(GREEN BAY) - Displaying a class of football that makes them loom up as serious contenders for the professional football championship of the country, the Green Bay Packers routed the Cornell-Hamburgs of Chicago by a score of 40 to 0 in an interesting exhibition of pigskin chasing Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park before a small sized crowd. It was the Packers' strength not the Chicago's team weakness that resulted in the lopsided score. Captain Lambeau's squad showed its best form of the season. There was a lot of pep and snap to their work and the team sized up like a pretty smooth running gridiron machine. The invaders came here with a classy aggregation but the Packers forward passed their way to victory. The aerial attack of the Green Bay team baffled the prides of the Chicago ball, the invaders didn't show half bad on defense but when Lambeau started heaving the forwards the visitors were running around in circles. Martell, Gavin and Wagner shone brilliantly in grabbing the long throws. Martell counted the first throws. Martell counted the first touchdown by making a divine catch of the ball. Wagner grabbed the sphere while surrounded by a half dozen of the enemy and dashed for a score while Gavin pulled off some catches that were sensational.
The Packers won the toss and chose to receive at the west end of the field. The home team made a first down and got another five yards on a Chicago offside. The ball was in midfield. After being checked on three plays the Packers punted. Chicago fumbled on the first lineup, Klaus covered for the Packers on the visitors' 30 yard line. Three plays netted a first down. Lambeau tossed a forward pass to Wheeler who caught the ball outside of the end zone of Chicago's goal line. It was no touchdowns and Chicago scrimmaged on the 20 yard mark. The invaders couldn't gain and they punted out of bounds in midfield.
The Packers punted and Chicago soon followed suit. With the ball in midfield, the Packers started a procession which terminated on Chicago's 10 yard line.
The visitors punted again and once more the Packers 
PRE-SEASON - Green Bay Packers (3-0) 40, Chicago Cornell-Hamburgs 0
Sunday October 9th 1921 (at Green Bay)
OCT 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The fur will fly Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park when the Green Bay Packers and Beloit Fairies get together in their annual gridiron conflict. Hostilities will start at 2:30. Regulation periods of 15 minute duration are scheduled and capable officials will handle the contest. The Beloit Fairies are the only team that has ever defeated the Packers in football. The visitors have two win to their credit over Green Bay, both at Beloit, while Captain Lambeau's team marked up their single victory over Beloit here last year...LITTLE LOVE LOST: There is little love lost between the teams and the squads are bitter enemies in the pigskin chasing world. The Fairies in Sunday's game will present practically the same lineup as which took the Packers into camp last fall at Beloit to the tune of 14 to 3 aside from Dalton, who played with the Bay in 1920. He is now holding down a halfback job for the Fairbanks-Morse aggregation. The Packers are out for revenge. Every man on the  squad with the exception of Red Elliott and Wally Ladrow are in the pink of condition and when they prance out on the Hagemeister park gridiron Sunday afternoon Beloit is going to bump up against a pretty smooth running football machine. The Packers are not overconfident, they are determined to brush Beloit out of their path towards a football championship...EXPECT RECORD CROWD: This is the game that the fans have long been waiting for and the biggest crowd of the season is expected to be on hand at the park when the whistle calls the team into action. The Packers ​management has made special arrangements to handle the big turnout without any confusion. The gates at the field will be opened at 1 o'clock.
OCT 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) -  Tomorrow the "Yale-Harvard" game of Wisconsin professional football will be played at Green Bay between the Packers and Beloit Fairies. It is one game of the season that the fans look forward to. Beloit has an edge on victories in past years but this time out the Green Bay eleven stands a good chance of coming out a victory. Dope counts for nothing in this struggle because both teams go at it hammer and tongs and the eleven that gets the
break usually cops the verdict.
their toes and there wasn't argument of any kind. The visitors took their beating without squabbling...Nic Mulloy, the Chicago umpire, praised the Packers to the skies. "It is one of the greatest football machines I have ever seen and unless I miss my guess they will hold their own with the best of 'em," he said...The Packers have completed their preliminary season. The stage is all set for the big games, the first of which will be played here next Sunday against Beloit. Then comes the Minneapolis Marines on the following Sunday and on October 30 the Rock Island Independents play here...LET'S GET BELOIT.
OCT 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The game that the football enthusiasts live for from one season to another will be played in Green Bay Sunday. The Packers and Beloit meet in a gridiron argument. For three years, these teams have been bitter rivals for state professional pigskin honors and there is little love lost between the aggregations. This year's contest promises to be harder fought than ever as both teams will present much improved battlefronts.
OCT 11 (Beloit-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - All roads will lead to Green Bay next Sunday for the Fairies game with the Packers. Despite the fact that the home team was tripped up at Racine last Sunday by the All Americans, 3 to 0, Manager McCarthy expects his team to take a fall out of the Green Bay eleven. Several new faces will probably be seen in the lineup. The weak spots are to be bolstered up and attack built around Dalton, who is throwing forward passes in brilliant style this year. Every night this week, the Fairies are working out at the Fairbanks-Morse park. The team will scrimmage Beloit college Wednesday afternoon and on Friday will take on Beloit High in a practice tilt. Aside from one or two changes in the lineup, the following players will probably represent the Fairies at Green Bay: Ends, Demoreskey and C. Scheibel; tackles, Ziebell and Stuvengen; guards, Connell, Larabee and Van Kurem; center, Cunningham or Van Galder; backs, Witte, James, Dalton, H.Scheibel, McCarthy and Larabee. Much interest in being shown here over the game and it is expected that at least two hundred football fans will hit the trail for Green Bay.
OCT 11 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Rock Island Independents are scheduled to play the Packers at Hagemeister park, Green Bay, on Sunday October 30. The Islanders will present the same lineup as that which battled the Staleys 14 to 10 on Monday.
OCT 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Decatur Staleys had their hands full nosing out the Rock Island Independents. The Starchmakers copping the verdict 14 to 7 by making a touchdown in the final minutes of play. This just goes to show that an aggregation of all stars don't have everything their own way when they bump up against an evenly balanced football machine. This game kicked up a lot of interest in these parts because Rock Island plays the Packers October 30.
OCT 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Let's get Beloit!" That's the slogan that is going the rounds in Green Bay this week and every football fans is hoping that the Packers will administer a through trouncing to the Beloit Fairies in Sunday's football game at Hagemeister park. Green Bay is heart and soul interested in this game. To the majority of the gridiron enthusiasts would rather see the Packers wallop the Fairies than any other team in the country. There are a few sore spots still left and a lopsided win for Captain Lambeau's squad would in a measure wipe 'em out...THIRD YEAR OF FEUD: This is the third year that the Packers and Beloit have met on the gridiron. Two years ago after beating everything that came along, the Packers journeyed forth into Fairyland and thanks to referee Zabel, were bested by the Fairies, 7 to 0. Last fall hostilities were resumed. The Fairies came here and met defeat by a single touchdown margin, Wagner covering the ball when Iverson fumbled a punt on his goal line after being tackled by Reggie Dwyer. Two weeks later, the Packers journeyed to Beloit again and met a 14 to 3 reversal. It was a fair and squad licking...PACKERS' GREAT TEAM: This season, things look better. The Packers probably have the greatest professional eleven ever molded together in the state and they intend to get Beloit and get 'em good. However, the Fairies may spring a surprise. Reports from Beloit have it that Manager McCarthy is searching around for some linemen and that his team is practicing
The only known example of the very first Packers program!

1921 Green Bay Packers "The Dope Sheet" Inaugural Issue. Call it the Book of Genesis for the storied Green Bay Packers franchise, the document that started it all, and one that stands at the pinnacle of the team's archives in both rarity and importance. For many of even the most dedicated and knowledgeable Packers collectors, the offering will serve as a first notice that this important relic even exists, and we're quite confident that the issue listed here represents the full population of survivors. The better part of a century that has elapsed since the brief early 1920's run of Dope Sheets was printed in Green Bay, and the delicate newspaper stock that served as the medium, have ensured that all but a tiny handful have been lost to the ravages of time. And, again, we stress that this is the sole inaugural issue known. Curly Lambeau, team founder and six-time NFL Champion, plays the appropriate role of cover boy for this debut printing, next to an article trumpeting, "The American Professional Football League is to football but either the American League or the National League is to baseball." The APFL would change its name to the familiar National Football League in 1922. Page two begins with an article entitled, "A Word About the Dope Sheet," authored by "J. Emmett Clair, Mgr. Acme Packers Football Club." He explains that, "Arrangements for the publication of this weekly sport periodical were completed on Wednesday of this week. The edition had to reach the printers on Friday in order to be in your hands today. For this very good reason this number is not illustrated as future numbers will be, nor is there as much close-up 'dope' on football in general and in Green Bay in particular as we expected to publish." A score sheet appears at center of the eight-page publication, with the "40-0" victory over the visiting Chicago Cornell-Hamburgs in what is recognized (and stated on page one) as the "Third Game" of the professional Packers notated in pencil by the Sheet's original owner. Attendance records for this contest have been lost to history, but those 1921 Packers games for which ticket sales were recorded range from just 2,000 to 7,000, another factor in the intense rarity of Dope Sheets in the modern hobby. Condition is quite remarkable for this delicate treasure, with just a small degree of edge wear and chipping to report, but none of the severe staining, creasing or tearing common to the scant few Dope Sheets known to exist. Certainly those collectors understanding the importance and scarcity of this offering will find no cause for complaint. (SOURCE: Heritage Auctions)
came back. This time a score resulted, Martell making a great catch of a forward pass. Lambeau kicked the
goal. Chicago kicked off and the ball seesawed in midfield with the Packers doing most of the advancing. Time for the period was called as Chicago held for downs on her own 40 yard line. On the second play in the second quarter, the visitors kicked out of bounds on the 30 yard line. The visitors intercepted a forward pass in midfield and the Packers lost 15 yards for holding. Three rushes were turned back and Epperson failed in a place kick. The Packers scrimmaged the oval on the 20 yard line.
Playing safe, Lambeau punted out of danger to Quinn who fumbled the oval and a Packer covered it on the visitors' 40 yard line. This put the Packers on their way for another score. Tubby Howard ripped through tackle for 35 yards and then the plunging fullback smashed across for a chalkmark and a touchdown. Lambeau missed the goal. The Packers kicked off, pulling the onside kick successfully and covering the ball on Chicago's 40 yard line. The invaders buckled up a bit but they couldn't stand the gaff. With the ball in midfield, Buff Wagner tore off 30 yards in a brilliant open field clash putting the oval within the shadow of Chicago's goal posts. The visitors held for three downs, but Howard got through on the fourth play for another touchdown. Lambeau kicked the goal.
Chicago kicked off. McLean replaced Howard and Toody celebrated his appearance in the game by running back the ball 25 yards. Then followed the prettiest play of the day. The ball was close to the south side line about in midfield.  Wagner dashed over to the north line. It was the old "shoestring" play. The visitors spotted Buff just as the ball was put in play five of them dashed for him but the halfback swerved in between them and catching Lambeau's pass stepped across the goal line. The crowd roared its approval. Lambeau kicked the goal. The visitors kicked off again but played safe during the few remaining minutes of play. When halftime was called Chicago had the ball on their own 10 yard line.
When the second half started Coach Hoeffel sent in all his reserve material with the exception of Art Schmael, who is still on the injured list. The backfielder, however, will be in shape to batter the Beloit line to smithereens next Sunday. Chicago kicked off and the Packers began to march down the field. The reserves were fighting for every inch of ground and they has the visitors backing up at a lively gait. After about five minutes of play, Gavin made a sparkling catch of a forward pass, carrying the ball to the 10 yard line. Two line smashes failed by McLean battered his way across for a score. The goal was missed.
Chicago received the next kickoff but they were stopped in their tracks and forced to punt. The parade down the gridiron was resumed but held tight on the 30 yard mark, the Packers missed a field goal. Chicago immediately kicked out of danger and as usual the Packers came back. A fumble on the 10 yard line lost the home team a score. The visitors kicked out of danger and the ball changed hands twice in midfield on intercepted forward passes. Time was called for the quarter with the ball in the Packers' possession on the 40 yard line.
After an exchange of punts in the fourth quarter, Gavin put the Packers en route for another score by grabbing a forward pass and it wasn't long before Kliebhahn who had been playing a great game marked up the final touchdown. Wally Ladrow kicked the goal. Chicago kicked off again and the final remaining minutes of play saw the Packers battling in the visitors' territory. It looked several times as if another score was to be marked up but the invader's intercepted several forward passes and covered a couple of fumbles at crucial periods.
OCT 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Still climbing. Toward gridiron honors. The Packers looked great. Chicago wasn't in the running. Despite their all-star battlefront. The visitors couldn't block the forwards. And the aerial attack spelled their whitewash. It looked like the Packers of old with the long throws. Wagner sure pulled a pretty play when he scored a touchdown. Martell came through with bells on. He filled Leaper's shoes nicely....Buck played only one half. He wanted to watch the team from the sidelines while they were under fire. So as to pick out the weaknesses and the rough spots. The big lineman was much in evidence while playing...Tubby Howard was in action long enough to rip the Chicago battlefront to shreds. He more than did his share of ground gaining...Milt Wilson and Joe Carey, the first string guards, smeared their opponents during the opening half. They are a dandy pair of center flankers...Douglas also turned in a nice game. His passing was not erratic and he proved a bear on the defense. The big center intercepted a couple of forward passes...It was the best handled game of the season. The officials kept the players on
every night. So much the better. The bigger they are the harder they fall and if the Packers play up to the form they showed against Chicago last Sunday, Beloit is going to be given a lesson in football tactics. The Beloit-Packer feud is known throughout the state and the eyes of the football fans will center on Green Bay Sunday. It will probably be the hardest fought game of the season. The teams have little love for each other and there will be something doing every minute from the first to last whistle. "Let's get Beloit!"
OCT 12 (Appleton Post-Crescent) - Green Bay Packers, who have been having easy picking so far this season, will run into stiff opposition next Sunday afternoon at Green Bay when they meet the Beloit Fairies. Beloit is an ancient rival of the Packers and last year, defeated the Green Bay squad in a gruelling fight. This year's game, by that token, is likely to be even more gruelling. Green Bay has gathered together one of the greatest aggregation of football stars that every played in Wisconsin. The team is made up almost entirely of college veterans and contains several men who are nationally famous on the gridiron. One of the mainstays is Howard "Cub" Buck, one of the best linemen Wisconsin has ever had.
OCT 12 (Chicago-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A pair of professional football league games will be played here Sunday. The Decatur Staleys clash with the Rochester Kodaks at Cub park while the Chicago Cardinals and Rock Island Independents are scheduled for action at Normal park. Both the Cardinals and Rock Island have met defeat this season but the Staleys have their clean record. The Rochester team hasn't met a reversal in two years. The Green Bay Packers, champions of Wisconsin, and newcomers in the professional league, are dickering for a game with either the Staleys or Cardinals in Chicago. This Badger team, which includes Cub Buck and Tubby Howard in its lineup, is rated as a serious contender for gridiron honors.
OCT 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The "Lets' Get Beloit!" slogan has infected the Packer squad and when the whistle blows on Sunday at Hagemeister park for the game with the Fairies every Green Bay player will be "rarin' to go" and dead anxious to get a crack at the Fairbanks-Morse aggregation, who for three years have been Green Bay's worst enemies on the gridiron. This is the game of all games that the Packers want to win. With the exception of about five players all the other members of the squad remember what happened two years ago at Beloit and again last year. These reversals have got to be buried under and that is the hope of the Packer squad in Sunday's game...STAGE EXTRA WORKOUTS: No stones will be left unturned to have the team right on edge. The squad will practice tonight and again Friday evening. There will probably be a chalk talk Sunday morning. All of the big fellows are expected to be on hand for tonight's workout. With an even break in weather, the largest crowd of the season will be on hand Sunday to see the only team that has ever beaten the Packers in action against Captain Lambeau's squad. Requests for reservations have been heavier than at any previous games. Not along are the local gridiron fans warming up to the contest but out of towners as well...FIRST OF BIG GAMES: The Beloit game is the first of the Packers' big series of football contests at home. Following the Fairies comes the Minneapolis Marines on October 23 and on October 30 the Rock Island Independents are billed for action here. On these three games rests the Packers' chances for the professional football championship of the country. Let's Get Beloit, first.
OCTOBER 14 (Beloit-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Headed by Manager Dennis McCarthy, the Beloit Fairies football squad will leave here Saturday morning for Green Bay, where on Sunday the Fairbanks-Morse eleven gives battle to the Packers in a game for the professional football championship of Wisconsin. The Beloit team is in shape and confident of taking a fall out of the chesty Green Bay team. However, the fans here are not quite as hopeful and they are demanding the short end of betting odds. Quite a bit of Packer money has been placed here but very little of it was gobbled up. The Fairies think Stuvengen and Zeibell, their giant tackles, will give Buck and Murray, the Green Bay pair, all they are looking for, and the Beloit crew has a hunch that Jack Dalton, who played with the Packers last year, will more than hold his own with far famed Lambeau when it comes to throwing forward passes. During their stay in Green Bay, the Fairies will be quartered at the Beaumont hotel. A big delegation of fans who are going to Green Bay for the game will leave here late Saturday. Many automobile parties are expected to drive to the Bay for the game...PLENTY OF PEP: It might have been the snap in the air or the thoughts of the approaching Beloit game, but, anyway, the Packers squad just bubbled over with pep in their practice Thursday evening at Hagemeister park. Murray, Buck and Howard were on hand as well as all the other stars and the team went through their best workout of the season. Singles were run off with a snap and every man was right on his toes. After the drill was over, Coach Hoeffel said, "Well, there is one thing sure, those Fairies are going to have their hands full Sunday afternoon and I think we are going to win." And in the meantime tickets are selling like hot cakes. Many of the choice reserved seats have already been sold. All roads will lead to Hagemeister park Sunday afternoon. Let's get Beloit!
OCT 15 (Chicago-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Professional football will hold full sway in Chicago on Sunday. Two big games are scheduled in the Professional Football league in Windy City parks. The Chicago Cardinals, headed by Paddy Driscoll, face the Rock Island Independents while the Decatur Staleys, who are now playing all their games at the Cubs park, will give battle to the Rochester, N.Y. eleven. Midwest fans are pulling for the Starchmakers to take Rochester into camp thus winning the first intersectional game of the season. There is little to choose between Rock Island and the Cardinals, both the team having met reversals this season. Football fans here are showing a bit of interest in the Beloit-Packer game at Green Bay. The Packers are being heralded as one of the contenders for the middle west professional football title and, if they succeed in downing Beloit by a good sized score, they will be given consideration by the Staleys.