(GREEN BAY) - The Packers got off on the right foot in the opening game of the professional football season, Sunday afternoon, at Hagemeister park, when the Green Bay eleven took the Chicago Boosters, champions of Chicago, into camp to the tune of 13 to 0 before a crowd which comfortably filled the newly constructed stands. Except in the third quarter when the Boosters were a bit dangerous, the Packers held the upper hand and the Green Bay eleven in their first appearance of the season gave all indications of developing into a championship football machine. The Packers displayed a lot of pep and snap in their work. They were going every minute and the much vaunted Illinois aggregation met defeat at the hands of a team, which is easily the best that ever pranced out on a Green Bay football field.
The visitors presented an all star battlefront aside from a few end runs and two forward passes, the runs and two forward passes, the Boosters did not show much on the offensive. The big Packer line was like a stone wall and the Chicagoans had trouble galore piling up much yardage. Neilsen and Specht cut loose with a few spectacular gallops but they were generally smothered before they could get started. Every man on the Packer squad played good football but the outstanding star was Cub Buck, who more than lived up to advance notices. The giant lineman was all over the field and his ability to follow the ball aided the Packers considerably in putting the skids under the Illinois champions.
PRE-SEASON - Green Bay Packers (1-0) 13, Chicago Boosters 0
Sunday September 25th 1921 (at Green Bay)
OCT 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Rockford eleven, champions of Northern Illinois, will battle the Green Bay Packers on the Hagemeister park gridiron Sunday afternoon at 2:30. It promises to be one of the greatest gridiron arguments ever staged on a Green Bay field. The visitors come here with a record that is only marred by two defeats in six years. Last season, they took the Beloit Fairies into camp twice by a 6 to 0 score and held the Staleys, one of the great football machines in the country, to an 18 to 8 score...HAVE VETERAN TEAM: Rockford is a veteran combination of gridiron stars. They have played together for a number of years and included in their lineup are many players who have gained prominence in professional football circles. Their backfield, headed by Captain Swede Erickson, Muecke, Thissel and Redin have a reputation second to non in the midwest. The Packers are set for the fray. Never defeated on their home field, Captain Lambeau's team has no intention of letting Rockford pull the trick. The Green Bay eleven will present a stronger battlefront than in last Sunday's game against the Chicago Boosters. The addition of Tubby Howard, all star fullback, will give the Packers much more strength behind the line. Schmael has been shifted over to halfback. This is the position that he is accustomed to playing...TO HANDLE BIG CROWD: Arrangements have been made to handle a big crowd. The field will be kept clear thus enabling all those in the park to have a clear view of activities on the gridiron. The doors will open at 1 o'clock and a competent set of ushers will be on hand early to take care of the reserve seat ticket holders. Seats will be on sale downtown at the usual places up until the noon hour on Sunday. It is expected that many out of town
SEPT 28 (Beloit-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football players of the Fairbanks-Morse team will pop off the semi-pro grid lid at the Morse field next when they mix with the Woodstock Maroons. The Typewriter City moleskin artists are composed of old timers in the grid game, according to reports and should make the sledding far from simple for Manager McCarthy's men...FAIRY LINEUP STRONG: But fairly as important as the opposition will be the lineup which the Fairies will present to the local fans."Dutch" Witte, "Motsy" Dalton, and either Pachke or Deneen will play the backs - with Harold Scheibel able to fill any of the positions. McCarthy will play quarterback. In the line, Demorosky and Wasenick, Sparks and Clarence Scheibel will be available for the end berths. Cunningham or Fred Wooten will perform at center. At the guards, Carl Van Kuren, "Red" Van Galder and Larabee are listed. The tackles will be ably handled by Stuvengen, Zeibel, Glenn Van Kuren and D.R. "Red" Connell. Scrimmage drill was held at the Morse field last Sunday and more strenuous workouts are promised before the Woodstock tilt...ANNOUNCE SCHEDULE: The Fairy schedule as arranged to date, was announced this morning. It is as follows: October 2 - Woodstock Maroons at Beloit; October 9 - Racine American Legion at Racine; October 16 - Green Bay Packers at Green Bay; October 23 - Rockford Olympics at Beloit; October 30 - Chicago Stayms at Chicago; November 6 - Rockford Olympics at Rockford. A close inspection of this schedule will show that the Fairies have picked out a stiff class of competition. The Rockford Olympics open their season at Green Bay next Sunday. Both teams expect to win. The Rockford team is the same squad intact - with the exception of the loss of "Skin" Englund at end - that beat the Fairies twice last year. Green Bay needs a little comment here. They are stronger than every - if such a thing can be done...GREEN BAY ALL STARS: Besides the addition of "Cub" Buck, former All-American University of Wisconsin player, the Green Bay line is further bolstered. "Jab" Murray at Marquette - the grid captain there a few years back - plays at tackle. Carey at guard starred with the Racine Street Cardinals of Chicago last year. Douglas of Chicago last year. Douglas, last year's Marquette center, is also in the Green Bay line. Wheeler of Ripon is being used at left end, while Leaper of Wisconsin has been shifted out from tackle to end. Lambeau is well known here as Dalton's running mate. "Red" Elliott, who spelled grief for Beloit college by his athletic feats with Lawrence in football and basketball last year, is playing left half for the Packers.
SEPT 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The old football bee sure is buzzing merrily throughout the state. Not alone are all the high school and college teams hard at it but many independent organizations are springing up on the gridiron. The professional field is broadening out considerably. In the olden days, the Packers and
SEPT 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football fans who journey to Hagemeister park Sunday afternoon for the Rockford game will see a very much improved Packer team. Joe Hoeffel, "Cub" Buck and Captain Lambeau have been putting the Green Bay squad through a course of sprouts and efforts have been made to remedy the mistakes made in the opening argument against the Chicago Boosters. The Packers worked out Tuesday night in a dummy scrimmage practice. There will be another drills this evening and Friday night the squad will run through the signals. The players have recovered from injuries received in last Sunday's contest and they will be "Rarin' to go" this weekend. Reserved seat tickets have been placed on sale at the Beaumont Hotel, the Congress, Lynch's and Neveu & Schweger's drug store. A healthy demand for reservations is already is evidence and many false from out of town have written in for pasteboards.
SEPT 29 (Rockford-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Get the Packers!" That's the slogan of the Rockford football team and if practice will turn the trick the Maroons will come back with a victory after Sunday's game in Green Bay with the Wisconsin Professional champions. Captain "Swede" Erickson has had his squad out every night this week going through practice stunts and every players is right on edge for Sunday's game, which is considered the most important contest on Rockford's schedule this year. The Rockford squad, 22 men strong, will leave here early Saturday morning for the Wisconsin city. Captain Erickson wants his men to reach Green Bay in time to get a good night's rest before the conflict with the Packers. About a hundred Rockford fans will leave Saturday night to attend the game. While in Green Bay, the Illinois champions will be quartered at the Beaumont hotel.
SEPT 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Tubby" Howard, who is considered one of the greatest backfielders in professional football circles reported for the Packer practice on Thursday night. The line smasher claims he is in the pink of condition and ready to jump into active service immediately. Howard is a well known figure in the gridiron world. He gained fame in this state while at Ripon and then played two years at Indiana. While with the Hoosiers, he was named on several all conference teams. After graduating from Indiana, Howard broke into pro pigskin circles and he was the mainstay of the Hammond team for several years. The Packer backfielders went through a long drill at the park this afternoon and the entire squad will go through more conditioning stunts this evening. The workout is scheduled to star at 7:15. Interest over Sunday's game with Rockford is close to the bubbling point and every indication points to a bigger turnout than last Sunday. There is a healthy demand for reservations from both Green Bay and out of town pigskin fans. Sunday's game with Rockford will start promptly at 2:30. Regulation periods of 15 minutes will be played. The doors at the park open at 1 o'clock.
The teams sized up pretty even in weight. The Boosters were on the field first but the Packers got a big hand when they hove into sight. Captain Lambeau won the toss and chose to receive at the west goal. It was just 2:32 when Neilsen opened proceedings by kicking off. After three plays, Buck punted and Chicago, finding herself up against a brick wall, soon followed suit. The ball changed hands frequently with little advantage to either side. A costly fumble gave the Packers the oval in midfield and with their shift formation working nicely, they rushed the ball to the 40 yard line. Standing about in midfield, Lambeau only fell a few yards short in an attempted field goal. It was some boot. The visitors launched an offensive but were halted inside the 40 yard mark. The Packers got going again and the home team had the oval on Chicago's 30 yard line when time was called for the quarter.
After changing goals, the visitors held tight for two downs and Lambeau dropped back for a field goal. The oval went wide of the posts and it was put to play on the 20 yard mark. The Packer linemen were mussing up well and Chicago punted to midfield after three attempts to rush the ball had failed. Two line smashes netted the Packers a first down and then Lambeau shot a forward pass to Leaper for a gain of 25 yards. The Green Bay end made a splendid catch. This was the turning point of the game. With a touchdown in sight, the Packers battled furiously. Three line plunges made a first down and then Lambeau called on Schmael three times in succession and the plunging fullback carried the oval across. Lambeau kicked the goal. Score, Packers, 7, Chicago 0. The Packers kicked off and the Windy City tribe punted after two plays had been turned back. Wheeler grabbed a forward pass for a 20 yard gain but the visitors intercepted another aerial toss. The Boosters reported to punting as their ends were covering well. Getting the oval in midfield, the Packers rushed down to the 25 yard line. Chicago held tight and Lambeau missed a field goal. Chicago casting care to the winds started shooting forward passes in their own danger zone. Three in succession went bad and they kicked again. The Packers came back first and after Lambeau had missed another field goal, time for the half was called with the ball on Chicago's 10 yard line. The Boosters played their best game in the third quarter. The Packers kicked off to the Boosters. The visitors punted after three downs and the Packers punted back quickly. Neilsen was gaining on the exchange of kicks. The visiting bootsmith booted over the goal line and the ball went into play on the Packers' 20 yard mark. Specht intercepted a forward pass in midfield and once more Neilsen booted behind the uprights. The teams went at it again on the 20 yard line. Bashaw covered a fumble and it was Chicago's ball. Here the Green Bay squad showed their worth. The Boosters held for downs. Buck's punt rolled out of bounds at the 20 yard mark. Chicago gained by 5 yards in three plays and they lost the oval when Lambeau grabbed a forward. Buck booted to midfield and then the big fellow snatched a Chicago toss out of the air. The visitors were never again dangerous. After three downs, Lambeau's attempted dropkick from midfield was blocked and Koenig fell on the ball in midfield. Chicago then completed her first forward pass of the game, Neilsen gaining 15 yards. Time was called for the quarter with the ball in the visitor's possession on the Packers' 33 yard line. The Packers held for downs. La Rocca intercepted a forward pass and Specht followed this up with a run around end for 15 yards. Neilsen gaining 15 yards. Time was called for the quarter with the ball in the visitor's possession on the Packers' 33 yard line. The Packers held for down. La Rocca intercepted a forward pass and Specht followed this up with a run around end for 15 yards. Neilsen kicked over the goal line. The Packers scrimmaged on the 20 yard line. Buck punted to midfield and MIller fumbled the ball. Jab Murray covered for the Packers. Leaper got away for a nice gain. Chicago turned back three line plunges and Lambeau missed a field goal. Chicago scrimmaged on the 20 yard mark and fumbled on the second play. It was Packers' ball. Lambeau's attempted dropkick was blocked but Elliott fell on the ball. After three plays, Curley sailed the ball through the uprights with a pretty kick but Umpire Anderson called an offside on the Packers. The field goal didn't count. Set back five yards, Lambeau once more booted the ball between the posts but this time the umpire claimed the Packers didn't have five men on the scrimmage line. He ruled out the goal kick. After a long argument, the teams went at it again. The ball was given to Chicago on the 20 yard line. The Boosters punted out of danger and the oval changed hands several times. With about four minutes to play the Packers started a march down the field which ended in Schmael scoring his second touchdown. Lambeau missed the goal. There was just a half minute to play and time was called after the Packers had kicked to Chicago.

SEPT 26 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Better than last year...Nothing like starting right...The Boosters got a rude surprise...And they were a much disgruntled bunch...Which caused them to beef continually on decisions...The spectators appeared to enjoy themselves immensely...The new seating arrangements made a big hit with the crowd...There was no confusion and the reserved seat plan worked nicely...With the additional exits, the park was cleared quickly after the game...Dalton won't ever be missed. That was the opinion of those who saw Art Schmael in action...Leaper played a whale of a game at end. The lanky wingman sure can grab forward passes...Klaus, who took Douglas' place early in the game, won his regular berth at center. He passed perfectly...The Zoll brothers got into action during the second half and the Duck Creek prides played banner football...Specht, the crack Chicago backfielder, didn't get much of a chance to shine. The Packers watched him every minute...Buck played rings around Bashaw, the "ace" of the Booster line. The former Staley star had an awful time trying to handle "Cub"...Red Ellliott made himself solid with the football fans. The sorrel topped backfielder is a hard blocker and he follows the ball closely...Wagner made his presence felt in the backfield. Buck was playing a new position but nevertheless came through with a nifty brand of football...Jab Murray doesn't seem ever to grow old. He was on the job every minute at tackle and more than held his own with Frazer, one of the best little men in the middle west...Lambeau has lost none of his tact as a leader. The Packer captain was driving his squad at topnotch speed and he used keen judgment in directing the offensive against the Boosters...Joe Carey, the former Chicago Cardinal star, who is playing with the Packers, felt right at home in the game because he has seen action against the Boosters for the past eight years....Rockford next Sunday.
fans will be here to attend the game as many requests from outside for seat reservations have been filled with the management.
OCT 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Rumors in circulation to the effect that the Packer-Rockford football game, scheduled for Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park, had been cancelled are unfounded. A false report stating that the contest had been called off appeared in a theatrical publication issued this morning. This was due to an error in composition. The Rockford team is already en route to Green Bay.
OCTOBER 1 (Racine Journal News) - Tubby Howard, All-American fullback in 1915, 1916 and 1917 with Indiana, has signed a contract with the Packer it was announced and will appear in Sunday's game against the Rockford eleven.
Beloit Fairies were about the only pro elevens of any caliber. Racine has jumped into the fold with an all star squad. Allan Davey is going to head a team at La Crosse, while Superior is singing the praises of a fast going tribe...Rockford, Ill., must have quite an aggregation of pigskin chasers. This team has lost but two games in six years and they are coming to Green Bay on Sunday and attempt to take a fall out of the Packers. This Rockford gang twice put the skids under the Beloit Fairies in 1920 besides mopping up all the teams in their section except the Decatur Staleys. It looks like one of the best games of the season and should draw a capacity crowd.