Green Bay Packers (3-1) 14, Hammond Pros (1-3-1) 7
Sunday November 13th 1921 (at Green Bay)
(GREEN BAY) - Cutting loose with a super brand of football, the Green Bay Packers took a fall out of Hammond in an American Professional Football league game Sunday afternoon at Hagemeister park by the score of 14 to 7 before a small sized crowd. The Packers played their best game of the season. They got off on the right foot and, marking up a pair of touchdowns before the end of the first quarter, were never headed. The invaders' lone score came in the third quarter, when Olitz picked up the ball, after Depier had blocked a punt and galloped 20 yards for the touchdown.
Aside from this one touchdown, the much heralded invaders were never even dangerous. Not once during the entire game did they have the ball inside of the Packers' 30 yard line despite the fact that Manager Doc Young had bolstered up his team purposely to take the Packers into camp. Hank Gillo, former Colgate All-American star, now playing with Racine, and Charles (Red) Jackson, ex-Chicago captain, were used by Hammond without success to mow down the Packers. Charlie Mathys got a warm reception. The former West Sider showed flashes of his old form at quarter for the visitors and he got away with several good gains when carrying the ball. Depler, Hammond center, played a whale of a game and he was all over the field on the defensive. Risley was also very much in evidence while Olitz's dash for a touchdown was a pretty piece of work.
Every man on the Packer team played bang up football. Smith, a newcomer in the Packer squad, showed class galore at guard. He was in every mixup, getting more than his share of tackles. Malone covered himself with glory. His zigzagging dashes outside of tackle gained many a yard for the home team. Coughlin continued his splendid work in the line, while Cub Buck, as usual, was a bulwark on the defense. Lambeau shot his forward passes with deadly accuracy while Milt Wilson's sensational punting was one of the outstanding features of the game. The crowd was a disappointment. Once more the management lost money and it is probable that for the remainder of the season the Packers will have to travel abroad due to the lack of support at home.
The game was a bit late in starting. It was about 2:30 when referee Murphy got the teams into action. Captain Lambeau won the toss and chose to kick off from the west end of the field. Jab Murray sent the oval sailing down to Hammond's goal line and Gillo was dumped on the twenty yard mark. Mathys attempted three line rushes, alternating the ball in the backfield but the rushes only netted about 5 yards. Derr dropped back to punt and he fumbled the pass from Depler. It was the Packers' ball. Three line thrusts netted a first down and then Hammond was set back 5 yards more for offside. With the ball on the visitor's 2 yard line, Captain Lambeau followed through Jab Murray for the first touchdown. He also kicked the goal. This score came after five minutes of play.
Once more Murray booted to Hammond and the ball 

The Hammond Pros from Hammond, Indiana played in the National Football League from 1920 to 1926 as a traveling team. The Pros were established by Paul Parduhn and Dr. Alva Young who was a boxing promoter, owner of a racing stable and a doctor and trainer for a semi-pro football team operated by the Hammond Clabby Athletic Association from 1915–17. It's believed that Dr. Young was part owner of the team. Dr. Young presided over a new team known as the "Hammond All-Stars," played against many of the teams that would become the backbone of the American Professional Football Association that year (including the Racine Cardinals, Detroit Heralds, Rock Island Independents, Minneapolis Marines, Cleveland Tigers, Canton Bulldogs, and Toledo Maroons), and went to the meeting in Canton, Ohio at which the APFA was formed in 1920. (It is said that the game between Hammond and Canton, which drew between 10,000 and 12,000 spectators, was the game that convinced team owners that a league would be viable.) In 1919, the team starred George Halas at wide receiver; Halas left for the Decatur Staleys – the future Chicago Bears – the next year and remained with that franchise as a player, coach and owner until his death in 1983. The Hammond Pros played most of its games in Chicago's Cub Park, which is now known as Wrigley Field. Despite the name, the Pros were never really more than a semi-pro team. Most of the players were locals who had full-time jobs and couldn't practice much, so Hammond was simply no match for most other NFL teams. It also didn't help that the Pros played most of their games on the road because Hammond lacked a field with any kind of seating capacity. Nevertheless, Young kept the team going in the NFL for seven years, during which they held a combined record of 5 wins, 26 losses, and 4 ties. They managed to reach .500 only once, with a 2-2-record in 1924. Young might have kept it going even longer, but after winning the 1926 battle with the American Football League, the NFL decided to scale down to 12 teams, getting rid of many of the smaller franchises, including the Pros. Of the nine African-American players in the league during those years, six played for the Pros, including the first African-American head coach in the NFL, Fritz Pollard. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
NOV 20 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Packers on the eve of their battle with Paddy Driscoll's Chicago Cardinals feel confident of victory. Every man on the squad is in the best of condition for the hardest team the Green Bay outfit has combated this present season. The team was put through three days of strenuous practice and it is certain better teamwork will be displayed in this game than in any
NOV 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Some game. The Packers improve. Every time they get into action. The team is now a sweet little machine. And what's more it is hitting on "All Eleven". Hammond had the individual stars but little team play. King, the visitor's star, rushed into the game but he couldn't turn the tide. Hank Gillo of All American fame bumped his head up against the Packers' line with little success. Still the Racine star has got a hunch that his own team can beat the Packers. He wants to play in Milwaukee...It seemed funny to see Charlie Mathys battling as a foe on a Green Bay gridiron. The former West sider was much in evidence...The Bay rooters were anxious to see Mathys make good and he got a big hand from the crowd every time he piled up any yardage...Deppler and Jab Murray had a battle royal at center. Jab covered him with glory and the All Western star had a busy afternoon...This young Mr. Smith, who played a guard position for the Packers, proved himself quite some footballer. After about five minutes of play everybody wanted to know who the new man was...Umpire Daniels of Chicago gave the Packers quite a boost saying that the Green Bay team was about as good looking a football machine as he has laid eyes on this season. "Buck's a bear" was a comment...That Lambeau-De Moe forward pass play for a touchdown was a brilliant piece of footballing. The Packer captain timed his throw to the minute and De Moe grabbed the pigskin while on the dead run. It was great work...Milt Wilson gave the greatest exhibition of kicking that has been set on the Hagemeister park gridiron this season. The big guard's spirals sailed a mile and he had about a 50 yard average for the game besides placing his punts nicely...The snow covered gridiron made the ball slippery and towards the close of the game the pigskin was difficult but even at that fumbles were few and far between. Both safeties grabbed off the punts as if they had glue on their hands.
NOV 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - All roads lead to Chicago this week. The Packers, playing their first out of town game of the season, will meet the Chicago Cardinals, Paddy Driscoll's crack team in an American Professional football contest at Normal park Sunday afternoon. Hundreds of fans from here will hit the trail for the Windy City. Many are leaving Friday night so as to take in either the Marquette-Notre Dame game at Milwaukee or the Chicago-Wisconsin game at Chicago on Saturday. However, when the whistle blows Sunday afternoon, they will all be on the job at Normal park rooting their heads off for a Packer victory. Jimmy Coffeen has undertaken the Booster's excursion to Chicago. He is now negotiating with the railroads for a greatly reduced rate. It is expected that special cars will be attached to the trains leaving here at midnight on Friday and Saturday. Those planning on making the trip are urged to get in touch with Coffeen immediately as he has to close his arrangements not later than Thursday afternoon. The Packer squad will leave here Thursday morning for Chicago. Rather than have Coughlin, De More, Hayes, Malone, Berry and Smith come to the Bay for the workouts, the footballers from here will go to Chicago and practice on a Windy City gridiron. This will enable the team to shake off their travel legs before Sunday's game...AT STRATFORD HOTEL: The Green Bay headquarters during the stay in Chicago will be at the Stratford Hotel, Jackson and Michigan. All the fans following the Packers are urged to put up there. Many of the Green Bay boys now living in Chicago are making plans for a "Green Bay Reunion" Saturday night.
NOV 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Arrangements are pending for a play by play service on the Packers-Chicago Cardinal game on Sunday. The fans who stay at home will have a chance to get the news hot off the wire at Turner hall. Turner hall and Normal park, Chicago, will be connected by a direct wire and two seconds after a play is made in Chicago, the fans at home will know all about it. This is the same service the Rock Island fans got when the Independents were playing here.
NOV 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Football fans from this part of the state will probably launch their biggest invasion of the season on Saturday. Two big games are scheduled. Marquette will be at home in Milwaukee with Knute Rockne's Notre Dame squad while the Badgers invade Chicago for a tilt with Stagg's Maroons. Both these games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday the Green Bay Packers are booked to meet Paddy Driscoll's Cardinals in the Windy City...Although professional football is attracting more attention than ever before, there is hardly a team in the country which is not running behind financially. The players are demanding top heavy salaries and the gate receipts come nowhere near meeting expenses. It is said that the Staleys and Buffalo are ahead of the game but all the other squads are far in arrears.
NOV 16 (Chicago-Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Out of the woods come the Green Bay Packers and this much talked of football team will face Paddy Driscoll's Cardinals at Normal park Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The appearance of this Badger team has kicked up interest in football circles. The Packers have long been famous on the chalk marked field and this year they are stronger than ever. They have scored victories over the Boosters, Cornell-Hamburgs, Beloit Fairies, Minneapolis Marines and Hammond Professionals, losing only to the Rock Island Independents who also beat the Cardinals. The Packers are considered one of the strongest squad in the midwest. Included in their lineup are a number of college stars. In Cub Buck of Wisconsin and Coughlin of Notre Dame, they have two of the greatest tackles playing professional football. Tubby Howard of Indiana, Malone, Berry and Lambeau of Notre Dame form the backfield. Lambeau is considered a wicked thrower of the forward pass. De Moe of Syracuse and Hayes of Notre Dame play the ends. Murray, former Marquette star, is the center while Wilson, who saw service at Great Lakes, and Joe Carey, former member of the Cardinals, hold down the guard berths. The Badgers arrive here on Thursday and will spend three days in practice for Sunday's game. Indications point to a
NOV 16 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Malone shoots outside of tackle for three yards. Hayes makes first down on forward pass from Lambeau. Packers ball in midfield." This is what the football fans who can't make the trip to Chicago will be hearing Sunday afternoon at Turner hall. Arrangements have been made for the minute service play by play bulletins on the Packer-Chicago game. Turner hall will be in direct connection with the Normal park field Chicago. A leased wire has been secured and two of the best Western Union operators have been assigned to the task of flashing the results hot off the gridiron. Two seconds after a play has been pulled off in Chicago, the spectators at Turner hall will know all about it. The bulletin service will start about 1:30 and continue until the final whistle blows. Sidelines and features will be covered in detail. As soon as a flash comes off the wire the announcer will spread the news in the hall. The bulletins will be given out so that the position of the ball as to yardage is included in every report. Arrangements have been made at Turner hall to seat 700 spectators. A nominal charge will be made to offset the cost of the special leased wire and the operators. This play by play service was worked at Rock Island when the Independents played here and over 2,000 fans jammed the auditorium in Rock Island.
NOV 17 (Chicago Tribune) - Paddy Driscoll and his Chicago Cardinals have booked a strenuous game of football for Sunday at Normal Park. They are slated to hook up with the husky Green Bay Packers, who will present a lineup which numbers such stars as Cub Buck, famous University of Wisconsin tackle; Barry, Malone, Lambeau, Coughlin and Hayes, all heroes of the collegiate game at Notre Dame. Tickets for the game are on sale at Spalding's and at Pete's place, 55th street and Racine avenue. The kickoff is scheduled for 2 o'clock.
NOV 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The vanguard of the Packer football team pulled out for Chicago this morning where on Sunday they are booked to clash in an American Professional game with Paddy Driscoll's Cardinals at Normal park. Another delegation of Packers will leave over the midnight train this evening and, with the exception of two men, every player on the squad will be in Chicago hard at practice Friday morning. Two workouts are planned Friday, there will be a drill Saturday morning, and a signal drill Sunday morning. Saturday afternoon the Packers will witness the Big Ten clash between Chicago and Wisconsin. Coughlin, Hayes, Malone, Barry and Smith will meet the Packers when they arrive in Chicago. Tubby Howard goes direct to the Windy City from Mondovi while Jab Murray will travel along from Milwaukee where he has been the past few days assisting Coach Ryan while Marquette into shape for the Notre Dame fracas. The Packers are hopeful of springing a surprise on the Cardinals. In discussing the game, Coach Hoeffel said: "Paddy Driscoll and his tribe will have to show a lot of class to beat us. The players are working together finely and I think that we will show the Chicago fans a class of football which will surprise them."...MUCH INTEREST SHOWN: Chicago - The Green Bay Packer-Chicago Cardinal game Sunday promises to attract the biggest crowd of the season. The appearance of the Green Bay team is creating a lot of interest and many of the football enthusiasts are keen to see this aggregation of former collegiate stars in action. The contest will be staged on the Normal park gridiron. During their stay in Chicago, the Packers will be quartered at the Stratford hotel, Michigan and Jackson, where reservations have been made to house all the Green Bay fans.
NOV 17 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Green Bay football fans who can't make the trip to Chicago for the Packer-Cardinal game will be given an opportunity right at home to "see" the game hot off the wire. A direct wire from Normal park, Chicago, where the game will be played, to Turner hall, Green Bay, has been leased and two seconds after a play is made on the Windy City gridiron, it will be known to footballers at home who are spending the afternoon in Turner hall. The wire will begin ticking about 1:30. Aside from the regular running story of the game, which the announcer will give out play by play, there will be interesting sidelights of what is going on at the field and a bit of dope on what the Green Bay fans are doing at the game. The doors at Turner hall will be opened at 1 o'clock and it is expected that there will be a big crowd of fans in attendance to "see" the game over the wire. This is the first time this has been tried here and, with Green Bay suffering from a bad attack of "footballitis", it is felt certain that Turner hall will be jammed to the doors.
NOV 18 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Heads up football fans! If you want to get your seats for the wire contest which will be held at Turner hall reporting the American Professional Football league game between the Green Bay Packer aggregation and Paddy Driscoll's Chicago Cardinals, get 'em early or you won't be able to get in. Mulligan Seroogy will handle the megaphone and his amusing antics ought to be a big attraction of the afternoon game. Each play will be given off the wire by downs and although the players can't be seen in action, a little use of the imagination will probably add more excitement than if one were present itself. Add to this the fact that the fan has all the comforts of being on the inside in a heated building while the ones who were brave enough to make the trip will probably be wishing that they had put on that extra pair of socks and at the same time be wishing that they had put on three or four overcoats...GATE OPEN 1:30: The very nominal admission price of one half a buck will be charged to anyone wishing to take advantage of this advanced stage of witnessing a football battle. The gates will be thrown open at 1:30 p.m., and those wishing to avoid the crush at the entrance are advised to be on hand early. A bumper crowd is expected to attend this unique and novel way of putting on a gridiron contest. At Rock Island every time the team leaves its home fires a wire report of the game is sent to the folks back home and a crowd of about 1,500 attends these seances. Ladies as well as gentlemen are invited to attend...PRACTICING HARD: With one more hard practice, the Packers will finish their drilling for the game with Paddy Driscoll's Chicago Cardinals. The team has been working out the last two days under the supervision of Coach Hoeffel and the rough spots in the teamwork are being smoothed out nicely. All the men were at the workout the exception of Jab Murray, who is helping Jack Ryan whip the Marquette team into shape for the impending battle with Notre Dame and Curly Lambeau. Curly left last night for the Windy City and will be there for the big workout today. The entire football squad will turn out tomorrow afternoon to witness the conference game between Chicago and Wisconsin and the Packer rooters who journeyed to the big town in advance will have the chance of seeing these two strong conference teams tear at each other. Many of the rooters will be leaving tonight but it is expected that the large crowd will leave on Saturday night. Paddy Driscoll's bunch realize that they have a hard battle on their hands and are trying to develop an aerial offense knowing that the Packer line is well nigh impenetrable. The game is stirring up a lot of interest in "Chi" and they figure there that the Packers have a good chance to cop...CARDINALS PREPARE: Chicago - Captain Paddy Driscoll and his buddies on the Chicago Cardinal eleven are slated for a strenuous session at Normal park, Sixty-first Street and Racine avenue, next Sunday afternoon when they hook up with the powerful Green Bay Packers. The Wisconsin giants are coming to town heavily loaded with former greats of western collegiate circles, headed by Cub Buck, the famous Badger tackle; Frank Coughlin, Barry, Malone and Lambeau all of Notre Dame, and other notables. The Packers met the strong Hammond Professionals last Sunday and walloped them 14 to 7. A week previous the Cardinals playing the Hammonds ground out a 7 to 0 victory, so the two teams appear to be closely matched. Chris O' Brien, manager of the Cardinals, has strengthened his team for this battle and the South Siders who have been drilling for several days expect to overcome the visitors by employing a forward passing game with Driscoll directing the aerial attack. Tickets for the game were placed on sale this morning.
huge throng because many of the spectators at the Wisconsin-Chicago contest will stay over for the gridiron clash. It is said that 400 Green Bay fans, led by the mayor of the city, will arrive here on Sunday morning. The visitors will put up at the Stratford Hotel during their stay in Chicago.
NOV 16 (Chicago Tribune) - Chris O'Brien, manager of the Chicago Cardinals, yesterday scheduled a game with the Green Bay professional football team for Sunday at Normal park. The Badgers won from Hammond last Sunday, 14 to 7. Buck, a former Wisconsin tackle, is captain of Green Bay and he has a number of former well known college players on the team. 
the 20 yard mark. The invaders couldn't gain and Derr punted to Lambeau in midfield after 3 downs. Malone
and Schmael snaked through for a first down. The visitors held tight for three plays and Lambeau's attempted dropkick fell short. The ball was put in play on the 20 yard line. Mathys got five and Gillo six giving Hammond their first down. A penalty for offside set the Packers back five. Gillo's long forward was intercepted by Lambeau and the Packer captain dashed back to Hammond's 30 yard line before he was spilled by Derr who was injured making the tackle. The visitor's stonewall defense showed itself and the Packers gained but little yardage in three downs. Lambeau tried another dropkick, the ball rolling out of bounds on Hammond's one yard line. Derr punted from behind his own goal line. It was a weak attempt and rolled out of bounds on the 15 yard mark. The line plunges made six yards for the Packers but the triple pass fizzled due to a fumble and the mighty Depler covered for Hammond. Once more Derr booted from behind the goal posts to Lambeau who was downed on the 40 yard line.
Here the prettiest play of the game was pulled off. After two line plunges had failed, Lambeau stepped back as if to dropkick but instead he fooled the visitors and sailed a forward pass 35 yards into the waiting arms of De Moe who stepped the remaining distance for a touchdown. Coughlin blocked two men on the play. Lambeau kicked the goal. Time was up for the quarter. Hammond kicked off and Malone was downed by Mathys on the 25 yard line. Two plays netted a scant 4 yards and Wilson punted. It was a soaring spiral and Derr was dropped by Hayes on Hammond's 30 yard line. Gillo and Hess came through with a first down
but the invader's rush halted when De Moe intercepted a forward pass end traveled to Hammond's thirty yard line when Depler sat on his neck.
Three Packer forward passes went astray. The Packers were penalized for offside. Lambeau failed in a field goal and Hammond scrimmage on the 20 yard mark. Derr got around end for 15 yards and Gillo made another first down. The Packers braced and Derr punted to Lambeau who brought the ball back to the Packers' 45 yard line when Depler sat on his neck. Lambeau booted to Hess who was downed on Hammond's 10 yard mark. Derr kicked again from behind his own goal line. It was the Packers' ball in midfield. Schmael and Berry shot through for a first down. Hammond was penalized 5 yards for offside. Lambeau tried three forwards without success. The last throw just grazed Hayes' fingertips as he shot across the goal line. Hammond put the ball in play on the 20 yard line. The visitors tried a double pass forward but Jab Murray grabbed the pigskin out of the air and it was the Packers' ball on Hammond's forty yard mark.
The visitors mussed up some forward passes and secured the ball on downs but lost the oval again on the next play when De Moe pulled down a forward. Three plays later, Gillo handed the same dose of medicine to the Packers. The invaders couldn't gain and punted to midfield when time was called for the half. Proceedings in the second half opened up with Hammond kicking to the Packers who were held tight on three downs. Wilson then punted to Hammond's 20 yard line. It was a peach of a kick. King, who had taken Gillo's place at full for Hammond, tried his luck twice against the Packer scrimmaged front and he was turned back. Derr punted to midfield. The slippery condition of the ball on the snow covered field sort of crimped the Packers' aerial attack and the Packers had to kick after three downs. King was dumped on his 30 yard mark. A penalty set Hammond back five.
With King leading the attack, the visitors piled up three first downs in a healthy march down the field. However, on the 35 yard line, the Packers braced. Two forward passes were blocked, King only made two on a line plunge and the lateral pass, Mathys to Hanke, was grounded. It was the Packers' ball. Three downs netted about six yards and Wilson dropped back for a punt. Depler and Olitz came bearing down on the Packer bootsmith like a couple of mad bulls. Depler blocked the kick and Olitz scooped up the pigskin and traveled for a touchdown. Risely, who captained Indiana last year, kicked the goal.
This score sort of gave the invaders new life and Hess ran back Murray's kickoff to the 40 yard line. Smith stopped him with a smashing tackle. Two plays made four yards, then a trick pass failed. King fumbled the pigskin and Wilson covered for the Packers on Hammond's 40 yard mark when time was called for the quarter. On the first play of the final quarter, Lambeau lobbed a freak forward pass to Hayes for a 20 yard gain. A first down put the ball on Hammond's 30 yard line. Three plays netted but a few yards, then Lambeau tried a placekick. The ball missed the uprights only by inches, many of the spectators thinking it was a sure count. Hammond scrimmaged on the 20 yard line and Mathys wormed his way off tackle for a first down. The other visiting backs couldn't gain and Derr punted to Lambeau, who was downed in midfield by Roberts. Lambeau punted to King on Hammond's 15 yard line. For the remainder of the period both teams resorted to the punting game, hopeful of a fumble due to the slippery condition of the ball but none of the receivers miscued and the ball was about in midfield when final time was called.
contest this season. A win for the Packers over this classy bunch of footballers will probably mean a game with one of the big teams in the east. A game may also be secured with the Decatur Staleys who have twice defeated the Rock Island Independents and about the only undefeated professional football team in the middle west. The Windy City bunch is trying to develop an offense which will take the Packers off their feet. The wily Driscoll realizes that the powerful line of the Green Bay team will be hard to penetrate and he is figuring on shooting a determined aerial offense against the husky northern aggregation. A large advance sale of the pasteboards indicate that a large crowd of football followers will jam the stands at Normal park where the tussle is to be put on. The rooters at home will be able to get an accurate description of every thing that is pulled of on the Chicago field. A large advance sale of tickets for the game by wire has been made and all indications point to a large number of rooters who could not possibly go to Chicago being on hands to hear the reports hot off the wire at Turner hall. Mulligan Seroogy has been selected as the man to do the refereeing of the telegraph reports and he will shout 'em out through the megaphone...BY CAL: Chicago - The Green Bay Packers indulged in a hard workout at Loyola Field Friday afternoon in preparation for their game with the Chicago Cardinals on Sunday afternoon at Normal Park here. The Green Bay team looked exceptionally good in their practice. Captain Lambeau, Howard, Schmael and Berry worked in the backfield, Hayes and De More were playing the end with Coughlin and Buck at the tackles, Smith, Wilson and Carey alternated at guards, Jab Murray snapped the ball at the center. A large number of Green Bay fans are already on the scene. They are betting even money that the Packers kick the Cardinals into camp in Sunday's game. A big group of seats have been set aside for the Green Bay fans. Reservations can be made either at the Stratford Hotel, or Normal Park. Friday night Chicago was engulfed with wave after wave of Wisconsin students who arrived on the scene early for the Badger clash with J. Stagg's Maroons on Saturday. Hundreds of these Madison collegians will stay over Sunday in "Chi" to root for the Packers. Cub Buck and Coach Joe Hoeffel were busy renewing old acquaintances with former Badgers here. Weather conditions here however are not quite suitable to the Packers' style of football. It has been soft and sloppy the last two days and indications are that the gridiron at Normal park will not be productive of a former passing attack. However, Coach Hoeffel is confident that his smashing backs will be able to tear great gaps in the Cardinal line. The soft turf will also prove a drawback to the Chicago team, because the fleet-footed Paddy Driscoll won't be able to show the speed expected of him. It is reported here that Manager Chris O' Brien of the Cardinals has injected some new blood into his lineup for Sunday's game. As yet, the Packer informants have not been able to ascertain who the new men are in the Cardinal lineup.
NOV 20 (Chicago Tribune) - Old gridiron favorites are scheduled to kick up the turf at Normal park, 61st Street and Racine Avenue, this afternoon when the husky Green Bay Packers tackle Paddy Driscoll's Chicago Cardinals. The kickoff is schedule for 2 o'clock. Prominent among the stars to grace the Packers' lineup are Cub Buck, former star tackle at Wisconsin; Joe Carey, left guard, a member of the famous Ragens, and five ex-topliners at Notre Dame in the persons of Frank Coughlin, Norman Barry, Grover Malone, Hayes and Lambeau. The Packers last Sunday walloped the Hammonds, 14 to 7, and in a recent engagement with the Hammonds, Captain Driscoll and his comrades ground out a 7 to 0 victory.