and a half rate over the Northwestern and when the whistle blows in tomorrow's game the Bay will probably be represented by a good throng of supporters. Today's fair weather has revived the interest of autoists and a number of Green Bay car owners will drive to the Cream City for the game. It is concrete all the way with the exception of a 13-mile stretch the other side of Fond du Lac and this roadway is said to be in fair shape despite the heavy rains.
DEC 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will play their last football game of the season in Milwaukee on Sunday against the Racine Legion eleven and it is the hope of the gridiron followers in this neck of the woods that the Green Bay squad puts the skids under this chesty Racine aggregation who have been telling the world and all what they intend to do to Captain Lambeau's pigskin chasers. It will be a grudge battle all right and the Packers can be counted on to play football as they never have before this season.
DEC 3 (Racine Journal News) - Legion stock was considerably boosted when on the eve of the great state title game with the Packers set for Sunday at Athletic park, Milwaukee, it was announced that Johnny Mohardt, All-Western half and popular Notre Dame hero, had been secured to fill up one of the holes in the local lineup. With Delmore, the great quarterback, out because of a broken leg, and Dore, the heavy center, ditto with torn ligaments, it was up to Babe Ruetz to produce some great subs and as usual he came through in great style...LANGHOFF AT QUARTER: Langhoff, who has been playing stellar ball at half all season, was switched into Delmore's place because he is up on all the signals, etc., while Johnny Mohardt was secured to fill the gap at left half. Johnny is the boy who defeated Marquette in the recent Notre Dame-Marquette grid classic and who has been selected as an All-Western half. He has taken the place formerly held by George Gipp as the idol of the Notre Dame fans and with his assistance the Legion should be able to show the fans some real football when they clash with the Packers for the state pro title...ALSO GET BOHTE: Bohte, regular Marquette center, will go in for Dore. Most of the Legion players are Marquette men so Bohte will be right at home with them. He knows what they can do which will be of great assistance in stepping into a new team. If this city ever had a chance to grab off high football honors, it will be on Sunday. The team is a crack organization all the way through. The fans know what they can expect from Langhoff, Foster, Rhenstrom, Shackleton, Downey, Gorman Hayes and Hueller and with the addition of Mohardt and Bothe, Captain Hank Gillo, All-American full, is going to have a gang of teammates who can follow out his orders and which should bring home the bacon...EXPECT HUGE CROWD: A thousand football devotees from this city, a thousand from Green Bay and several thousands from Milwaukee will pack into Athletic Park when the game is played. The kickoff occurs at 2:15, an early time having been set as it gets dark early now. Some of the best officials in the country will be on hand to see that there is no hitch in the contest. Both teams have much at stake and both are going to exert all the stuff they have in them to get a win. It is a great honor for Racine to have a team that can compete for such high stakes and a win will sure put the old town on the map...PLAN AUTO CARAVAN: The automobile caravan which has been boomed by Jack Carls will leave the corner of Douglas avenue and High street at noon. Those who have entered cars, or who want to enter cars, should be there at 11:30. They will be provided with banners. Each car will be decorated with these banners and with small American flags. If you have not made reservations with some auto owner, don't come to the assembly place, as every one of them has a car full. There will be plenty of special coaches on the North Shore, the M.R. & K., and the Northwestern to take the rest of the fans to the game...BOYS DESERVE CREDIT: Legion Athletic Director Max Zirbes, Football Manager Babe Ruetz, Director Otto Jandl, Coach Bo Hanley, Captain Gillo and Hank Larsen have been working hard to give Racine the kind of football it wants and this great game is going to be the climax of their efforts. A good turnout will show them that their efforts have been appreciated, therefore it's up to every loyal fan to make the pilgrimage to the Cream City, be the weather what it may. The game is going to be played rain, snow, sleet, hail or "fair and warmer".
Chicago Staleys (7-1) 20, Green Bay Packers (3-2-1) 0
Sunday November 27th 1921 (at Chicago)
(CHICAGO) - Fighting as only a Green Bay team can fight, the Packers went down to defeat at the hands of the Decatur Staleys by the score of 20 to 0 in the final game of the midwest professional football championship at Cubs' park, Chicago, Sunday afternoon before about 7,000 football fans. The Packers were beaten but not disgraced. Every man on the team played great football. They were there in the battling every minute and when the final whistle blew there was plenty of glory in the defeat. The Packers met a better team. That was all there was to it, but there wasn't a spectator in the park who didn't have a good word to say for the Green Bay gridders.
The Staleys played as only an aggregation of All American stars can play. Chicago newspapermen who witnessed the game claim that the Starchmakers showed their best form of the season against the Packers and that they put up about a 50 percent better game against the Packers than they did in the Buffalo contest on Thanksgiving day. Stinchomb, Sternamen and Huffine are quite some footballers. They get off fast and run like a deer. Stinchomb was the main thorn in the Packers' side. His dash for a touchdown early in the second quarter was a sensational piece of footballing. Shooting outside of tackle, he shook off about a half dozen tackles and sidestepped his way down the gridiron for 45 yards and a touchdown.
This was the turning point of the game. Up until the time Stinchomb had got away for his touchdown jaunt, the Packers had the upper hand. All during the opening period, the Green Bay squad more than met their much famed opponent halfway and the play was in the Staleys' territory continually. Once toward the close of the first quarter, Trafton made a bad pass over Huffine's head and the pigskin rolled to the Staleys' eight-yard line. It was the Packers' ball. A touchdown 

The organization that eventually became the Chicago Bears, the Decatur Staleys, was originally conceived by the A. E. Staley food starch company of Decatur, Illinois, in 1919 as a company team. This was the typical start for several early professional football franchises. The company hired George Halas and Edward "Dutch" Sternaman in 1920 to run the team, and turned over full control of the team to them in 1921. However, official team and league records cite Halas as the founder as he took over the team in 1920 when it became a charter member of the NFL. On September 17, 1920, 13 team representatives, including those representing Halas' team, met in Canton, Ohio to create a new football league. In the interest of ticket sales and crowning a yearly champion, they decided to form the American Professional Football Association. On October 3, 1920, the Staleys played their first NFL game.
The 1920 Decatur Staleys
George Halas, then the player-coach of A.E. Staley's Decatur Staleys, was among the driving forces of this meeting, which gave birth to what exists now as the NFL. In their first season as part of the Association, the Staleys won 10 games, all by shutouts, but lost the first league championship to the Akron Pros, who finished the season unbeaten at 8–0–3. There was no official scheduling in the 1920 season, which accounted for the difference in the number of games played that season. The Staleys and Cardinals split the 1920 series, with the home team winning in each. In the Cardinals 7–6 victory over the Staleys in their first meeting of the season, each team scored a TD on a fumble recovery, with the Staleys failing their XP try. George Halas' 1920 Staleys went on to a 10–1–2 record overall, 5–1–2 in league play. The 1920 Akron Pros were the first ever league champions, they finished with an 8–0–3 record, 6–0–3 in league play, ending their season in a 0–0 tie against the Decatur Staleys. Thus, the Racine (Chi) Cardinals defeat of the Decatur Staleys earlier in the 1920 season meant that the Pros could simply play not to lose; they wisely did and became champions. However, if the 1920 Staleys had not lost to the 1920 Cardinals, they would have gone into that fateful game with an 11–0–1 record, 6–0–1 in league play. The game would have literally been the first championship game as well as the first playoff game. The actual game in 1920 was not because the Buffalo All-Americans (9–1–1 in 1920, 4–1–1 in league play, they outscored their opponents 258–32, losing only to the Canton Bulldogs 0–3), Staleys and Pros would have each had one loss had the Staleys won. Each team likely would have played more games (as it was allowed under the rules in those days) to allow teams to settle parity at the top of the standings. The 1920 Racine (Chi) Cardinals did not allow that to happen though. They took one from their cross-town rivals and at the end of the season that one game meant George Halas and the Decatur Staleys would have to wait one more year to collect the first of their league championships as the 1921 Chicago Staleys. It meant that the 1920 Akron Pros could play for a tie and still be assured of being the first ever league champions. Moreover, it meant that the Staleys and Cardinals were rivals and always would be rivals.
First years in Chicago
George Halas as player-coach of the Chicago Bears during the 1922 season. The Staleys moved to Chicago from Decatur, Illinois in 1921. Halas, who was given the team and $5000 by Staley to keep the name Staleys for another year, made the move. In the 1921 season, the Chicago Staleys finished first in the league and captured their first league championship. In 1922, Halas changed the team name to the Bears to reflect baseball's Chicago Cubs, the team's host at Wrigley Field.
(SOURCE: Wikipedia)

NOV 28 (Chicago-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Staid old Chicago got a new thrill on Sunday and the college authorities who claim that "There ain't no such thing as spirit in professional football" stood back and gasped as the rooters from Green Bay, Wis., took the town by storm Sunday morning and held full sway until the last car of the special excursion pulled out from the Northwestern about three bells Monday morning. Headed by a "lumberjack" band of twenty pieces, some five hundred fans from the Wisconsin town invaded Chicago for the game between the Packers and Staleys for the midwest championship. The Badgers started whooping things up from the minute they arrived...MARCH RIGHT ALONG: Despite the fact that parades are barred in Chicago unless a permit is secured, the Bay rooters trailed up the street from the depot to the Stratford hotel and let every one know who they were and why they were here. After enjoying a meal in the hotel restaurant, the Bay boosters started on a tour of the loop and their battle cries echoed back and forth in every hotel. The Lumberjack band attracted the attention of thousands and the strains of "On, Wisconsin" were heard at every stop. One bit of horseplay that drew a big laugh from the onlookers was the tune "How Dry I Am". Whenever this burst forth, the Badger rooters bared their heads. However, it was at Cubs park that the Green Bay delegation showed their true spirit. Reaching the field early, they stepped out along the gridiron and the band killed the dreary moments before the team got on the field. George De Lair, Harry Annen, Jock Smith and Sheriff Nick Ryan were in the limelight and they cut up all sorts of capers to the music of the band...SUPPORT WAS GREAT: Throughout the game, even when things weren't breaking for Green Bay, the Badger rooters kept up their yelling and no better support has ever been seen here, even at a college game. Between halves, the band cut loose again and Harry Annen, together with the Staleys' quartet, warbled a few songs in front of the grandstand. The bleacherites, thinking they were being left out in the cold, broke loose with yells and straight across the gridiron marched the Bay musicians (Mud no difference to these Badgers) and gave a few selections on the other side of the field. But the crowning achievement of the Bay rooters invasion was at the close of the game. After the final whistle had blown and the Packers' players were trailing off the gridiron the Green Bay band broke forth into an "On, Wisconsin" and the rooters ended it up with a "U-rah-rah Green Bay". Spectators who were hurriedly wending their way to the exits stopped in their tracks, and a roar of applause swept the field...SMITH PRAISES BAY: Ed Smith, dean of the Chicago sportswriters, who was in the press box, handed this compliment to Green Bay: "Never in my experience have I ever witnessed a batter display of spirit. I have often been told that Green Bay was one of the best sporting towns in the northwest. I believe it now and one thing is sure hereafter a Green Bay team comes to Chicago they will be given a warm welcome. If there was more of this kind of spirit shown in professional football, the game would jump to the front with a rush. I take my hat off to Green Bay. It was splendid."
NOV 28 (Chicago Tribune) - Green Bay Packers were beaten 20 to 0 by the Staleys at the Cub park yesterday afternoon, making eight wins for the victors this fall. Green Bay put a hard fight, and was cheered on by 300 rooters from the Wisconsin city. The Staley attack, which moved smoothly after it once got started, proved too much for the Packers. In the first quarter the Green Bay men threatened the Staley line, Lambeau, former Notre Dame star, making two trials for a placekick. One went short and the other was blocked...SCORE IN THE SECOND QUARTER: Early in the second quarter, the Staleys got the ball on downs at their own 23 yard line and then started a march down the field. Pete Stinchomb, Ohio State's All-American, finally broke away on an off tackle wallop and sprinted 45 yards for a touchdown. Sternaman kicked the goal. They got busy again in a hurry, Dutch Sternaman aiding largely with his brilliant run after catching a forward pass. He was tackled twice, and each time wriggled away. The former Illinois star made 40 yards on the play. After several wallops at the line Pard Pearce finally bucked through for a touchdown on a quarterback plunge. Sternaman kicked the goal...COUNT ON FORWARD PASS: Near the end of the game, a number of gains, followed by a forward pass to Sternaman, placed the ball on Green Bay's 25 yard line. A few plunges carried it to the 10 yard line, where a forward pass, with Halas catching the pigskin, resulted in another touchdown. The try for goal was missed.
NOV 29 (Racine Journal News) - Badger day is going to be observed in Milwaukee on Sunday when a great army of football fans from all sections gather there to see the Racine Legion and the Green Bay Packers battle for the state football title. Advices from various lakeshore cities, and some inland towns, are to the effect that huge blocks of tickets are being disposed of there. Kenosha is taking almost as much interest in the game as this city is and plans are being made to run specials from there. Jack Carls, one of the best boosters Racine ever had, is bobbing around like a little steam engine getting his caravan plans perfected. He says he is going to have more cars in line than there were at the opening of the Twelfth Street road and knowing Jack as well as we do, we'll bet he succeeds. The cars will be decorated in Legion colors and will carry signs to let all and sundry know that they contain loyal Racine rooters. According to the present program they will leave High and Douglas at noon, arrive in Milwaukee at 1:15 and parade the main stems previous to the game. Two entire sections of the grandstand have been reserved for the home fans. Tickets are on sale in various parts of the city and it behooves those who plan to go to get their pasteboards now. There is going to be such a demand for these tickets before the end of the week that some embryo scalpers may turn up and get a corner on them. The lineup of the Racine team will be sprung on Thursday. Delmore, the great little quarter, will be out because of a game leg and it is probable that some big college star will be seen in his place. No men will be signed by the Legion who cannot turn out for practice, however, as Coach Bo Hanley is taking no chances at having his signals balled up. The boys are to practice at Lakeview three nights this week. Interest in the big championship game is at fever heat. Racine fans have been clamoring for the contest ever since the Legion put a team on the grid and now they have a chance to show whether they really wanted it or not. The Legion management is deep in the hole and wants to get a big enough slice of the Athletic park gate to clear itself. This means that all of the 1,500 tickets allotted to this city will have to be disposed of. Last Sunday when the Packers went down to Chicago to play the Staleys they took 300 fans with them and their manager says he will have at least 800 loyal followers behind him when the Packers bump up against the locals. While the Packers were taking their 20 to 0 licking at Chicago, the Beloit Fairies were holding the Rock Island Stars to a 0 to 0 tie at Dixon, Ill. It seems that Dixon and Rochelle had played two games, one going to Dixon by a small margin and the other ending in a tie. Both were out for blood in the third game. The Rochelle management hired the entire Beloit team to represent that town while Dixon hired the Rock Island stars. The teams played to a zero tie. Rock Island holds a 13 to 3 victory over the Packers and the Racine Legion defeated the Fairies twice so that gives the fans a good line on what to expect next Sunday.
NOV 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers will wind up the 1921 football season at Milwaukee on Sunday when they clash with the Racine Legion at the Brewer ballpark in a game which has been scheduled to settle the professional championship of the state. The Bay squad will step on the field with their regular lineup with the exception of Jab Murray, the fighting center, whose broken hand will prevent him from playing. Murray jumped into the fray against the Staleys despite doctor's orders to stay on the sidelines and his injured mitt was pretty well battered up...RACINE ALL EXCITED: Racine is all excited over the game and special trains will run to the Cream City for the game. The All Americans have a pretty classy lineup which includes Hank Gillo, Langhoff, Butch Hayes, a Green Bay boy, and other stellar gridders. The Packers' foes have a good record this season. They have taken a couple of falls out of Beloit and handed a nice walloping to the Elgin squad. Tie games have been played with a number of Chicago teams. Captain Lambeau's squad is not underestimating the strength of their opponents and the gang will be right on edge to give the Racine team a hard fought battle. During the season, the Racine management has thrown a lot of verbal brickbats at the Packers and the Bay team expects to teach Racine that football championships are won on the gridiron and not in the papers of the state...MANY FANS GOING: It is expected that a large number of Packer fans will make the trip to Milwaukee for the game. The excursion last Sunday to Chicago was such a joyfest that many of the rooters will jump at the chance to hop out again and put Green Bay on the map. Reports from Milwaukee show a lot of interest in the game. The fame of the Packers is well known in the Cream City and a big crowd is expected to be on hand when the whistle blows.
NOV 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Well, the Packers didn't and that's all there is to it. However, the Green Bay claimants for midwest professional gridiron honors died fighting and one thing is sure those chesty Staleys knew they had been through a football game. Naturally the Packer followers are a bit disappointed but when one stops to consider the class of the Staley team, the 20 to 0 score doesn't loom so large after all.
DEC 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packer squad of footballers will meet in Milwaukee Saturday morning and stage two practices at the ball park in preparation for the state title clash with the Racine All Americans on Sunday afternoon. The Green Bay squad won't be caught napping and when the whistle blows, Captain Lambeau's eleven will be in shape to give Gillo and his crowd a taste of real pigskin chasing. With the exception of Jab Murray, all of the Packer regulars will be in shape. Smith, who has done valiant service at guard, will be moved over to the snapper back job while his gap at guard will probably be filled by Emmett Keefe, who played with the Packers last Sunday against the Staleys. Tubby Howard's ankle is reported fit again and he will share the honors at fullback with Art Schmael. Reports from Racine carry the news that the All Americans are "loading up" for the conflict. However, the Packers are not worrying and the Green Bay squad feels confident that Racine will be added to the list of victims...ARE COMING STRONG: RACINE - The Racine Legion bugle corps will help make Sunday a gala day at Milwaukee. The musicians will invade the Cream City with their crack team when the Legion engages the Green Bay Packers at Athletic park for the state professional grid championship. Judging from the enthusiasm displayed and the advance ticket sale, fully a thousand Racine rooters and probably many more than that number will journey to Milwaukee for the season's classic. It is predicted that the biggest crowd that ever attended an independent football game will be on hand. A crowd of 8,000 will not be surprising...TEAM TRAINS HARD: The Racine Legionaires practice Thursday and Friday nights at Lakeview and again all Saturday afternoon. The management is taking no chances on not being in condition for the titular struggle. Some new plans of attacks and shifts are being worked out as well as a process of strengthening the defense against forward passes for which the Packers have quite a reputation. Although the Marquette All Stars will play the Beloit Fairies at Janesville Sunday, the Racine additions from that school will play with the Legion with the exception of Captain Sheeley who is slightly injured. Kuchenberg will play quarterback and Bohte center...ANOTHER "STAR" COMING: A star of the highest type whose name at this time cannot be given will also be with the Legion. The man in question was picked all Western halfback this fall and is in his last year of school. It is necessary however to withhold his name until the game, for fear that the authorities at the school he attends may not permit him to leave. Green Bay's wonderful Packers are assured of the stiffest kind of opposition Sunday. Racine fans and the players are confident the state grid title will be brought to this city the first time in history.
DEC 1 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Northwestern railroad has announced a fare-and-a-half rate to Milwaukee for the Packer-Racine game. The cost if $6.57 and the ticket is good from December 3 until December 10 on all trains. It is probable that a big delegation of football fans will take advantage of the reduced rates and see the Packers in action at Brewer park.
NOV 30 (Milwaukee-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Jack Ryan, coach of the Marquette eleven, has been selected to referee the game between the Packers of Green Bay and the American Legion team of Racine at Athletic park Sunday afternoon. William Radtke, coach of South Division, will umpire and John Messmer, the old Wisconsin star, will act as head linesman. The game, which will decide the professional football championship of Wisconsin, is arousing a lot of interest not only in Milwaukee but throughout the state. Both teams will bring big delegations of fans and indications point to the biggest crowd that has ever witnessed a game between independent teams in Milwaukee...RACINE - Three more Marquette university stars will be added to the Racine Legion football team when the Legionairres clash with the Green Bay Packers at Association park, Milwaukee, for the professional championship of the state. The addition of Bohte, center, Captain Sheely, quarterback, and Kuchenberg will give Racine practically a Marquette football team to combat the Packers. The addition of the Marquette men is necessary, owing to injuries in the local roster. It is not a "ringer" trick. Center Dore has been out of the game for two weeks with an injured knee and quarterback Delmore broke his leg in last Saturday's game with Beloit...EIGHT MARQUETTE STARS: The addition of the three will give Racine an almost complete Marquette lineup, which will read like this: Hayes, Marquette, right end; Downey, Marquette, right tackle; Hueller, Racine, right guard; Bohte, Marquette, center; Gorman, Kenosha, left guard; Shackleton, Marquette, left tackle; Rhenstrom, Beloit, left end; Sheeley, Kuchenberg, quarterback; Foster, Indiana, right half; Langhoff, Marquette, left half; Gillo, Colgate, fullback. Delmore was of Marquette as is Wright, substitute quarter and end. The game Sunday will be the biggest event of its kind in which Racine has participated and Racine fans are demonstrating their approval by purchasing tickets for the big event...PROMISE MANY FEATURES: There ought to be many features at the big tilt. The fact alone that it's for the state championship has a heavy drawing power. The more northern cities and those of the central part of the state are anxious to lay eyes on an eleven that dares question the supremacy of the great Packers. Green Bay expects to send down 300 rooters. Racine fans should be stronger than that and will have almost the unanimous support of the Milwaukee fans. The tickets are being sold in section, so that the Racine and Green Bay fans will be in partitions of their own. Both will carry cheerleaders and music. It should be a great day and every Racine fan who possibly can will make the trip to the Cream City for the gala day event.
NOV 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - What was perhaps one of the greatest booster trips ever staged by Green Bayites, the special train to the Packer-Staleys game at Chicago last Sunday was also a financial failure, and as a result the committee that handled the trip are appealing to businessmen and followers of the game to "ante in" with a contribution to help overcome the deficit. The committee believes that there would be sufficient money raised by small contributions to defray the expenses of carrying the booster band to Chicago and the band was engaged and was the big feature of the trip. The amount of money raised by these voluntary donations fell over two hundred dollars short of the cost of the trip. There is no question that the booster band was a great advertisement for Green Bay and the city will long be remembered in downtown Chicago and by sports followers. The band played in every hotel lobby in the "loop" and played throughout the game at Cubs park. Fans who wish to help the committee overcome the loss which they have sustained and which has been guaranteed but not met are urged to get in touch with either Harold T.I. Shannon at No. 50 or with Art Massey at No. 624. Over two hundred dollars must be collected in order to meet the expense of transporting the band to Chicago.
NOV 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Racine, Kenosha and some of the other towns south of Milwaukee are getting all "Het up" before the Racine Legion-Packer moleskin argument which will be staged in Milwaukee on Sunday for the professional championship of the state. Dame Rumor has it that the downstaters are going to "load up" for the Packers in an attempt to cop the state title. Well, let 'em go to it because the Green Bay squad may also have a few surprises in store for the foe. However, there won't
DEC 2 (Milwaukee-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - One of the largest crowds that ever attended a football game here is expected to witness the state professional clash at Athletic park Sunday afternoon between the Green Bay Packers and Racine Legion. Locally, there is much interest in the game. The appearance of these two crack professional teams has kicked up a lot of talk among the football fans and it is a good bet that they will all be on the job in Otto Borchert's backyard when the whistle blows. Will the Packers live up to their reputation? That is the question here. For three years the Green Bay team has ruled supreme in the state. They are called upon to meet a stiff foe. The Racine team is "loaded up" for the game and they are confident of giving the Packers the hottest kind of an argument...MANY RACINE BOOSTERS: At least, a thousand rooters from Kenosha and Racine are coming here for the game and it is expected that a goodly number of Green Bay fans will follow the Packers. Chicago is still talking about the turnout of the Bay rooters for the Staley game. The question of officials is still hanging fire. The Packers are not in favor of Coach Ryan of Marquette or any other connected with the school due to the fact that a number of the Racine players are former Marquette stars. However, this controversy will be easily adjusted at a meeting of the rival captains, Langhoff of Racine and Lambeau of Green Bay, here on Saturday...RACINE WORKS HARD: RACINE - The American Legion football team of Racine drilled steadily for two hours at Lakeview Athletic field last night in preparation for the state championship football clash with the Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee Brewers' park Sunday afternoon. Center Bohte of Marquette was out for practice. Bohte spent two years as center with the Hilltop school, starring both seasons. Langhoff went in at quarter and handled the team like a veteran in the position...CHANGE SIGNALS: Starting last Sunday, a complete revision of the signal system has been made by Coach Bo Hanley. Bo is taking no unnecessary chances with the Packers. De Moe, right end of the Bays, was the captain of the Racine team earlier in the season and it was feared he would naturally explain the Belle City signals to the G.B.'s. Some new formation plays were tried last night that worked fairly well. A better defensive net against the forward pass was also worked on. Tickets for the game in Milwaukee are going like hot cakes in Racine. It is reported that two local sections, E and F, are nearly sold out and the Racine fans will have to hustle and grab their ducats to get the choice reservation blocks.
DEC 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - One of the Milwaukee sport scribes in a comment on the Green Bay-Racine game predicted that the Packer line would get a fearful hammering from Foster, Gillo, Langhoff, the Legion backfield. Well, if they can be any better than Sternaman, Hanley, Stinchomb, Huffine and Pearce, we'll take our hats off to them but we don't think it will be necessary to remove the lid because the Packer line is about as good as any in the country.
DEC 2 (Racine Journal News) - When the Legion eleven clashes with the stronger Green Bay Packers for the Wisconsin pro title at Athletic park, Milwaukee, next Sunday afternoon, it is going to have a 100 percent backing in the grandstands. Practically every ticket put on sale here has been disposed of, according to reports from the various stations. While the demand has been great, the Legion has kept such a watchful eye open that no scalping has been reported. All E and F section pasteboards have been exhausted, so general admission tickets are now on sale. Holders of tickets calling for seats in E and F are cautioned to retain their stubs when they pass through the gates as the stub will be necessary to get into the Racine section. Max Zirbes was anxious to have all the local fans herd together so they could make a big noise when the team needs bucking up. Competent yell leaders will be on hand so none of this steam will be wasted. Jack Caris, chairman of the Booster caravan, says that every car owner who has signed up for the trip has a carload and wants to caution all fans who are not going not to gather at High and Douglas in hopes of a ride unless they have made arrangements with some driver to take them. Special coaches will be attached to the 12 o'clock and 12:30 limiteds on the North Shore. Arrangements are also being made with the M.E.R. & I. Company to run a special but nothing has yet been decided on this matter as yet. The automobile caravan will assemble at High street and Douglas avenue at 11:45 and will start for Milwaukee at noon. Booster signs for the cars can be secured at the North Side Drug store, corner of High street and Douglas avenue, gratis. It is requested that two small American flags be displayed on the front end of every car. There will be a hundred machines in the lineup, according to advices from that city arriving in Milwaukee the caravan will be met by the drum and bugle corps which will get there ahead of it and a parade will be staged on the main street of the city. Green Bay is not going to let Racine swamp her when it comes to sending down big delegations. According to advices from that city a train of eighteen coaches will be sent down and from 800 to 1,000 Green Bay fans will be present. It is said that some of them are bringing bales of green goods, for which Green Bay is noted, along with them which they hope Racine fans will cover with yellow backs. The Racine Legion will be out for practice tonight and tomorrow night at the Lakeview grid. Bo Hanley, the lone coach on the job, is leaving nothing undone to get his men in the pink of condition. He says Green Bay can have all the coaches it wants but that he does not want his men confused at the last minute by conflicting training. The Horlicks have decided to keep their Sunday date open so that the members of the team and their supporters can attend the championship game. This action on the part of the Maids is greatly appreciated by the Legion. John Hueller, Racine guard, will get a chance in the big game. While John is no flash, he is a good consistent player and has been putting up the game of his life this season. It was he who saved the Beloit game two weeks ago when he stopped a Fairies' runner who was on the point of going over the local line for a touchdown. Al Wright, utility man, may also get a chance. He is good at half, quarter, or end and there is a likelihood of his being called into the game. Wright played with Marquette and Notre Dame and while he has been out of the game for two years, he is still fast and tricky. Mauer is another local boys on the team who has been going good. While he ranks as a sub guard he has had a chance in several game and has always made good.
loomed certain and the Bay rooters' yells could be heard way out in Zion City.
Here's the Staleys' giant line responded to the pleadings of Captain Halas and quarterback Pearce. Twice the Packer backs hurled themselves against the stone wall with but scant yardage. Then Art Schmael squeezed through for another 3 yards. The ball was resting on the Staleys' 3 1/2 yard line. On the fourth rush, the Staleys' secondary defense smashed through and the Packers' best chance to score was blocked. Following Stinchomb's run, the Staleys received the kickoff and aided by two "horseshoe" forward passes they rushed the ball within scoring distance. Three times, the Packers stopped 'em dead on the 3 yard line and then Pearce crawled over for a score.
At the start of the second half, the Packers' offensive machine was hitting on "all eleven". Three successive forward passes and some good gains along the sideline rushed the ball to the Staleys' 18 yard line. Once more the Starchmakers stiffened their defense. Three rushes netted about five yards and on the fourth play, a forward pass from Lambeau, just grazed the outstretched fingers of Barry and fell to the ground incomplete. The Staleys swung into action again but they were held scoreless in this quarter and several times the Packers loomed dangerous but the necessary punch was missing when within the Staleys' 30 yard line.
In the fourth quarter, a series of rushes carried the oval to the Packers' 15 yard line. A line plunge made it a first down twelve yards from the Green Bay goal. Three times the smashing Huffine and dashing Stinchomb were stopped in their tracks. The fourth play a double pass forward resulted in Halas grabbing a forward pass behind the Packer goal. The famous Chick Harley, who now looks more like a faded violet, tossed the ball to the Staley captain for the score. Even with three touchdowns against them, the Packers continued their fight. They received the kick and after making a first down, Lambeau shot a long crossfield forward to De Moe who dashed down the field for a 40 yard run. He had a clear field ahead of him but the brilliant Sternamen came dashing across the gridiron at a mile a minute clip and nailed the Packer end on the Staleys' 25 yard line. It wasn't long before the final whistle blew and the Packers beaten but they had won their way into the hearts of the Chicago football fans for their gritty back.

Captain Lambeau lost the toss and defended the west goal with the wind against him. Jab Murray despite his broken hand took his place at center, and kicked to Halas who returned 20 yards. Staleys' ball on their own 30-yard line. Huffine made about a yard and a half through center and went out of bounds. Ball was brought to midfield. Both sides offside, no penalty. Staleys penalized five yards for offside. Ball now on Staleys' 33-yard line. Stinchomb made three yards off right tackle. Huffine punted to Lambeau who ran back 25 yards. Packers' ball on their own 45-yard line. Barry got two yards off left tackle. Barry makes three yards through right guard. Forward pass incomplete. Lambeau throws for a loss of eight yards. Fourth down, ten to go. Buck punted 40 yards down the field. Pearce played ball safe and it bounced over his head. He was downed on the Staleys' 10-yard line. On the exchange of punts, the Packers gained 15 yards. Sternaman got around De Moe for 15 yards. Huffine plunged through center for four yards. Ball on Staleys' 25 yard line. Stinchomb got a yard and a half outside tackle. Pearce makes first down. Ball on Staleys' 31-yard line. Huffine gained a yard on a cross buck, Coughlin dropping him hard. Stinchomb is dumped for no gain. Forward pass incomplete. Fourth down, 8 1/2 yards to go. Trafton makes a bad pass, ball rolls over Huffine's head. It is Green Bay's ball on the Staleys' 7-yard line. Barry got two yards over left tackle. Malone shot through for two yards. Malone makes a yard and a half. Fourth down, three to go. Packers' fourth down is mussed up. Staleys' ball on their own 4-yard line. Huffine punted to Lambeau, who runs the ball back 15 yards. Packers' ball on Staleys' 35-yard line. Packers fumble, but Buck recovered. Second down, ten to go. Schmael plunges out of bounds for a two yard gain. Ball moved to midfield. Forward pass incomplete. Fourth down, three to go. Lambeau failed in field goal. The ball rolled to the Staley 1 1/2 yard line. Huffine kicked out of bounds on Staleys' 30-yard line. Packers' ball. Lambeau got a  yard around right end. Malone got through left tackle for another yard. Schmael got two yards through center. Lambeau's attempted placekick blocked. Buck recovers ball. First down, Packers' ball on Staleys' 40-yard line. Schmael got two yards outside left tackle. Malone made two yards around left tackle. Malone made two yards around right tackle. Lambeau shoots a forward pass to Barry for ten yards, the down questioned. Packers made first down on Staleys' 30-yard line. Schmael got five yards over left tackle. Barry failed to gain. Second down, five to go.
Packers' ball on Staleys' 28-yard line. Forward pass incomplete. Fourth down Packers ball, five to go. Forward pass incomplete, Staleys' ball on 28-yard line. Sternaman plunges through center for nine yards. Stinchomb gets around for a first down with about 10 yards to spare. Huffine got a couple through center. Huffine made three more. Huffine got a first down, Staleys' ball on Packers' 45-yard line. Pearce made two through center. Stinchomb ran 45 yards around left end for touchdown. It was a beautiful run. Sternaman kicked goal. Score: Staleys, 7; Packers, 0. Packers kicked to Stinchomb who is dropped on Staleys' 28-yard line by Coughlin. Pearce makes two yards outside right tackle. Huffine is dumped after a yard gain. Staleys fuss a play, technical offside. Trafton used his head and did not pass ball. Pearce shoots forward pass to Sternaman to Halas who travels to Packers' 35-yard line before being downed. Sternaman downed, no gain. Sternaman plunged through for a first down. Staleys' ball on Packers' 12-yard line. Stinchomb got two yards outside left tackle. First down. Huffine made two, ball on Packers' 2-yard line. Pearce plunged over for a touchdown. Sternaman kicked goal. Score: Staleys, 14; Packers, 0. Packers received kick. Lanum replaced Sternaman for Staleys. Huffine kicks to Barry who returns the ball 20 yards to Packers' 21-yard line. Staleys are penalized 15 yards for roughing the carrier. Packers' ball on their own 35-yard line. Schmael got two through center. Lambeau shot a forward pass to Barry for 15 yard gain. Packers' ball on Staleys' 43-yard line. Malone got a yard through center. A fake forward pass gave Lambeau five yards. Third down, two to go. Forward pass incomplete. Buck punted to Pearce who was downed on Staleys' 21 yard line. He only came back two yards. Huffine got two yards through center. Huffine thrown for a loss of four yards by Malone as the whistle blows for halftime.
Trafton kicked to Coughlin, who was downed on the Packers' 30 yard line. De Moe caught a forward pass for a 40 yard gain. Ball on Staleys' 35 yard line. Barry plunges through for first down. Packers' ball on Staleys' 25-yard line. Schmael gets a yard off right tackle and falls out of bounds. Ball brought to midfield. Schmael gets through for two yards. Lanum intercepted a forward pass on Staleys' 18-yard line. Lanum found a hole outside tackle and plunges outside for five yards. Huffine made a couple. Huffine got four more. Boland replaced Huffine. Staleys' ball first down on their own 40-yard line. Lanum failed to gain. Stinchomb shoots through for seven yards. Lanum fumbled but recovered ball. Lanum kicked to Malone. Packers' ball in midfield. Lambeau is thrown for a loss on an incompleted forward pass. Lambeau punted to Stinchomb who was downed in midfield. Boland gained yard through center. Schmael intercepted a forward pass on 30-yard line, Packers' ball. Malone got through Blacklock for four yards. No gain. Buck punted out of bounds on Staleys' 15-yard line. It was a wellplaced kick and over Stinchomb's head. Boland got three through center. Labum made three yards on a cross buck. Stinchomb shot around end for 13 yards. Staleys' ball on their own 40 yard line. Boland got five yards. Boland plunges through for 11 yards, making first down. Ball on Packers' 45-yard line. Pearce got around end for four yards. Usher replaced Smith at guard. Forward pass incomplete. Staleys punt out of bounds. Packers' ball on their own 12 yard line. Incomplete forward pass, Malone just missing the ball after a 40 yard sprint. Buck punted to Staleys' 45-yard line. Boland got two off center. Staleys fumbled, but recovered losing a couple yards. End quarter. Staleys' ball on their own 45-yard line
Harley replaced Stinchomb. Wilson took Carey's place. Forward pass incomplete. Boland punted to Lambeau who was downed on his 28-yard line, Packers' ball. Forward pass incomplete. Another forward pass failed. Fourth down, nine to go. Lambeau punts to midfield to Harley who is dropped on the 50-yard line. Harley is dumped without a gain. Forward pass incomplete. Both sides offside. No penalty, down remains the same. Staleys completed forward, Harley to Sternaman. Staleys' ball on Packers' 24-yard line. Boland got two yards. Forward pass incomplete. Staleys' ball on Packers' 18-yard line. Harley got about three yards. Staleys make first down, ball on Packers' 12-yard line. Boland makes three yards. Harley got a yard on a fake spread formation. Packers hold Harley on a center smash. Fourth down, five to go. Halas receives forward pass from Harley for touchdown. Sternaman missed goal. Score: Staleys, 20; Packers, 0. Wagner replaces Barry. Usher kicked to Malone who is thrown on Packers' 22-yard line. Schmael got through for five yards. Lambeau shot a forward pass to De Moe who ran to the Staleys' 25-yard line, a sprint of 45 yards. Lambeau got around end for two yards. Schmael was dropped without a gain. Third down, eight to go. Klaus replaced Murray. Forward pass incomplete. Staleys' ball on their 14-yard line. Boland got two outside left tackle. Boland got three outside left tackle. Time up.
DEC 3 (Milwaukee-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football followers in this city are on their tip toes with excitement over Sunday's state professional title game which will be played at the Milwaukee ball park between the Green Bay Packers and Racine Legion. All indications point to a bumper throng. The advance sale is unusually heavy. The Racine delegation will be about a thousand and they will be augmented with a drum corps and band. Many fans of Green Bay are expected and the Packers' rooters ranks will be swelled by hundred of Milwaukeeans who have followed the fortunes of the Green Bay team for the past three years ...BETTING IS BRISK: Betting on the game is brisk. There is a lot of Packer money in sight and the Racine fans don't appear to be at all bashful about backing their team but they are asking the short end of 4 to 3 odds. The gridiron at the Brewers' ball park will be in good shape for the game. Otto Borchert, under whose auspices the contest is being staged, has had a force of caretakers at work on the playing field and, unless there is another wet spell, the turf will be pretty well dried out...MANY FANS GOING: Although there is no organized excursion to Milwaukee, lumberjack band, etc., etc., many fans are taking advantage of the fare 
be any changes in the regular lineup with the exception of center. Murray's broken hands will prevent his playing.