HAGEMEISTER PARK (1919-22) - The book “A City and Its Team” used a 1923 picture of the Packers posing in a T-formation to try and pinpoint the location of the team’s field at Hagemeister. But the book wrongly concluded that the picture was taken from behind what is now East High by a photographer facing southwest. In reality, the picture was taken in Joannes Park, where the Packers practiced in 1923, with the camera pointed northwest toward the old Hagemeister Clubhouse, located at the corner of Walnut and Baird. The book also identified a picture taken in Hagemeister Park with Model Ts in the foreground and a ballpark in the back with a fence and bleachers as the Packers’ first home in 1919. That caption was wrong, too. In 1919, the Packers played on an open field, according to several stories written over the years by Calhoun and Rudolph. There was no fence or any bleachers. In 1920, local volunteers built a fence around a 400- by 200-foot area in Hagemeister Park so the Packers could charge admission and make money. Some bleachers also were erected. The lumber was donated by the Indian Packing Co., the Packers’ original sponsor. But when the season ended, the fence and stands were torn down, and the lumber was returned to the packing company. In the spring of 1921, a fence and stands were rebuilt for the local baseball team. Then when the Packers were admitted to what is now the NFL in late August, workers rushed to increase capacity to 3,600 by building box seats and bleachers extending between the 20-yard lines on both sides of the field. The ballpark was located roughly on what today would be the eastern half of East High based on survey maps in the Brown County Planning Dept., city fire atlases, Press-Gazette stories and various pictures. In the spring of 1923, the Green Bay School Board ordered that the Hagemeister ballpark be torn down immediately so construction could start on East High. The wood from the stadium was cut into sections, moved and used to build Bellevue Park, which was put up in less than three weeks to accommodate the local baseball team. “A City and Its Team” erroneously stated Bellevue was built five years earlier. (SOURCE: "Green Bay Packers history becomes a mix of facts, fiction" Green Bay Press-Gazette, October 31st 2011)
Nate Abrams           Al Martin
Henry (Tubby) Bero    Orlo Wylie McLean
Bradlee               Andy Muldoon
Jim Coffeen           Herbert Nichols
Jim Desjardin         Al Petcka
Dutch Dwyer           Sam Powers
Riggie Dwyer          Gus Rosenow
Jen Gallagher         Charlie Sauber
Fritz Gavin           Lyle (Cowboy) Wheeler
Wally Ladrow          Milt Wilson
Curly Lambeau         Martin Zoll
Wes Leaper            Carl Zoll
Herm Martell                  
1919 REGULAR SEASON (10-1) Click here ​for game results
SEPTEMBER (3-0)                                                                                                            
14 Menominee North End A.C.       W 53- 0      1- 0-0  1,500  26 Oshkosh Professionals          W 85- 0      7- 0-0    N/A
21 Marinette Northerners          W 61- 0      2- 0-0    N/A  NOVEMBER (3-1)                                              
28 New London                     W 54- 0      3- 0-0    N/A  2 Milwaukee Maple Leaf AC         W 53- 0      8- 0-0    N/A
OCTOBER (4-0)                                                 9 Chicago Chilar A.C.             W 46- 0      9- 0-0    N/A
5  Sheboygan Company C            W 87- 0      4- 0-0    N/A  16 at Stambaugh Miners            W 17- 0     10- 0-0  2,500
12 Racine                         W 76- 6      5- 0-0    N/A  23 at Beloit Professionals        L  0- 6     10- 1-0    N/A
On the evening of August 11, 1919, a group of young athletes, called together by Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun, gathered in the dingy editorial room of the old Green Bay Press-Gazette building and organized a football team. The initial spark had been struck a few weeks before during a casual street corner conversation between Lambeau and Calhoun. They talked Curly's employer at the Indian Packing Company into putting up some money for equipment. Because the packing company, which also permitted the use of its athletic field for practice, had provided the team's jerseys the club was identified in its early publicity as a project of the company. With this tie-in the name "Packers" was a natural, although the corporation had practically faded out of the picture before the season was half over. That 1st season the team won 10 games and lost only 1 against other teams from Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Games were played in an open field with no fences or bleachers, and interested fans "passed the hat." In 1920, a section of stands was built, but it was just a small bleacher with a capacity of a couple hundred, on one side of the field, and a fee charged to sit there.
OK, so, technically, this list should be the first teams in the American Professional Football Association. The league would not be known as the NFL until 1921. The league was formed in Canton, Ohio on August 20 by four independent professional American football teams from Ohio: Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Tigers, and Dayton Triangles. 
AKRON PROS (1920-1926) - The team originated in 1908 as a semi-pro team named the Akron Indians, however name was changed to the Pros in 1920. In 1926, the name was changed to back the Akron Indians, after the earlier semi-pro teams. Due to financial problems, the team suspended operations in 1927 and surrendered its franchise the following year.
BUFFALO ALL-AMERICANS (1920-27, 29) - The franchise was called the Buffalo All-Stars from 1915 to 1917, Buffalo Niagaras in 1918, the Buffalo Prospects in 1919, Buffalo All-Americans from 1920-1923, Buffalo Bisons from 1924-1925, 1927 and 1929, and the Buffalo Rangers in 1926. The franchise did not play in 1928 after experiencing financial issues.
CANTON BULLDOGS (1920-25, 26) - They played in the Ohio League from 1903 to 1906 and 1911 to 1919, and in the NFL from 1920 to 1923 and 1925 to 1926. The Bulldogs won the 1922 and 1923 titles. Before the 1927 season, the league decided to purge itself of some of the weaker franchise. Twelve teams were jettisoned, including the Bulldogs.
CHICAGO TIGERS (1920) - The Chicago Tigers played only in the first year of the league, and, because of this, have the distinction of being the first official NFL team to fold. They had a record of 2-5-1 and played its home games at Chicago's Wrigley Field (then called Cub's Park) and was the first NFL team to do so.
CLEVELAND TIGERS (1920-21) - The Cleveland Indians football team was originally established in 1916 and played in the Ohio League. Early in 1922, owner Jimmy O'Donnell received league permission to suspend operations for a year, but when he was unable to post the $1,000 annual guarantee the NFL required, his franchise was cancelled.
COLUMBUS PANHANDLES (1920-26) - In 1901 workers at the Panhandle shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Columbus, Ohio formed a professional football team called the Columbus Panhandles. Following the 1922 season, the Panhandles became the Tigers. This new team was purchased by local businessmen and played as a traveling team.
DAYTON TRIANGLES (1920-29) - The original Dayton Triangles members first began playing together as basketball players at St. Mary's College from 1908 until 1912. By the late twenties, Dayton was one of the league's doormats, winning just five games from 1923-29. Finally, in July 1930, the team moved to Brooklyn and was renamed the Dodgers.
DECATUR STALEYS (1920-now) - Originally named the Decatur Staleys, the club was established by the A. E. Staley food starch in 1919 as a company team. The team relocated to Chicago in 1921, where the club was renamed the Chicago Staleys. George Halas purchased the rights to the club for $100, whereupon they were renamed the Chicago Bears.
DETROIT HERALDS (1920) - In 1905, several University of Detroit footballl players, led by Bill Marshall, organized the Heralds as an amateur team after the University did not field a squad. While the Heralds didn't officially join the APFA, they are listed in league standings for the season, but inclement weather financially devastating the team.
HAMMOND PROS (1920-26) - The Pros were established in 1919 by Paul Parduhn and played most of its games in Chicago's Cub Park, which is now known as Wrigley Field. The Pros played most of their games on the road because Hammond lacked a field with any kind of seating capacity, and the team was dropped from the NFL in 1927.
MUNCIE FLYERS (1920-21) - The origins of the team show that it evolved from the Congerville (Muncie) Athletic Club, which dates back to at least 1905. The team played only three NFL games, and lost them all. After leaving the APFA, the Muncie Flyers reverted back to their original name of the Congerville Flyers, but died out in 1926.
RACINE CARDINALS (1920-now) - The team was established in Chicago in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club. They were named the Racine Normals, since Normal Park was located on Racine Avenue in Chicago. The team disbanded in 1906, but reformed in 1913. The club moved to St. Louis in 1960. In 1988, the team moved to Arizona.
ROCHESTER JEFFERSONS (1920-25) - Formed as an amateur outfit by a rag-tag group of Rochester-area teenagers in 1898, the team became known as the Jeffersons in reference to the locale of their playing field on Jefferson Avenue. The team remained technically suspended for 1926 and 1927, but allowed its franchise to expire in 1928.
ROCK ISLAND INDEPENDENTS (1920-25) - The Independents were first formed in 1907, when a group of men formed a team with no club affiliation, no social club ties and no corporate backing or sponsorship. As a result the team was named the Independents. The team jumped to the AFL in 1926, then played as a semi-pro team in 1927, then went under.
ABOVE: This photo was taken during the 1921 season as a professional team and the earliest known image I have seen. The Packers are depicted playing an unidentified team. The Allouez Water and Beverages advertising sign can be seen in the background of the playing field. The players are shown wearing leather helmets and football pants. The ground is lightly peppered with freshly fallen snow. The Packers are about to score and are closing in on the goaline as the wooden hand constructed goalpost is shown. The back running the ball is believed to be Lambeau, but this cannot be positively supported. If you have more information on this picture, or any other earlier pictures, please contact me. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR PACKER HISTORIAN CLIFF CHRISTL (October 8th 2012): This photo has been identified as the earliest action image of Curly Lambeau – he’s supposedly the player taking the pitchout -- known to exist. But there’s reason to wonder if it’s even a shot of a Packers game and whether that’s actually Lambeau in the picture. The picture is not part of the Neville Public Museum’s extensive collection of old Packers photos. It appeared in the book, “Green Bay: A City and Its Team,” with notations that it was part of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame collection and from a Packers game in 1920, but there was no cutline to go with it. An online auction site said it was commissioned by Buff Wagner, who played for the Packers in 1920 and ’21, and that it had been held by his family for nearly 80 years. But according to National Weather Service records there was only one Packers’ home game that could have been played in the snow during Wagner’s two years on the team and that was on Nov. 13, 1921. But if this was a picture from that game where’s the big bold “Acme Packers” lettering that appeared on the front of some of the players’ jerseys in 1921? Not all players had lettering on their jerseys, but Wagner and Lambeau did according to the 1921 team picture. (One other note: There was no snow on the ground for a December benefit game that many of the Packers played in following their 1920 season, including Lambeau and Wagner.) Actually, if someone wanted to put a wager down on this picture, the best bet might be that it was shot during the so-called state high school championship played at Hagemeister Park between Marinette and Watertown on Dec. 8, 1917. The game was billed by the Green Bay Press-Gazette as the biggest ever played in the city. Wagner starred at fullback for Marinette – isn’t that a fullback taking the pitch? – and led his team to a 27-0 victory. Here’s some more dope on that game. There was about an inch of snow on the ground that day. What’s more, the Allouez Water and Beverages sign in the background of the picture was located in that same spot in the old Hagemeister minor league baseball park where the Marinette-Watertown game was played; and that park was razed in 1918, more than a year before the Packers started play.
AUG 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Indian Packing Corporation will be the representative semi-pro football team in Green Bay this fall. It will be the strongest aggregation of pigskin chasers that has ever been gathered in this city. The football fans of Green Bay are going to be treated to an A1 class of pigskin chasing during the next three months. According to the present plans, the season will open Sunday September 14 and the final game will be played on the Sunday following Thanksgiving day. This gives ten playing dates and the strongest teams in the state will be scheduled. All the home games are to be played at Hagemeister's park and plans are now underway to rope off the playing field and keep it in A1 condition...HUSKY SQUAD AVAILABLE: The "Packers" will have a splendid squad to pick from. Included in the list is a number of former college stars and some veterans who saw service in the gridiron battles overseas. A partial list of the players, who are slated as candidates are the following: Lambeau, Nichols, R. Dwyer, "Dutch" Dwyer, McLean, Gallagher, N. Abrams, C. Zoll, M. Zoll, Martell, Prager, Oustermann, Ladrow, Cohen, Sauber, Ruel, Flatley, Getzloff, Lurquin, Glick, Riley, Powers, Lambeau, Warwick, Muldoon, Duncan, Collard, Kaiser, Wilson, Jirgeau, Hawley, Wheeler, DuFresne, Koher, Morgan, House, Muldoon and McKenna. The final meeting of the Indians was held on Monday evening in the Press-Gazette editorial rooms and another important conference is scheduled for Thursday. It is important that all of the above mentioned players be in attendance...UNIFORMS FOR EIGHTEEN: Complete uniforms for eighteen or twenty men will be secured and a full squad will be kept intact the playing season. Practice will be held three times every week and the men reporting regularly for the workouts will be given the first chance in the games. Last year, the city team went through a successful season without losing a game, although the Marinette-Menominee eleven played the Bays to a tie in the closing argument of the season. It is the plan of the management to keep the game on the same high plane as it was last year. Rowdy tactics on the playing field will be barred and there will be plenty of police protection to handle the crowds. Negotiations are underway for games with the best teams in the state. Appleton, Oshkosh, Menominee, Marinette and other squads will be seen here during the first half of the season, and, by that time, if the attendance warrants, contests will be booked with Milwaukee, La Crosse and Madison.
AUG 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Candidates for the Indian Packing corporation football team will meet tonight in the editorial rooms of the Press-Gazette to map out plans for the coming season. The meeting will be called at 7:30 o'clock and it is important that the following be in attendance: Lambeau, Nichols, R. Dwyer, "Dutch" Dwyer, McLean, Gallagher, N. Abrams, C. Zoll, M. Zoll, Martell, Prager, Oustermann, Ladrow, Cohen, Sauber, Ruel, Flatley, Getzloff, Lurquin, Glick, Riley, Powers, Lambeau, Warwick, Muldoon, Duncan, Collard, Kaiser, Wilson, Jirgeau, Hawley, Wheeler, DuFresne, Koher, Morgan, House, Muldoon and McKenna. Practically all of the preliminary work has been completed for this fall and it is expected that it will be possible to announced the first half of the schedule before the first of the month. This will include games with Appleton, Oshkosh, Marinette and Oconto. Indications point to the "Indians" having the greatest team in the history of football in Green Bay and there is no doubt but that the gridiron fans will see a great exhibition of pigskin chasing at Hagemeister Park this fall.
AUG 14 (Green Bay Press-Gazette-Val Schneider) - From present indications, Green Bay sure is going to have quite a football team this fall. The Indian Packing corporation has a bunch of stars to pick from and they should be able to place a team in the field that will come pretty close to grabbing off semi-pro honors in the state.
AUG 15 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - "Curly" Lambeau, former East High and Notre Dame football star, was elected captain of the Indian Packing Corporations' team at the meeting last night of the city footballers in The Press-Gazette. G.W. Calhoun will again manage the eleven this season. Close to 25 pigskin chasers attended the conference last evening and there was a good deal of enthusiasm displayed among the candidates. It was the unanimous opinion that, if Green Bay doesn't get away with state honors this year, she never will. Practice will start September 3, the Wednesday following Labor Day, and from there on it will be held three times weekly, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Providing a suitable opponent can be secured, the Packers will open the season on Sunday September 14 at Hagemeister park. Up to date the only game closed on the schedule is with Marinette here on October 24. Many other arguments are now pending and it is expected that at least three more arguments will be booked during the coming week.
It should be one of the best games of the season. Negotiations are underway still for later dates on the schedule with Racine, Appleton, Milwaukee, Wausau and other crack teams of the state.
SEPTEMBER 5 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Indian Packing Corporation's football aggregation will hold its second practice at the company's field this evening. Practice will begin at 6:45 o'clock and every man on the squad will be present. Tackling the dummy and blocking will be the main points at the workout tonight. Negotiations have been closed to Sunday September 21, when the crack Twin City football eleven from Marinette will be seen in action at the former league grounds. The opening game will be played on Sunday September 14, when the East Ends, a strong eleven from North Menominee will exhibit their wares here. Twelve men reported at the initial practice and Captain Lambeau wants every man to report at the practice tonight. Come out you footballers and show your spirit.
SEPTEMBER 8 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Toiling under a boiling sun, the Indian Packing plant football squad put in two hours of hard practice on Sunday afternoon. Captain Lambeau put the men through the stiffest kind of a drill and a couple of trick plays that are expected to upset Menominee next Sunday were worked out. Manager McPhaul of Menominee has got together a team that will give the Packers a run for their money in the initial clash at Hagemeister's park on Sunday September 14. His lineup includes some of the best men in the Twin Cities among whom are: the Dory brothers, McCue, Hansen, Peterson, Palmquist and Dennis. Arrangements are being made to  handle a record breaking crowd at the opening game. Tickets will be on sale Tuesday at the usual places about town and they can also be secured from any members of the squad. Sunday's game will be called at 3 o'clock. C.M. Murphy will referee while "Jab" Murrary is Menominee's selection for umpire. Twelve minute periods will be played. ..PRACTICE TONIGHT: Coach Ryan wants every man on the squad to report for practice at the Packing plant gridiron tonight at 6:45. It is his intention to keep two teams working throughout the entire drill.
SEPTEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Green Bay's hopes for a state championship semipro eleven, the Indian Packing plant team, went through another strenuous practice last night in preparation for the opening game of the season on Sunday with the crack North End A.C. of Menominee, Mich., at Hagemeister park. The Packers have been working their heads off to get in shape for the initial joust and it looks as if the team will be right on edge when the whistle blows for the clash with the Michiganders. Those who have seen the Indians in practice claim it is the best squad that has ever been gotten together in Green Bay. There are 24 men in the squad and every one of 'em have had many years experience on the gridiron. Menominee will bring a husky aggregation here on Sunday. Manager McPhaul has a collection of all stars and from the stories in the Twin City papers, the footballers from up north are confident of turning the tables over Captain Lambeau's team.
SEPTEMBER 9 (Green Bay Press-Gazette-Val Schneider) - Green Bay's official gridiron eleven for 1919, the crack Indian Packing corporation team, is rapidly rounding into shape for the opening tilt on next Sunday afternoon, when they battle against the all star squad of footballers from Menominee, Mich. Advance notices say that the Michiganders are bent on capturing the initial combat from the Packers, but the Packers deny the allegation and "defy the alligator." With Curly Lambeau, the crack Notre Dame backfielder to lead the forces in the battle and with the remaining squad in championship form, the upper peninsula aggregation will bump up against something distasteful, when the next Sabbath Day rolls around.
SEPTEMBER 10 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 1919 football season will be officially ushered in in Green Bay on this Sunday afternoon, when the Indian Packing Corporation gridiron eleven swings into action, with the North End Athletic club's team of Menominee as its opponents. Kickoff will be at 3 o'clock. The Packers will find the Upper Peninsula crew a hard nut to crack as the lineup is composed of former college stars and servicemen who have been hardened. Some of the stars on the team have played on all-star service elevens, against the country's greatest gridiron warriors. The Packing company team realized that it will buck up against a tough opposition in the northern bunch and is practicing like demons to get in shape for the battle, under the eye of Coach "Bill" Ryan of West High school. 
SEPTEMBER 12 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The 1919 football season will be ushered into Green Bay on Sunday at Hagemeister's park when the Indian Packing plant squad will face the crack aggregation representing the North End A.C. of Menominee, Mich. The Michiganders are coming here with a strong team, which is composed of former scholastic stars padded out with a couple of college men. Manager McPhaul reports that his squad is in the best of shape. Coach Ryan's Packers are working their heads off to get on edge for the initial battle. Owing to injuries and the absence from the city of three good men, the Indians will not be able to present their strongest lineup in Sunday's game. Captain Lambeau is not worrying as he has a big squad to select from. Sunday's game will start promptly at 3 o'clock. Four periods of 12 minutes each will be played. C.M. Murphy is the referee. "Jab" Murray of Menominee is the umpire, while Harvey Stewart is to act as headlinesman....PRACTICE TONIGHT: Every man on the Indian Packing plant football squad is ordered to report at the practice field tonight at 6:45. This will be the final workout before Sunday's game and Coach Ryan wants a full attendance at the workout this evening.
SEPTEMBER 13 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Indian Packing plant football squad and the North End A.C of Menominee will pry the lid off the 1919 football season in Green Bay tomorrow afternoon at Hagemeister's park. The game will start at 3 o'clock sharp and 12 minute periods will be played. Indications
The 1919 Green Bay Packers - 10-1
Head Coach: Curly Lambeau (Bill Ryan)
AUG 22 (Green Bay Press-Gazette-Val Schneider) - Football is beginning to occupy the majority of the fans' minds now. The pigskin sport will hold the highest honor it has ever held in Green Bay this fall. The Indian Packing Corporations' eleven, which will represent Green Bay in professional football circles, is composed of former college and scholastic stars. The team will undoubtedly be the classiest and heaviest that has ever represented this city on a gridiron.
AUG 27 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Footballer on the Indian Packing Corporation squad will hold an important meeting in the editorial rooms of The Press-Gazette on Friday evening at 7:45. It is of utmost importance that every man be on hand as final plans for the season will be outlined. The footballers will hold their first practice on September 3, the Wednesday after Labor Day. Negotiations have been practically completed for the opening game on Sunday September 14. The uniforms, which are being furnished by the Indian Packing Corporation, will be here in time for the opening game and the "Packers" will be outfitted in college style. Many of the best teams in the state want to be seen in action here this season. Inquiries about games have been received from Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, La Crosse, and Madison. Marinette, Menominee, Oconto, Oshkosh and Appleton will play in Green Bay during the forepart of the season.
AUG 28 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - A meeting of the footballers on the Indian Packing Corporation is scheduled in the editorial rooms of The Press-Gazette. The meeting will commence at 7:45 o'clock. All members of the team are requested to be present, as matters of utmost importance will be disposed of and plans for the season will be completed. The initial practice of the squad will be held on September 3, the Wednesday after Labor Day. The management has practically completed arrangements for the opening game on Sunday September 14. One of the strongest grid elevens in this section of the state will be brought here at that time. The uniforms for the aggregation have been ordered and will arrive here in time for the first game. They will be furnished by the Indian Packing Corporation and are tailored after the latest college styles. Some of the best teams in the state will be brought here  this fall. Inquiries concerning games with the "Packers" have been received from gridiron elevens throughout the state. The football public will witness the classiest exhibitions of the gridiron sport, that have ever been seen on a local field.
AUG 29 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Indian Packing Corporation will assemble this evening in the editorial rooms of The Press-Gazette at 7:45 o'clock. Captain Curly Lambeau requests that all football men report at the meeting, as matters of utmost importance pertaining to the team will be disposed of and plans for the season will be made tonight. The management is mapping out a schedule, which will include games with the best professional gridiron elevens in Wisconsin. Games are pending with Oconto, Marinette, Menominee, Duluth, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Clintonville, La Crosse, Racine and Kenosha. The team plans to get into action on Sunday September 14 in the opening game. The initial practice will be held on Wednesday September 11 and practice sessions will be conducted regularly during the football season. The football public will see some of the best professional grid teams in Wisconsin in action here this season.
AUG 30 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Indian Packing Corporation team will start practice next Wednesday evening on the grounds at the plant. The first practice will be started promptly at 7 o'clock and Captain Curly Lambeau wants every man on the job. The team will practice three times every week and when weather conditions are not fit for outside workouts, the squads will make use of the roller rink at Hagemeister Park. The season will open in Green Bay on Sunday September 14. Oconto, De Pere or the Oneida Indians will be the first attractions. Appleton is expected to come the 21st, and Oshkosh on the following Sunday.
SEPT 2 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The initial practice of the Indian Packing Corporation's football team will be held Wednesday evening on the grounds of the plant. Practice will begin at 7 o'clock promptly and every member of the team must report, says Captain Curly Lambeau. Practice will be conducted three evenings of each week on the Indian Packing Corporation's athletic field, and in case of inclement weather, the team will practice on the roller rink at Hagemeister park. The opening game of the season will be played at the league grounds on Sunday afternoon September 14. It is planned to bring the De Pere city team, Oconto or the Oneida Indians here on that date. Games are pending Marinette and Oshkosh for the following Sunday. The schedule is being mapped out and will be complete in a short time.
SEPTEMBER 3 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - Footballer on the Indian Packing Corporation squad will meet this evening at the company's field in the first practice session of this season. The practice is scheduled at 7 o'clock prompt and Captain Lambeau wants every man on the job. Negotiations are still pending for the opening game to be played at Hagemeister park on Sunday afternoon September 14. It is planned to bring Oconto, De Pere or the Oneida Indian team here on that date. The Twin City team of Marinette will be seen in action here on the following Sunday September 21. The team will practice three times each week in the evening on the grounds of the Indian Packing Corporation. When the weather is unfavorable, the squad will hold practice either in the armory or the roller rink at Hagemeister park.
SEPTEMBER 4 (Green Bay Press-Gazette) - The Indian Packing Corporation football squad held their first practice of the season last night on the new gridiron at the plant. About eighteen men reported and they were put through a stiff drill at the initial workout. The team will practice again on Friday night and every player is urged to be on the job at 6:45. The "Packers" have secured "Big Bill" Ryan to coach. Ryan is one of the best gridiron mentors in this part of the state. He handled West High in '16 and '17 and was in charge of a service eleven last fall. Ryan will also coach the purple this season. Negotiations for an opening game on Sunday September 14. Many of the neighboring teams are not anxious to face Green Bay so early in the season. De Pere, Oconto and Wausau have turned down the opening date. Either the Oneida Indians or the East End A.C. of Menominee will be brought here as a lid lifter on the 14th. The following Sunday, September 21, the crack Marinette A.C. squad will be seen in action here. This is the team that played Green Bay in that memorable 0-0 game last November. Manager Doyle has a bunch of stars which include "Jab" Murray, Setright, Erdlitz and many others. Sunday September 28, the Oshkosh All-Stars will probably play here. This team is composed of former collegian and high school footballers.
Indications point to a record turnout of gridiron fans at the initial argument. Never before has a semi-pro eleven stirred up so much interest in Green Bay as the "Packers" squad and, aside from seeing Coach Ryan's
team in action, the pigskin enthusiasts are sure to be treated to a slam bang fracas, because Menominee is coming here with an aggregation that is second to none in the upper peninsula...ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETED: Arrangements have been made to handle the game in good shape. The gridiron has been fixed up, goal posts erected and other improvements made. The crowd will be kept off the playing field. Ample police protection has been secured and extra guards will patrol the field. Special car service to and from the park has been arranged for. Good officials will handle the game. C.M. Murphy, who worked in all of the games last season is to referee. "Jab" Murray is the umpire, while Harvey Stewart will act as head linesman. Instructions have been given the officials to bar all rowdy tactics either on or off the playing field...ARRIVE ON MORNING TRAIN: Manager McPhaul's Menominee team will arrive over the C.& N.W. at 11 a.m. They will be accompanied by a handful of followers, according to reports from the Twin Cities. The visitors will eat downtown and be at the park 
before 2 o'clock. Captain Lambeau's Indians will dress at the packing plant and will be conveyed to the park in autos shortly before the time for the kickoff.