambeau immediately kicked out of danger. The pigskin was in midfield in Beloit's possession when halftime was called.
The Packers opened the second half by kicking to Beloit. Murray booted the oval over the goal line and the invaders scrimmaged on the 20 yard line. The visitors punted immediately and Wagner was downed on the 40 marker. Two passes from center went bad and the Packers punted. Beloit was held tight and they returned the oval by kicking. The Packers came through with a first down but soon hit a brick wall again. Lambeau punted to Dalton who was dropped on Beloit's 10 yard line. The Packers blocked a punt and secured the oval. It looked like a touchdown but Beloit was equal to the emergency and held for downs. They punted poorly and it was the Packers' ball three chalkmarks out. Poor passes resulted in the Packers losing 35 yards and Lambeau failed again in a field goal. Both teams resorted to the punting game with little advantage to either side. The visitors made use of a spread formation but it didn't result in much ground gaining. When the whistle blew for quarter time, Beloit had the ball on the Packers' 40 yard line.
The final period was pretty much Beloit. The Fairies had the oval continually in the Packers' territory and three times they were inside the 30 yard line. Once Cub Buck grabbed the ball on a forward pass out of the waiting arms of Demoreskey on the Packers' 15 yard line and shortly before Buck's grab, Wagner broke up a long toss just as Scheibel was set for the catch uncomfortably close to the Packers' goal line. About the middle of the final quarter, Dalton wriggled around end for a 15 yard gain and then attempted a field goal which he failed. Beloit twice punted over the Packers' goal line and the Bay squad put the ball in play on the 20 yard line. During this period, there was a young cloudburst and the ball became dangerous to handle but fumbled were far and few between. The visitors were doing most of the ground gaining but the Packers would crack their attack inside the danger zone. Lambeau got away for a 20 yard dash just before the final whistle blew, putting the ball pretty close to midfield.
present a strong battlefront. The former Rock Island quarterback is supported by an aggregation of all stars every man of which has either had college or professional football experience of many years...DOPE ON PLAYERS: The following dope on the makeup of the Marine team will give the Green Bay fans a good line on the class of football that that can expect from the Minneapolis eleven. Left end Christiansen has played for the past three seasons replacing the veteran Bob Marshall, famous Minnesota end. Left tackle Palmer has played with the Marine team for the past eleven season. Considered one of the best tackles in pro ranks. Left guard Gaustad played on the club for twelve seasons and has yet to be taken from a game tips the scales at the 200 mark. Center Gunderson played with the Rock Island club last season and weighs 205 pounds. Outplayed the famous Des Jardien last season. Previous to going to Rock Island played with the Marine team six seasons...WEIGHS 220 POUNDS: Right guard Kramer, former Washington State U. man tipping the scales at 220. First season with the Marine team. Right tackle Erickson, playing his sixth season with the Marine team. Played on the famous 151st team in France. Right end Redeen, playing his tenth season with the Marine team. A clever running mate for Christensen. Quarterback Rube Ursella, conceded to be the best money professional player in the northwest. Has played the past three years with Rock Island. Previous to going to Rock Island played with the Marine team for 6 years. A wonderful punter. Right half Dvorak won his "M" at Minnesota for the years of 1919, 1920. A fine open field runner...PLAYED WITH MINNESOTA: Left half Regnier, played quarter for Minnesota last year and also making his letter three years. On account of Ursella are using him at the halfback position this season. Fullback Sampson, a fine passer and plunger. Always good for his distance. Halfback Cleve, a good open field runner, playing his third season with the Marine team. Halfback Irgens, a hard runner, playing his third season with the Marine team. End Johnnason, playing his ninth year with the Marine team. Lineman Tesch, a 200 pound lineman finishing his fifth year with the Marine team. Lineman Norbeck, weighing 165, former North Dakota star.
OCTOBER 19 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Beloit paper bemoans the fact that the Packers got all the breaks of the game in the football clash with the Fairies. The story further adds that outside of the first few minutes of play, Captain Dalton's team had it over Green Bay like a tent. We think this is rubbing it in a bit. It wasn't quite as bad as all that, despite the fact that the Fairies loomed dangerous at times in the final quarter. Beloit can thank its lucky star that the Packer machine wasn't hitting on "all eleven" because if the Bay squad had been going right, the Fairies would have been beaten by at least three more touchdowns...They had a nice time at Ishpeming on Sunday as usual. Marquette and Ishpeming engage in what was supposed to be a football match and it developed into a free-for-all with players, spectators, and officials taking part in the mit slinging. For some unknown reason, Ishpeming is a hard town to play in and maybe after all the Packers were fortunate to escape with a 33 to 0 victory and their lives three years ago.
OCTOBER 20 (Appleton Post-Crescent) - The Green Bay Packers will play their first game in the Professional league Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park when they tackle the Minneapolis Marines, champions of the Northwest for the last six years. This contest Is the turning point to the Packers' gridiron career. For four years the Green Bay team has been close on the heels of the "big fellows" but they never before succeeded in booking a game. The Marines are rated as one of
the best ten professional football elevens in the country. Their lineup includes some of the greatest pigskin chasers in pro football circles. The Marines' line will tip the beam at 200 pounds. Gus Kramer, Washington State guard in 1920 is the "anchor." He tips the beam at 220 pounds. Left Tackle Palmer, the lightest man on the scrimmage front weighs 190. The Marines will travel from Minneapolis in a special car.
with any team in the country. It's up to the Packers. Let's hope they make good.
OCT 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Coach Hoeffel wants every member of the Packer squad to report at the park armory Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. The Green Bay squad will be put through a course of sprouts to have them right on edge for the game with the Marines.
OCT 22 (Appleton Post-Crescent) - When those Minneapolis Marines' line up against the Green Bay Packers on the Green Bay gridiron Sunday afternoon they will meet some of the most famous footballers in recent history. Announcement was made Friday that Deloe, formerly of Syracuse university, Coughlin, former captain of Notre Dame, and Hayes, a famous player on the Penn State eleven would be with the Packers on Sunday. In addition the Green Bay aggregation has Cub Buck who is about a whole team in himself. If the Marines beat that squad it is certain the Minneapolis crew is one of the best in the country.
football fans. One of the players sought by the Packers was a middle west football star last year. No end of interest is being shown in Sunday's game. Fans from all over this part of the state will flock here for the contest and if fair weather prevails, the S.R.C. sign may have to be used at the park.
OCT 21 (Minneapolis-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Headed by Manager Dunn and Captain Ursella, the Marine football squad, 22 strong, leaves at 9:30 tonight for Green Bay over the Soo road in a special car. The Marine team is in the pink of condition and the football followers here are betting even money that they can take the champions of Wisconsin into camp despite the fact that the Badger squad is reported to be loading up for the game.